Come Morning
Chapter Fifteen

Erestor moaned, his body shifting restlessly. A sheen of sweat covered his sleeping form as impatient limbs kicked free of the covers.

Teeth tugged on his nipple, the pebble hardened as it was rolled and bit by strong teeth. The sting was soothed by the lash of a wet tongue, and then drawn into a hot moist mouth, sucked until Erestor's body arched up into that mouth. His breeched body settled, the pain gradually dulling, as his awakening arousal was taken in a callused hand, a thumb rubbing the sensitive head, around and around. His mouth was taken, a rough kiss placed crushed his bruised lips and an insistent tongue swept across his own. Erestor tore his mouth away, a cry escaping his lips at the first thrust into him. His hips shifted, legs spreading to accommodate a phantom presence. Erestor moaned as his body was filled again and again, thrusting up into that dream fist, back down impaling himself on the memory of the thick shaft imbedded deep inside him. Erestor's cry of release broke the stillness of his room. "Glorfindel!"

Erestor sat up, shaken, his body still quivering in aftermath. A pale hand pushed irritably at the strands of dark hair that clung to his moist cheeks and forehead. Erestor grunted in disgust, eyeing his soiled bed trousers. He gingerly crawled from the damp bedding, making his way into the bathroom. Erestor tore off his bed clothes and splashed water on his hot face. His hands gripped the basin as he stared in the mirror into his flushed features. Deep, dark eyes, shining with still-remembered ecstasy, stared back at him. Where had that come from? No dreams like that had Erestor ever experienced. Yes, he sometimes had nightmares, but those had been of struggling and pain, not pleasure like he had just experienced. Erestor had allowed his mind and body to forget that forced release. His forced release scared him, and he tried to deny that his body had at the very end enjoyed Glorfindel's possession. Erestor shakily dressed, knowing that to return to his bed was futile. Better, he knew, to lose himself in work.

Avoidance. That was Erestor's plan for the day. He was successful, too. Morning meal, afternoon meal, and even past the dinner hour Erestor hide himself in his office. Elrond gave up trying to get his moody advisor to join the others for meals, knowing all too well that when Erestor was in one of his moods, a usually indicated by a glare that it was best to leave the dark haired councilor alone. Erestor was able to pull off his avoidance until the next morning. So it was with a growl of some anger and no surprise that he barked. "Come in," to the knock at his door.

He swallowed; face reddening at the appearance of Glorfindel. His dream returned full force, ending with screaming of the blond's name. The Elda stuck his head in the door, eyeing Erestor. Erestor quickly schooled his features, praying the blond hadn't seen his flushed cheeks. "Yes, Glorfindel, what is it?" Erestor knew his voice was somewhat more harsh than was warranted, but the sight of the Elda, especially after his dream, had him discomfited.

Glorfindel edged further into the room, a look of concern on his features. "Are you well, Erestor?

Unease and embarrassment Erestor could blame for the words that left his lips. "I am fine," he snapped. "I, unlike some, actually do have work that needs to be completed, or it could be, if everyone would leave me to it and stop asking me stupid, insignificant questions!" Erestor regretted his words as soon as they left his lips, but was unable to stem the frustration that finally came spilling out.

Hurt flashed across the Elda's face and he moved back towards the door. "I apologize, Councilor for disturbing you. It will not happen again." Glorfindel's words were stiff and he did not look at Erestor as he closed the door behind him.

Erestor rose and with one furious sweep of his arm, cleared his desk, sending quills, parchment, and ink spilling onto the carpet. He stood, trembling, fighting with himself. Then at a run, he took off after the fleeing blond. Erestor quickly scanned the main hall, the dinning hall, and finally the Elda's room, but could not find Glorfindel. Erestor tuned, about to try the barracks when he almost bumped into his lord Elrond laid a hand on his upset advisor's shoulder unused to seeing his usually unflappable councilor this upset. "Erestor, what is it? What is wrong?"

Erestor grasped Elrond's arm, fingernails digging in. "G-glorfindel," he gasped. "Where is he?"

Elrond frowned, but answered. "He is in the courtya-" he barely spoke before Erestor released him and started for the courtyard. "Erestor," Elrond called at his retreating figure. "He's probably already left for patrol!"

Erestor heard none of this. His only thought was to reach the Elda and right the wrong his harsh and cold words had wrought. But he was too late. The courtyard was deserted, only the faint dust left behind showed that the patrol had already departed. Erestor's shoulders slumped. Glorfindel was gone. Erestor barely registered the gentle hand that was laid on his shoulder. It was only when Elrond led his councilor inside and placed a glass in his hand that he looked up into those compassionate eyes. "I hurt him," he said simply.

Elrond shut the door to the library, and then he sat next to his friend and caught one hand in his. "How did you hurt him, Erestor?"

Erestor sighed, dejected. "He came to check on me this morning. He was worried about me, Elrond, and I sent him away with harsh words. He did not deserve them, but I was embarrassed so I lashed out at him."

Elrond gently squeezed the hand in his. "You have been hiding in your office since yesterday. What was this embarrassment about?"

Erestor flushed, quickly looking down at their joined hands. He did not speak, to ashamed to admit his dream to Elrond.

"Erestor," Elrond said his name in that tone that said he was not going anywhere until Erestor talked.

Erestor looked up, meeting Elrond's eyes. His cheeks flaming, he told him of his dream. Elrond sat silently, not interrupting until Erestor finished and the proud shoulders again slumped. "And you were ill at ease in facing Glorfindel after dreaming of him the night before?" he asked. Erestor mutely nodded.

"Erestor," Elrond asked. "You are coming to care for Glorfindel?" Again, Erestor just nodded. "As more than just a friend?" Elrond questioned.

Erestor looked quickly up at his lord, confusion showing plainly on his face. "I do not know, Elrond." His distress grew. "I don't know what I am feeling. I just realized that I care for him; that I no longer hate him. I like being in his company. His friendship has come to mean a great deal to me, but as to caring for him in that manner? I know nothing of such finer emotions. How does one know when their feelings have crossed that line from friendship to that something further?"

Elrond laughed softly, quickly catching Erestor's hands as he tried to pull away. "No, no my friend. I am not laughing at you, just at the situation. You have watched me fumble my way through relationships. Now it is my turn to see my oh-so-together Chief Advisor fumble his way through the most dangerous of obstacles- love."

Erestor did jerk free, rising with panic to pace the room. "Love," he fairly shouted! "I said nothing of love, Elrond." Erestor wrung his hands, resisting the urge to flee. "I do not love Glorfindel! I will admit I like the Elda, but no, most definitely I do not love him. That is foolish, Elrond." Erestor spun away, almost running towards the door. He had to get out of here, away from Elrond's insane comments. Elrond's words stopped him cold on the threshold of the room. "Glorfindel cares for you as well, Erestor. Maybe you should use this opportunity while he is away and think on how you really feel. You both have suffered too much to add to it with hurt feelings and unrealistic expectations. I do not wish to see my two dearest friends hurt again."

Erestor just nodded, not saying anything else before leaving the room. He was more confused now than he had ever been and he knew that his grand idea of avoidance was not going to be enough this time. Glorfindel's patrol was not due back for two weeks and Erestor knew it would take him all that time to figure out what to say to the Elda upon his return.

To be continued...