Come Morning
Chapter Twenty

Note: Thanks so much Fim for sticking with me and helping me complete my first LOTR's fan fiction. I have learned a lot from you and the tale is much richer thanks to your input...

It was late; most of Imladris' residents were fast asleep. Glorfindel walked the silent halls heading towards his room. The Seneschal of Imladris' forces had returned late from patrol. Glorfindel thought briefly on stopping at the Chief Councilor's rooms, but thought his love would be long a-bed. It was as he passed the vast libraries and inner sanctuary of Erestor's offices that he noticed the door ajar and a faint light glowing from within. Glorfindel crept silently closer to the open door and peeked around the corner, a smile spreading across his face as he observed the advisor standing and reading with his back to the door. He eyed Erestor's pert backside as the councilor bent to retrieve a book, his grin widening further. Ah, so his love was also awake and working.

An idea began forming in Glorfindel's mind. Backing away just as quietly as he had come, he slipped away. Once out of hearing range of the library, Glorfindel took off in a run. Making his way outside, he searched frantically for his goal. There it was, he thought. Perfect.  Taking out his knife, he cut a long-stemmed rose from the garden. Glorfindel hurried back inside and only slowed when he neared Erestor's location. He once again cautiously dared a look inside and found to his delight that Erestor was still engrossed in his book. Glorfindel casually moved further into the room and leaned one shoulder against the doorframe.

"You know, meleth, you and this rose have a lot in common," Glorfindel teasingly said, glad to be interrupting his often overworked Advisor. He flashed the startled Elf a devilish smile as Erestor spun around to see the intruder.

Erestor calmly closed his book, unable to resist retuning the blond's mischievous smile. "How's that, Seneschal?"

"Well, you both are stunning to gaze upon, really, one of a kind," he winked at the now blushing Councilor. "You both smell divine," he laughed softly. "And right at this moment you both are the same color."  He held up the red rose to compare with Erestor's cheeks. Glorfindel's gaze grew serious as he caught and held Erestor's eyes. "You both are also the softest things I have ever touched," he said rubbing his fingers back and forth across the petals, drawing Erestor's mesmerized stare toward his hands.

Glorfindel moved away from the door, holding Erestor's dark eyes with his own and stalked towards him. Glorfindel stopped only a breath away and brought the rose up to trail softy across Erestor's lips. "See, melethen? This is what your skin feels like to me."  

Glorfindel held out the flower for Erestor to take, his free hand now spanning the smaller Elf's waist. "May I kiss you?" he asked, his voice soft and seductive.

Erestor could only nod, his senses swimming with the nearness of the Elda. He moaned as he was held close and he tilted his face up to receive Glorfindel's lips. With the lightest of touches, their lips met.  The kiss was brief, just a brush of silken lips across the other's before Glorfindel pulled back. "Another," he asked?

Erestor wrapped both arms around the Elda's neck, his face upturned, eyes shining with awakening desire. "Yes," he whispered.

This time Glorfindel seized Erestor's mouth hungrily, one quick swipe of his tongue across red lips before he thrust inside and claimed Erestor. Erestor trembled in Glorfindel's arms as his mouth was thoroughly explored. He whimpered when Glorfindel sucked upon his bottom lip and arched tightly in Glorfindel's arms as his tongue was sucked and played upon before being drawn into the warm depths of the Elda's own mouth.

With a gasp, they parted. Glorfindel gave Erestor no time to recover. He swept his fingers through Erestor's black tresses and cupped the back of his head. This time, his lips played teasing and tugging gently on Erestor's top lip, then biting a little harder on the bottom, delivering quick licks to Erestor's teeth, lips, and the tip of his tongue. Glorfindel taunted and teased, never entering Erestor's mouth, playfully drawing out Erestor's tongue then sucked it deep into his mouth. Then it was Erestor's turn and he eagerly explored the Elda's mouth, drinking in the sweet taste, and hungrily claiming it for his own.

Glorfindel's hands moved down, stroking along Erestor's silk covered back. He pulled the Councilor tighter against his broad chest and groaned when Erestor clutched him tighter. The kiss ended, leaving them both breathing heavily. Without a pause, Glorfindel trailed his lips across Erestor's chin around to his ear. He licked at delicate lobe; moving higher, he took the delicate tip in his mouth, gently biting, his tongue soothing the slight sting. Down the pale column of Erestor's throat he licked and nipped, soothing bites with brushes of his tongue.

Glorfindel could not control the slight movement his hips as he thrust forward. Erestor's hands roamed the blond's back desperately. He clutched frantically at Glorfindel's shoulders, his body burning. "Please," he moaned, not knowing what he was asking for.

Glorfindel stepped back and took Erestor's hands. He brushed a tender kiss across them. "Come to bed, meleth," he whispered, his voice rough with desire. Erestor nodded, too caught up in the moment to question or worry. His body was afire and all he could think of was the touch of Glorfindel's hands and the feel of his lips.

Erestor followed silently behind the Elda his hand securely held in the blond's. He said nothing, but as they neared his rooms he became more and more unsettled. Erestor did not know if he was ready for this step. He desired Glorfindel greatly but his stomach danced nervously and his palms grew moist. Glorfindel stopped in front of Erestor's door. He opened it and then stepped back. Erestor looked at him in surprise, but Glorfindel only solemnly asked,  "May I come in, Erestor?"

Erestor's uncertain gaze met Glorfindel's blazing eyes. His indecision fled at what he saw there. Love, concern, and yes, desire reflected back at him. Glorfindel moved inside and Erestor closed the door behind him. They stood, silently, looking at each other, both unsure how to proceed. Hesitantly, Glorfindel held out a hand: Erestor accepted it and let the blond draw him into an embrace. Glorfindel held Erestor gently against his body, doing nothing more than holding him, their arms wrapped around each other.

Glorfindel's hand rose to smooth back Erestor's dark hair and he leaned down and brought their lips together once again. Erestor accepted the warm tongue that gently sought entrance and he met the kiss with his own eager one, shyly returning each stroke with his lips and tongue. Glorfindel broke the kiss reluctantly. He stepped back and looked at the lovely flushed features in front of him. "Will you help me, meleth?" he asked as he started to remove his weapons. Erestor's hands shook as he helped Glorfindel undress. Each inch of golden skin that was revealed sent his pulse racing and he hungrily devoured every bit of unveiled flesh with his eyes. Glorfindel stood before him unabashed, proudly, his Anor-kissed flesh gleaming with the light that spilled in through the open windows. For one so obviously loved and adored by the light of the sun, the moonlight also seemed to worship the Elda.

Glorfindel reached for Erestor's hand and kissed it, then brought it up to his chest to rest over his heart. "Touch me, my love," he pleaded.

Erestor trailed his hand slowly over one broad shoulder, marveling at the warm silken flesh under his palm. Down his hand moved, gliding over Glorfindel's neck, feeling the pulse speed up at his touch. It gave him a heady thrill to know he affected the Elda like that. Curiously, and with rising desire, Erestor let a tentative finger touch one pink nipple, their breath catching at the not-so-innocent touch. He circled the nipple slowly feeling it softness turn hard. His hand reluctantly left and moved down the blond's flat stomach, enjoying the muscles flexing under his fingers. Lovingly his eye and hand flowed over a velvety hip and across the top of a hard thigh muscle.

Erestor's hand halted its progress and he raised suddenly shy eyes to Glorfindel's face. The Elda was aroused, the marble shaft rising to lie flat against his stomach, and at that sight all Erestor's nerve failed him. Glorfindel did not shy away or become embarrassed. He captured Erestor's hand that rested against his hip, and lacing their fingers together, wrapped both around his length. Glorfindel groaned and threw back his head at the exquisite feeling of Erestor's touch upon his flesh. Erestor's head flew up and he snatched his hand away, backing away in horror, sure he had injured the blond. Glorfindel opened his eyes that had clenched closed in pleasure. He saw the Councilor's worried gaze and stepped quickly forward, retaining a firm hold on Erestor's still clad form. "No, meleth, do not stop. Your touch gives me great pleasure," Glorfindel placed a kiss on one of Erestor's burning cheeks and stepped back. He climbed gracefully upon Erestor's bed and reclined against the pillows, greatly resembling some decadent offering of old.

Erestor stepped hesitantly forward the pull of Glorfindel's golden form to much to resist. Glorfindel smiled gently at his soon-to-be lover. "Will you not disrobe, my heart, and join me?" he asked. Glorfindel kept his gaze locked on Erestor's eyes, not ogling the lovely form that was slowly being revealed to him for the first time. He sensed that if he let his hungry eyes sweep over the tempting flesh before him that Erestor would flee. He almost held his breath, waiting to see Erestor's next move, if he would accept Glorfindel's invitation.

Erestor kept his own dark gaze on Glorfindel's loving azure one, needing the reassurance and acceptance he saw there to go forward. He stepped closer to the bed and sat tentatively on the edge. Erestor tore his eyes away and he bowed his head, dark hair swinging forward to provide a curtain to hide his face. He was suddenly furious with himself! Here he sat acting like an Elfling or worse, some virgin maid about to be sacrificed! He was a grown Elf and he loved and wanted the Elda. It was a touch upon one bare shoulder that brought his attention back to the bed. He raised suspiciously wet eyes to Glorfindel's and before the blond could ask, he threw himself into Glorfindel's arms, his own tightly wrapping around the Elda's solid frame. "Echado veleth enni, Glorfindel," Erestor whispered. (Make love to me)

Glorfindel groaned as his arms were filled suddenly with warm, incredibly soft Erestor. His lips swept down to seize Erestor's own and when his lips parted, Glorfindel's tongue plunged into that addicting flavor once again. Their mouths attached, tongues gently battling for dominance. Glorfindel tightened his hold and shifted the body flush against his own until they lay fully flat upon the bed. His hands urgently sought to discover every inch of the softest skin he had ever felt. Glorfindel moaned as Erestor's lips left his mouth and trailed across his neck and chest. He arched up as Erestor's lips, tongue and teeth attached to his nipples, sucking and biting, showing none of the previous shyness. Glorfindel felt adrift as his body was licked, bit, and sucked upon. Hands claimed every inch of him, marked him as Erestor's own.

Erestor growled at the noises that rose from the blond's throat. His hands once more sought Glorfindel's arousal. He marveled at the hardness pulsing in his hands. The skin was the softest he had ever felt, pure silk over iron hardness and the pleas and moans came faster and louder as he handled the length. Erestor's full attention was now ensnared by Glorfindel's arousal. His thumb brushed across the head gathering the fluid there. He raised the finger to his mouth and Glorfindel watched mesmerized as Erestor's pink tongue swept out for a taste. The rich flavor exploded in Erestor's mouth and without hesitation he leaned down and licked the head. His tongue explored the bulbous tip, circling it before he trailed his lips and tongue down the entire length.

Erestor let out an undignified squeal as he was suddenly pulled forward and rolled. He found himself on his back with a hungry Balrog slayer attacking his mouth. Erestor flung his arms around Glorfindel's broad shoulders and battled the tongue in his mouth hungrily. Glorfindel rose over him, releasing his lips. He looked down, deep into midnight eyes burning with desire. No more wondrous sight had Glorfindel ever envisioned. Glorfindel sat back on his heel, legs on either side of Erestor's hips. "Do not move," he whispered in a voice husky and rough with want. Glorfindel left the bed and went to his discarded clothes. Out of his leggings he pulled a small crystal bottle and returned to the bed.

Glorfindel climbed back onto the bed, but instead of returning to his former position, he moved back against the headboard. He drew his knees up, heels resting flat upon the bed and parted his legs. His hand reached for Erestor's and he pulled the Elf until he was kneeling between the Elda's parted thighs. "Give me your hand, meleth," Glorfindel asked. Erestor held out his trembling hand, his breath coming deeply at the picture laid out before him. He watched silently as Glorfindel opened the bottle and the rich scent of juniper filled the room. Glorfindel poured the lush oil into Erestor's palm and then into his own hand. He coated Erestor's fingers and leaned back onto the pillows. His voice was sinful, low and deep as he instructed Erestor what to do with his oiled fingers.

Erestor circled the small opening to Glorfindel's body. He could not help the flash of remembered pain at his own body's invasion and he bit his lip, looking up at the Elda for reassurance. The look upon Glorfindel's face was solemn as he read Erestor's uncertainty and guessed the cause. "It will not be like that, Erestor. I did not prepare you properly, that is why I hurt you so badly." Glorfindel spread his legs further apart and nodded at Erestor to proceed. Glorfindel's back arched high off the bed and he groaned as one of Erestor's fingers breeched him. Erestor would have halted but Glorfindel sensing this pushed back, impaling himself fully upon the finger. He thrust his hips back and forth and it was Erestor's turn to groan at the exquisite tightness gripping his finger.

Erestor followed Glorfindel's instructions, adding another finger and stretching the small opening. He added a third and croocked his fingers as directed and watched, amazed, as Glorfindel howled and almost threw himself upright. Glorfindel lay back panting, his shaft leaking a small pool of fluid onto his stomach. He watched, his thighs and body trembling as Erestor oiled his own length. Erestor cried out as his arousal sank into Glorfindel's tightness. He stopped, trembling, belly burning, to rest against the Elda's chest. Glorfindel hugged him tightly and placed a kiss atop his head. He wrapped his legs around the Councilor's waist and lifted his hips a little, signaling Erestor to move.

Erestor rose up and watched as his body breeched Glorfindel's again and again. His thrust were slow, full, bringing his hips flush against Glorfindel's body with each slide inside. Erestor tried to control his thrusts but his body burned and Glorfindel was arching and crying out below him. He thrust heavier and heavier, faster and faster, and Glorfindel's body met each downward thrust. Erestor's arms trembled and he cried out as he lost control. He could not stop each furious thrust into Glorfindel. The blond's voice broke with each thrust: pleas, moans and broken words flew from his lips. Every heavy slide of Erestor's length into his body sent him closer and closer, and when he took his own length into his fist, he erupted. Erestor screamed as the channel tightened around him, clenching his member and sending him over the edge. He was unaware of Glorfindel's own release: only the feeling of pouring himself deep inside the blond existed.

Glorfindel moaned as Erestor's sated flesh left his body. He wrapped his trembling mate closer and rolled them until they lay side to side. He ran his hands through Erestor's damp tresses and cupped that beloved face. Gentle kisses were exchanged and Erestor's sighed and laid his head upon Glorfindel's strong shoulder. "I love you, Glorfindel," he whispered. Glorfindel kissed the dark head resting upon him. "I love you very much as well, Erestor."

"Thank you, meleth, for trusting me," Glorfindel looked down and met those love-filled ebony eyes. He gazed tenderly at the treasure in his arms. "In one of my most dark moments when I had almost giving up hope, Elrond told me something that at the time, I did not believe," Glorfindel looked deeply into Erestor's serious gaze. "He said each day that one is blessed enough to wake in Arda one should look around for the most beautiful thing they can find and give thanks for the privilege and joy that beauty brings. That gift from the Valar is reason enough to treasure this life we have been given. You, my Erestor, are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The most wondrous gift I could ever have discovered and I intend to spend each day feeling blessed that I am rewarded by having your love. You are my reason for living this life, my reason to go on joyously." Glorfindel lovingly wiped the tear that trailed down Erestor's cheek and he accepted the forgiveness, trust, and love that Erestor's kiss promised.

The End