Come Morning
Chapter Four

Erestor stood silently behind Elrond, offering what comfort he could with his presence. The children had each other, and indeed they stood together now, embracing. Elrond waited until his wife's ship was out of sight before turning and drawing the children away. Celebrian had not recovered from being captured and tortured by Orcs. Despite all Elrond's healing abilities, the only place that offered her any hope of peace was the Undying Lands. The family was devastated by her choice, but could do nothing to convince her to stay. Celebrian's decision and departure would set her sons on a course of vengeance and force her daughter to flee to the comfort of her grandmother's arms in Lorien. Elrond, once again found himself alone and once again did the comfort of Erestor and Glorfindel come to mean so much.

Erestor hurried from the library, late in welcoming a contingent from Lorien. He stepped into the courtyard and saw that Glorfindel had beaten him to the arrivals. Haldir, the Marchwarden of Lorien stood laughing with Glorfindel as the servants led his horse away. Erestor was well aware that Glorfindel and Haldir were often lovers. Each would seek the other out when occurrences brought them into each other's realm. The two warriors were much alike. Indeed, each was known for their indiscriminate tastes and frequent bed partners. That they sought the other out was somewhat surprising, but given that each knew what to expect from the other, perhaps not so unusual. Erestor waited until the laughing pair noticed him. He had no need to hear what intimate secrets the two shared. Finally, Glorfindel lead Haldir towards the waiting councilor. Haldir put one hand over his heart and bowed before the Chief Councilor.

"Greetings, Lord Erestor. I bring messages for Lord Elrond from my Lord and Lady." Haldir did not attempt to hide the slightly mockingly tone of his words. He knew the somber Erestor did not like him. Glorfindel leaned in and whispered something to the Marchwarden, and Haldir gave a soft laugh in answer. Erestor's face darkened. For a moment he was back in Lindon and listening as Glorfindel and another spoke of him with laughter in their voices. He did not notice the slightly puzzled looks he received as he turned away without greeting Haldir. Erestor spent the rest of the afternoon enclosed in his office. He had sent a servant to tell Elrond of Haldir's arrival and was aware that the Marchwarden had delivered his messages. But he did not venture out of his office not even when the dinner bell sounded. He had no desire to sit at the same table as Glorfindel and his lover and bear their snide looks or remarks. Sounds drifted from the Hall of Fire to the place Erestor sat alone, working. He could hear laughter and the clinking of glassware. The rest of Imladris would be enjoying wine, music, and conversation, but for Erestor, comfort had only ever been found in solitary work. He knew his absence would go unmarked, but were he to suddenly join the merriment, it would raise a few brows. Erestor blocked out all sounds and it was several hours late before he once again became aware of the outside world.

Erestor stood, stretching muscles that had grown stiff. He blew out the lone candle and made his way through the halls, which had grown quiet. A hot bath sounded wonderful and the public baths would be deserted at this late hour. Erestor stopped briefly in his own chambers to acquire clean clothes before making his way to the bath house. His stomach rumbled, reminding him of yet another missed meal. Erestor silently entered the bath house. He moved towards one of the more secluded pools. He suddenly stopped, hidden by the greenery surrounding the bath. A faint moan could be heard and Erestor realized that the pool was indeed occupied. He stepped carefully forward and peeked around one plant. His hand covered his mouth to prevent the gasp that would have escaped. Glorfindel sat in the pool, his head leaned back against the side. Wet golden hair spread across the tile of the floor and droplets of steamy water clung to his face and chest. Glorfindel's eyes were tightly clenched and his face appeared tormented. Another low moan issued from his lips before he let out a laugh and sat up in the water. Erestor watched in shock as Haldir broke the surface of the water with a gasp. His words caused the astonished councilor to place both hands over his mouth.

"Ha, I win! I told you, Glorfindel, that I could hold my breath the longest. Now I shall claim my prize." Haldir pulled a laughing Glorfindel into an embrace.

Erestor watched as the two kissed, their bodies pressed tightly together from chest to hip. Erestor lets his eyes travel past the wet tresses, down Glorfindel's back to the rise of his buttocks. Glorfindel's skin wore sheen of moisture and it was with a great amount of surprise that Erestor found his mouth going dry. He swallowed thickly as Haldir's hands traveled over that golden skin. The two moved to the edge of the pool where the water was not as deep, or shallow. Erestor's breath quickened as Glorfindel began trailing kisses along Haldir's neck, down his chest. He watched, mesmerized, as Glorfindel's pink lips suckled a nipple. He trembled as a pink tongue was extended to flick back and fourth across a hard nub. More than the bath house heat gathered in Erestor's blood. Against his will his eyes refused to leave the scene before him. Stunning himself anew, Erestor realized that he wished to be the one receiving such treatment from the Balrog slayer. Erestor stepped further back behind the greenery, anxious to avoid detection and not wanting to interrupt the erotic actions of the other two Elves. He bit his lip as Glorfindel moved to Haldir's groin, drawing a cry from the Marchwarden. He greatly envied Haldir as he plunged hands into that golden mane and rode that wanton pink mouth.

Unconsciously, Erestor's hand moved toward his own arousal. Before he could take himself in hand, Erestor stopped in horror. He could believe he was standing here watching his rapist pleasure another and grow excited by it! Disgust, such as he had never felt, poured through him. No, he would not do this! Erestor turned and fled, Haldir's cry of completion following him as he fled. Once safely in his room, Erestor flung himself upon his bed. Tightly he clenched his eyes shut, but the images he had witnessed would not leave him, nor had the cursed arousal diminished. Visions of Glorfindel on his knees before Erestor, his mouth wrapped around Erestor's flesh, taking him in deeper and deeper. Erestor's hands buried in golden hair as he tightly held that mouth to his flesh. Erestor's hand did not stop this time as it wrapped around his length. Thrusting into his own fist, Erestor imagined it was the heat of Glorfindel's mouth, his tongue swirling around the head of Erestor's length. Erestor cried out "Glorfindel," as his seed covered his stomach.

Erestor lay in the silence of his room. He knew he should get up and clean himself, but the explosiveness of his release drained him. He stared at the plain ceiling over his bed and made no effort to stop the tears that began to roll down his face. Erestor's thoughts were awhirl. He hated Glorfindel, yet he had found pleasure in images of the blond taking him, pleasuring him! Erestor admitted he desired Glorfindel. But how could one want another if no regard was present? Wearily, he rose and cleaned himself. Nude, he returned to his lonely bed. Perhaps that was the problem. Never in these long centuries had Erestor known a lover's touch. Briefly he wondered if he should see if another awoke feelings of desire in him. He was aware many Elves eyed him with interest, yet he always turned away from such regard, thinking it beneath him. Erestor realized his body was telling him it was lonely. Too often did he ignore his needs of release, ruthlessly pushing aside any feelings of arousal with dedication to work. Erestor thumped his pillow in annoyance. He could not think of one single Elf, be it Ellon, or Elleth, that caught his attention. Erestor curled up in a ball and pulled the covers over his head. This was all Glorfindel's fault. Once more the Elda had disrupted his thoughts and caused him pain, and as the rest of the night was spent sleepless, Erestor plotted on how to make the blond suffer also.

Haldir left Imladris with return messages for his rulers. He and Glorfindel shared one more embrace and promises of Glorfindel's visit to the Golden Wood. Erestor watched all this from the window in his office, sneering at the pair's laughter. Elrond chose that moment to enter the room. "Who is that expression for, Meldir?" he asked.

Erestor took his seat back behind his desk. "No one, my Lord." He ignored Elrond resigned expression. "You have some need of me, Elrond?" He used the half-Elf's name, which usually signaled he did not want to discuss what was bothering him.

Elrond folded his hands on his knees, looking down briefly before meeting Erestor's blank gaze again. "Yes, I have decided to accept Thranduil's invitation to visit Mirkwood. I will be leaving at the end of this week and I am taking the twins along as well. You and Glorfindel will have to see to the running of everything while I am away." Elrond raised a brow as if waiting for an explosion. But when none was forthcoming, his face quickly showed surprise.

Erestor regarded his Lord silently for a moment, reading the disbelief that he had no objection to Elrond's plans. "I will have the documents for the trade agreement ready for you to approve this afternoon," he calmly stated. Elrond was not aware, but his leaving Erestor and Glorfindel in charge was a perfect opportunity for Erestor to put his plans in motion. Forcing Glorfindel and himself to work closely together would enable Erestor to carry out the perfect revenge against the blond. Finally after all these years, he had figured out a way to get even once and for all. The basic plan was simple; he had to simply seduce Glorfindel.

To be continued...