Always Been There
Chapter Eight

The First Age c. 1

But as the host of Fingolfin marched into Mithrim the Sun rose flaming into the West; and Fingolfin unfurled his blue and silver banners, and blew his horns, and flowers sprang beneath his marching feet, and the Ages of the Stars were ended...

J.R.R. Tolkien
The Silmarillion

Ecthelion sat down beside Erestor as the other Elf looked into the waters of Lake Mithrim. Fingolfin's host had made their first camp on Arda on the Northern shores of the lake. Ecthelion studied the smaller Elf closely. Erestor had not said a word since his parent's death on the Ice. He had stuck close to Idril and surprisingly, Turgon. The Lord had seemed to adopt the orphaned Elf; perhaps they were brought together by their mutual loss, but regardless, Turgon seemed to truly care for the dark-haired scribe.

Ecthelion looked up at the night sky, the large pale globe shining there bringing wonder yet again. He turned to Erestor. "They are calling it RŠna, the Wayward," he said, his eyes moving back to the wonder of the Moon.

Erestor looked up at the Moon, its light casting a glow about his features, causing Ecthelion's breath to catch at the smaller Elf's beauty. Truly RŠna must love Erestor to bath him in such radiance, was Ecthelion's fanciful thought.

"Why?" Erestor whispered, breaking his silence, his curious nature more powerful than grief in that moment.

"Our Lord Fingolfin says it is because of the erratic journey it takes across the night sky," Glorfindel said as he came upon the pair. He sat down across from Erestor, his eyes also fixed on the sky.

"Aye, it does seem to be directionless," Erestor replied, smiling at the blond. But his face quickly lost its smile and he looked down once more, heavy with the remembrance of his loss.

Glorfindel studied the bent head for a moment, a frown upon his face. "Why did your parents wish to journey to Arda, Erestor?" he asked, ignoring Ecthelion's frown at the frankness of Glorfindel's question.

Erestor's head rose in surprise. No one had brought up the subject of his parents since the crossing. It was as though they were uncomfortable speaking of them. It was like a large shadow that Erestor saw in everyone's eyes when they glanced at him. But when he met Glorfindel's gaze, all he saw was curiosity, as if Glorfindel was really interested in the answer to his question.

Erestor decided to answer Glorfindel. "Ada had served King FinwŽ for many years, but his position always remained the same. There were only so many councilors needed, and with more rising to position each year, the opportunities were slim. Ada and Nana both wanted a fresh start and place where they as well as I could make our mark, where the opportunities were limitless. Here in Middle-earth they are." Erestor looked away, blinking back tears. "Or at least they were - now it is only I who will benefit from this new world."

"Well, then," Glorfindel said, matter of factly. "You have a responsibility to them, do you not?"

Erestor frowned at the blond, not sure what Glorfindel was speaking of. "A responsibility?" he asked.

"Yes," Glorfindel said, looking deeply into Erestor dark eyes. "A responsibility to take full advantage of this opportunity to make something of yourself, to carve out a glorious place, in remembrance of your parents." Glorfindel turned his gaze away, looking off in the distance. "If you do not do that, then their deaths meant nothing," he stated flatly.

"Glorfindel!" Ecthelion exclaimed, shocked at his friend's words. Erestor laid a gentle hand upon Ecthelion's sleeve. "No, he is right," he said, looking at the blond, who appeared to be now ignoring them. "It is what my Nana and Ada would have wanted. I have just been so buried in my grief that I forgot that." Erestor reached out uncertainly and touched Glorfindel's shoulder, drawing the blond's attention back to him. "Thank you, Glorfindel," he whispered, and smiled at him.

Glorfindel only gave a curt nod before swinging his eyes back to the Lake. Erestor would have said more, but his Lord Turgon approach the trio. They made to rise, but Turgon waved them back down. Ecthelion and Glorfindel both eyed the Noldo Lord eagerly, wanting to impress. Turgon was well looked upon by the younger warriors, being fiery-hearted himself and eager for adventure. "Erestor," he said. "May I have a moment of your time?" Erestor nodded, and rose to follow his Lord.

They walked a bit along the shore, both taking in the welcoming site of the many small fires that dotted the Noldor camp. "What do you know of Nevrast?" Turgon asked the young advisor.

Erestor frowned, and was silent for a moment as he gathered his thoughts. "Nevrast," he said, starting out slowly, but as he continued to speak, his voice gained confidence. "Called the Hither Shores by the Grey Elves, it is the coastline of northern Middle-earth," Erestor finished and looked to his Lord for confirmation.

Turgon nodded and smiled, pleased at Erestorís information and quick response. "That is where I shall build my first halls upon Middle-earth. I would like you to join me and serve as my advisor." Turgon looked seriously down at the smaller Elf. "I will need your sharp mind and words of wisdom."

Erestor could only nod. He was stunned that his Lord was placing so much trust in him at his young age. Erestor knew he would not have this type of opportunity with any other Lord. He gathered his composure. "My Lord, I would be honored," Erestor bowed, and rose to give Turgon a smile.

Turgon laughed and sent Erestor back to his friends to share the news. He fondly watched the back of the young Elf as he rejoined Ecthelion and Glorfindel. Idril had been correct, he thought. Erestor would make a fine advisor.

Ecthelion was the first to notice the smile on Erestorís face, a smile that none had seen for some time. "What?" he asked, chuckling over Erestorís excitement.

"My Lord Turgon asked me to travel with his host to Nevrast and act as his advisor," Erestor shared proudly. He accepted Ecthelion's congratulatory hug and then anxiously looked to Glorfindel to see his reaction.

Glorfindel bowed his head at Erestor. "Your parents would be very proud, Erestor," the blond said solemnly, and if possible, Erestorís smile grew even more brilliant.

"Well then," Ecthelion happily said. "It looks like we journey to Nevrast."

So they came to Nevrast, and Turgon claimed the enclosed seaward lands south of the Firth of Drengist, including the Mere of Linaewen. Turgon built his tower at Mount Taras and called his halls Vinyamar...

To be continued...