Title: REFUGIO DUDABLE/Unlikely Haven

Chapter: 10/11

Author: Sian265

Beta: Sabriel_0405

Contact: Sian265@bellsouth.net   

Web site: http://www.monjouet.org

Fandom: Anita Blake: Please read author’s note before reading story.

Pairing: Asher/Nathaniel

Rating: Very NC-17! Strong language and sexual content

Warnings: Please read authors notes

Summary: A wandering vampire finds himself an unlikely haven for a group of shifters.


A/N: The only parts of Laurell’s world I used in this story were the characters names and descriptions. The world and plot are my own. You do not have to know the world of Anitaverse to read this tale, if you enjoy vampires and shifters then you might like this. This is complete AU, be warned, the only things common or like canon are their names and descriptions.


A/N 2: A very special thanks to my beta, who not only did extra work making this chapter readable but also took time away from her cross country move to work on it! Much Love *J*!!!!





Asher hadn’t been expecting Nathaniel to be a melanism colored leopard, and with lavender eyes he was amazing. He sat on his ass off to the side of the bed. Nathaniel hadn’t consumed much, but the forging of the bond had affected Asher more than he had anticipated. Even now, with the leopard panting and unable to move, Asher felt the pull. Nathaniel’s purple eyes followed the vampire’s every move. Asher had healed the skin, but it had been Micah who brought Nathaniel’s beast allowing the shifter to fully heal, but now the were was too exhausted to shift back and Micah said it would be morning before Nathaniel was fully up and about.


There was a soft whine from the cat as Asher got to his feet and headed for the door. He sent a quick reassurance through their bond, but he needed some space. The entire evening had knocked Asher on his ass. Micah and the twins silently watched Asher leave, no one said a word not even when Asher had pulled his wrist forcefully away from Nathaniel’s mouth and fallen backward with a gasp. Very few, perhaps less than a handful knew about vampire bonds and none since records had been kept had ever heard of a vampire bonding with a shifter. Though Asher suspected there were more bound pairs than anyone knew of.



He had been told, had had the process explained…but nothing could have prepared him for the feelings that swept through him when Nathaniel’s thoughts, emotions, and memories poured through Asher. Hell, Asher was no damn stranger to suffering; he had dished out enough and been the victim enough to recognize it. What Nathaniel’s memories contained however, was enough to give any vampire nightmares. How the hell the little were survived, Asher did not know. That he wasn’t a sadistic monster was even more amazing.


Asher entered what he thought might be the ‘study’ though why the hell a vampire needed a study, Asher had no fucking clue. He should have known that Micah would follow; damn cat didn’t know when to leave well enough alone.


“Want to tell me what you just did?”


Asher sneered at the were. “Why? It worked didn’t it?”


Micah merely raised a brow. “Just in case something goes wrong let’s say.”


“What? You think there is some kind of damn instruction manual for what I just did? There are no damn instructions! I know of no vampire who has ever bonded with a were.” Asher gave a sarcastic laugh. “Hell, I didn’t even know it would work.” He rubbed his chest, the ache residue from Nathaniel he suspected. “But it did, sure as hell did,” he whispered.


Micah seemed to be studying Asher as if he was some kind of experiment, but there was also some personal purpose in the cat’s yellow eyes; almost as if this was vitally important to the cat. “So, this bonding thing, what’s that all about?”


Asher paced, struggling to explain something that he really didn’t understand himself. “It’s merging, I guess. We are sharing everything.”


Micah laughed at Asher, again. Asher’s eyes burned ice blue. “What the fuck is so damn funny?”


Micah struggled to stop laughing. “You’re like, married.”


Asher spat and if he had been a damn cat every hair on his body would have been standing straight up. “Not fucking married,” he all but shouted.


Micah smirked. “So what’s it like then?”


He couldn’t feel anymore frustrated. His fist clenched and unclenched, his whole damn body practically hummed with pent-up tension. Asher’s emotions were a mess, and he didn’t deal with emotions well on a good day. Now, not only did he have his own fucking mess of head to deal with, but a were with enough baggage to fill a semi was also occupying this precarious space. This! This was why he didn’t do anyone twice, why he didn’t do ‘relationships,’ why he didn’t let anyone close! This friggin nightmare would have never happened if Asher could learn to control his damn dick.


That he liked Nathaniel was itself a first for Asher. He’d never ‘liked’ a fuck before. Hell, he’d even admit, but only to his damn self, that he cared for the little were. And, this is exactly what happens when you care; Asher mentally beat the shit out of himself.


Micah’s mirth subsided, as if he could see what Asher was struggling with and perhaps, understood just a little. “You care about him?”


Asher glared at the were, and refused to answer, if nothing else on pure damn principle.


Micah seemed to deflate right in front of Asher’s eyes, looking much older than the young man he was. The cat moved to the couch and sank gracefully into the cushions. “Asher, I need to know he’s going to be okay, taken care of.”


“Don’t you fucking get it? We are tied together now, forever. Nathaniel and I share everything now and he will live as long as I do.” Asher sat across from the shifter, feeling so damn old, ironic for an ageless vampire.


It was pity Asher saw in the cat’s eyes. “That’s not the same as caring, vampire.”


Asher raised his chin. “I bonded with him didn’t I?” That was all he was going to fucking offer, it was none of Micah’s damn business.


The standoff – or – stare off if you will, lasted until a hesitant cough came from the door. Both he and Micah looked over at Stephen.  The little blond were must have sensed the tension, because he paled. “I’m sorry to interrupt, but Asher, Nathaniel is whining and trying to get up.”


Asher swore as he rose and headed for the door, not responding to Micah’s parting comment.


“We’ll finish this later, vampire.”


Asher had no intention of finishing anything with that damn cat.


He knew what Nathaniel was upset about; the damn bond. It sent all his frustration, anger, and confusion straight through to Nathaniel. What Asher was feeling, Nathaniel was feeling. He burst through the bedroom door, the rising anxiety from his bond-mate giving spurring him on. Asher took the scene on the bed in quickly, then brushed Gregory aside and took the leopard’s head in his hands. He sent waves of reassurance through their bond and gradually the large cat stopped struggling and lay back panting atop the sheets.


“Get out,” he ordered the brothers. Rubbing a hand soothingly down the cat’s chest, Asher got out and took off his clothes. He moved around the room, turning the lights down and making sure the drapes were tightly closed. Micah had assured him Jean Claude made sure the house was vampire friendly, but Asher trusted no one with his safety except himself. Finally locked up tight for the approaching day, Asher laid down beside Nathaniel. The leopard shifted around so that its large head laid on the pillow right next to Asher’s face. The pair stared at each other until the dawn called Asher away.



When Asher came alive again, it was to Nathaniel’s face. The were had shifted back and now sat nude, legs crossed Indian style, watching Asher. Nathaniel was whole, no traces left of the torture he had endured, at least on the surface. Asher could sense though that the day had not been restful for the shifter. Nathaniel moved atop Asher, stretching out full length, all that glorious bared body rubbing deliciously along Asher’s. Nathaniel brought their faces close, his head falling around them enclosing them in a vanilla scented cocoon. He kissed Asher softly on the lips, yet his lavender eyes revealed nothing, no longing, no fear, no expectations.


Asher felt the hunger and desire start to burn. He wanted both, blood and more, but he didn’t move, only let that want surge through their bond until Nathaniel’s eyes were no longer blank but filled with hunger also. Nathaniel brought up two fingers and slid them past Asher’s lips; letting the vampire coat them until the digits were good and wet. He then reached behind, opening himself up, stretching his body for Asher’s cock. Nathaniel withdrew his fingers and Asher felt him take Asher’s dick in hand, stroking it up and down, spreading the wetness along the shaft. The power surging through their bond making Asher hard.


Asher held perfectly still as Nathaniel placed the head at his opening and sank down slowly until Asher was buried completely in Nathaniel’s tight body. The were then leaned forward and nuzzled along Asher’s face and throat, turning his head to the side, Nathaniel pressed his throat tightly against Asher’s mouth. And Asher took the invite, sinking fangs into Nathaniel’s neck the same time as his hips thrust sharply upward. Asher feed and fucked.



Asher wouldn’t say he was engaged in post coital snuggling, but Nathaniel’s head was on Asher’s chest and they did just finish an outstanding bout of fucking, so Asher didn’t think he minded so much that some would call this scene snuggling. Nathaniel broke the silence.


“Why is it like this?”


Asher looked down at the brunette head, but without seeing Nathaniel’s face, Asher could only guess. “Why is what like this?”


Nathaniel looked up, and Asher was struck by just how damn young the shifter was. “With the were and vampires, Asher. Why is it like this? One a slave, the other a polite member of society?”


Asher was surprised, he thought all good little vampire and shifters knew the story. “You’ve never been told of the ‘Great Betrayal’?”


Nathaniel shook his head in denial.


Asher was quiet for several moments as he gathered his thoughts, this was going to sound like a bad bed-time story, and for most still alive, that’s all it was, a story. “In the beginning, vampires and shifters were allies. Brought together in necessity, the need to keep our existence secret from the humans, but there were also bonds of friendship and brotherhood. You can’t have a great betrayal without emotions involved.” Asher paused, absently stroking a hand through Nathaniel’s hair.


“The head vampire, Marcus, had a shifter who he loved as a brother. Now some said they were more than that, but who knows. See, shifters guarded the day rest of vampires, made their villages around the vampires’ lair. William was alpha of his clan, werewolves, and he was fiercely protective of Marcus, and Marcus favored him above all others, even his own kind. As you can imagine this caused jealousy and anger among the vampires and a great deal of envy in the shifter ranks as well.”


Nathaniel interrupted Asher. “Do you believe they were lovers?”


Asher looked down at the were in surprise, Nathaniel was getting good at reading Asher. “Yeah, I do,” he said. “Only lovers would have reacted the way they did events unfolded.”


What happened?” Nathaniel asked.


Asher reached down and pinched Nathaniel’s ass hard. “I’m trying to tell you, but you keep interrupting me.”


Nathaniel bit Asher’s nipple in retaliation. “Go on then, old story teller.”


Asher bit his lip to hold back the laughter at Nathaniel’s antics. He never laughed, damn it, but before his mood could sour he continued his tale. “I don’t know what led up to the betrayal, no one does. But there were a lot of grumbling about a split between the pair, angry words and slamming doors. They were seen keeping different company than usual, and then the humans came.”


“They discovered our existence?” Nathaniel asked.


“Yes, and they came with crosses and holy items, but no wolfsbane or silver. They came in the daylight and attacked. There was only one witness left alive and he reported that the wolf’s gave token resistance protecting the vampires. That the humans displayed a familiarity with the wolves as if they knew them, or one of them anyway.”


“Who?” the were asked.


“William. The witness claimed that William had betrayed the vampires, going to the humans in secret and revealing all to them, including Marcus’s daytime resting place. After the killing, the humans began hunting all preternaturals, killing on sight. Until the lone vampire who survived the ‘Great Betrayal’ made a deal with them.”


Nathaniel tensed, perhaps sensing where the story was heading.


“Once the deal was struck suddenly vampires were no longer hunted. Instead they partnered with the humans, entering their societies and living open in their world, accepted. But the price was the lycanthropes. Their complete slavery.” Asher fell silent as almost reflexively his arms tightened around Nathaniel. “Now you know vampires became free in exchange for helping enslave the shifters.” Asher didn’t tell Nathaniel how this ‘lone’ survivor set himself up as some sort of vampire king, or how rumors spread over the centuries of this vampire’s jealousy and that it was he himself who split the vampire and werewolf pairing of William and Marcus.


Both were silent as the weight of the story bore them down. Asher was the first to shake out of it, and he squeezed Nathaniel’s body to get his attention. Nathaniel looked up. “Now that I satisfied you, it’s your turn.” Asher pushed Nathaniel’s head down his body. “Suck my dick,” he ordered, and Nathaniel proceeded to do just that.