Always Been There
Chapter Thirteen

If Erestor was not gazing upon the scene with his own two eyes, he would have never believed it. If he did not know those golden locks and blue eyes as well as his own dark hair and eyes, he would have said it was an imposter. True, the twinkle in the azure orbs and the loud boisterous laughter threw him off as well, but there was no denying it. It was Glorfindel himself in the midst of the tavern, singing at the top of his lungs with his arms about two scruffy looking Elves.

Erestor stood in the open door of the tavern, the light spilling out into the night behind him. He gazed about, stomach fluttering with nerves and palms damp with fear. The place was full, every seat filled, and standing room only. The music was loud and the company rough, not at all what one would expect of the Lord of the House of Golden Flower. But after searching almost every drinking establishment in Gondolin, it was here that Erestor finally found Glorfindel.

Now to work up the nerve to approach the blond... that was Erestor's next task. Cautiously creeping forward, then moving along the only bare wall, Erestor moved closer to the blond. Glorfindel had broken off from his performance and moved to the bar. He stood leaning against it when Erestor finally reached him. Erestor approach the blond cautiously until he stood next to Glorfindel.

"Glorfindel," he called softly, but his voice could not be heard over the shouting and singing going on. Tentatively, Erestor reached out and touched Glorfindel on the arm.

The face that turned toward him was stunning, and again, Erestor's first thought was, this could not be Lord Glorfindel! The sparkling blue eyes were the first things that threw him. Never had he seen such laughter and a carefree look in Glorfindel's eyes, and the beauty of the azure orbs took Erestor's breath away. Then his eyes traveled down to the laughing, curved, pink lips, shining with the last of Glorfindel's drink. Never had Erestor seen such a smile, or such tempting lips such as these. Erestor knew his mouth was hanging open, and that he was staring like an idiot, but never had he beheld such a sight. Glorfindel was beautiful!

The waving hand in front of his eyes finally had Erestor blinking, and he flushed as he looked into Glorfindel's amused eyes. "L-lord Glorfindel-" Erestor stammered, but before he could complete his sentence, Glorfindel was turning back to the barmaid and ordering another glass of whatever it was he had been consuming. Erestor tapped upon the broad shoulder again. When Glorfindel turned back around, Erestor rushed out, "MayIspeakewithyou."

Glorfindel turned back to fetch his drink, then shocking Erestor even further, he threw an arm about Erestor's waist and led him to a table, where he plopped down in a chair and motioned for Erestor to sit in beside him. Erestor watched silently as the blond picked up the full glass and leaning back, downed it in one go. Erestor's eyes followed the quickly moving throat muscles, gulping himself at the rapidly throbbing Adam's apple. He licked suddenly dry lips, unaware that Glorfindel had lowered his glass and was watching every swipe of Erestor's red tongue across his equally crimson lips.

Glorfindel shoved a glass at Erestor, and barely allowing the dark-haired Elf time to wrap a hand about it, Glorfindel filled it to the brim with a rich, red, beverage that looked awfully tempting to Erestor. "Drink with me, advisor Erestor," Glorfindel called out in a jovially loud voice, blue eyes twinkling, and Erestor too downed the full glass in one long swallow.

He lost count of how many times Glorfindel refilled their glasses, too caught in the azure gaze that beamed at him so happily, pleased at every glass he drank. He liked this Glorfindel! The eyes sparkled at him, happy to be in his company, the lips smiled and laughed with him, not at him, and he was not left at the table alone, even when others called for Glorfindel to join the revelry. No, that evening Glorfindel preferred Erestor's company.

Erestor had no idea what they conversed on. He knew there was a great deal of laughter involved, as well as wine. They seemed to fit together that night, like long-ago days as Elflings, when they would play together, just the two of them. But there was something else that stirred in Erestor's stomach, a fluttery feeling whenever Glorfindel smiled at him or touched him, and he could not seem to look away from those eyes...

The pair stumbled out of the tavern arms wrapped about the other's shoulder in drunken companionship, as well as in need of balance. They headed back toward the King's house, or at least Erestor thought that was where they were headed. Before he even knew it, they were stumbling into his room, laughing at the Valar knows what, but it was funny. The laughter faded as they sat staring into each other's eyes, seated side-by-side upon Erestor's virginal bed. Glorfindel smirked.

"You are lovely, Erestor!" he drunkenly declared.

Erestor blushed and lowered his head. Suddenly, butterflies danced in his stomach, and he became tongue-tied. Next thing he knew, his face was being raised and his lips covered by Glorfindel's. Erestor gasped around Glorfindel's tongue, but the blond gave him no time to think or protest, before he was borne back upon the bed with Glorfindel's heavier weight atop him. Erestor grew light-headed from the kiss and the lack of air. He heard Glorfindel's hoarse whisper, "I want you," and the words sent a thrill through Erestor's body.

What was most shocking to Erestor, even more so than being in bed with Glorfindel, was that he wanted the blond as well…

To be continued...