By Yanni

Sex/Age: Female/20 something
Height/Weight: N/A
Race: African-American via Ireland / wereleopard
Title(s): N/A
Capability: speed, strength, agility
Phobias: Being without Stephen

Physical appearance: Vivian's skin is that pale shade of flawless pale cocoa. She is perfectly proportioned from forehead to slender feet. One of the few people Anita would describe her as doll-like and delicate. Her voice is breathy, husky, somewhere between that of a little girl and a seductress. She looks delicate, feminine, and lovely in an almost ethereal sort of way. Her eyes are brown and she is one of the most beautiful women Anita has ever seen.

Significant body markings: N/A

Weapons: Claws and sharp teeth

History: Vivian was captured by the council when they came to St. Louis and was Padma's personal cat. Beaten and raped, she was rewarded with trinkets for everything she survived. He eventually gave her to his son Fernando who raped her and beat her even more until she was rescued my Anita. Despite that fact, Vivan is timid around her. She is currently going out and living with Stephen. This is only allowed because neither of them is dominate. Not much is said about her before the Padma incident besides she was in Raina and Gabrielís porn/snuff films and is very submissive as all the wereleopards were trained to be.