Pen DhŪnen
Chapter Ten

The kiss was over before it had barely begun. Only the softest brush of Glorfindelís lips on Erestorís before Glorfindel was pulling away, but to one who had never been kissed, it was perfection. Erestorís large eyes grew impossibly larger and his lips tingled, almost as if someone had taken a feather and brushed it across them. Glorfindel smiled gently down into Erestorís stunned eyes and as the advisorís cheeks flushed, he brought one finger up to softly stroke a hot cheek.

"Erestor, may I-," Glorfindel broke off suddenly as if something had just occurred to him. Glorfindel grabbed Erestorís hand and dragging the smaller, shorter Elf behind him, striding off quickly for the main Halls. Erestor could not pull his hand free or even ask any questions of the Elda; he was too busy trying to keep up with the blondís long legs. So focused was he on not stumbling that when Glorfindel finally did halt, Erestor stumbled right into his back, only to fall back with an "Oomph" as the large body did not move. Glorfindel reached back and caught Erestor, straightening him with a grin as he knocked upon Elrondís office door.

Glorfindel opened the door, still dragging Erestor behind him. He ignore Elrondís rise from his desk and only stopped once in front of the half-Elf. Erestor peeked curiously around the blondís body to see Elrond staring at them incredulously. Erestor took a step backwards behind the Eldaís solid form and took the time to admire the view in front of him. Glorfindelís golden hair swung gently against his lower back, drawing attention to his broad shoulders and slender waist. The blondís long legs were enclosed in tight-fitting black leggings, and his dark tunic barely covered the tops of his strong thighs. Erestor felt his face heat once more. His breathing sped up and his palms grew damp as his gaze traveled down to take a guilty peek at Glorfindelís tight buttocks. Erestor quickly looked back up, flushing even more as he realized that Glorfindel had turned and caught his downward gaze.

Both Elrond and Glorfindel were staring at him, as if waiting for him to make some comment. Erestor had no idea what he had missed, and it must have shown on his face for Elrond gave a huge sigh and repeated the question. "Erestor, Glorfindel has asked for permission to court you. I asked if you are agreeable to this."

Erestor struggled to regain some of his lost dignity, when all he really wanted to do was fling himself in Glorfindelís arms and shower him with kisses. Instead he answered calmly that he would be honored to be courted by Glorfindel.

Elrond had to dampen the mood then by reminding the enamored pair that there was still work to be done. Erestor returned to his office and Glorfindel to the training grounds, but not before the blond gave Erestor another smile and a promise to see him at the evening meal.


In the weeks that followed it could often be asked just who was courting whom? Glorfindel knew he had often asked himself that very question. That first dinner after he had made his intentions known to Elrond and Erestor had been awkward. He and Erestor had exchanged smiles, and sneaked glances at the other when they thought the otherís head was turned, each fully realizing that they were not being so terribly subtle. Elrond had looked upon them both with a great deal of amusement. Indeed, the Peredhel seemed to accept Glorfindelís attentions towards his ward, now that he knew they were honorable. Not that he did not plan on keeping an eagle eye on the Balrog slayer.

The next morning was when it all started. Glorfindel had arrived at his office to begin his day by going over some of the boring paperwork that accompanied his job as Seneschal. When he had opened the door to the before seldom-used facilities, he had been sure he had stumbled into the wrong office. Before, the room had been dark, dusty, and contained some of the most ugly furnishings Glorfindel had ever seen. But this office was beautiful! The old, dark, threadbare rug was gone; in its place was a woven carpet in rich colors. The beat-up sofa had been replaced by a new one that matched the deep blues and burgundy colors of the rug. Two plush armchairs now sat in front of Glorfindelís desk, instead of the small wooden chairs that had caused one considerable pain to their neither-regions if one sat in them too long. And Glorfindelís desk! The wood now shone with a good polishing that was helped along by Anorís rays bouncing off it from clean and freshly draped windows.

Glorfindel went to that desk, just to make certain that indeed it still was his desk. He saw the papers he had left scattered about the evening before, but instead of his usual quill with its broken feather, a new deep blue one in a marble stand sat ready for his use. Glorfindel moaned aloud in bliss as his bottom met the new desk chair. He had often winced with back pain after some time spent in his old one, and this new chair with its rich coverings and padded back felt divine.

Exploring further, Glorfindel found more quills, fresh inks in a variety of colors, and rich parchment waiting to be used. Finally done exploring, and sitting back feeling quite satisfied, Glorfindel spied the note on one corner of the desk. Picking it up, he opened it and found himself sighing happily out loud at its content.

"So that you may work in surroundings as lovely as yourself... Erestor"

That night Erestor received a special smile and that warm solid hand was once again placed on his lower back as they walked together to the evening meal. This encouraged Erestor, and he began spoiling Glorfindel spectacularly.  At first, Glorfindel loved the gifts. Erestor proved to be an expert at determining what would bring one the greatest joy and pleasure, and he set out to provide Glorfindel with it all. Once he had moved past furnishing for Glorfindelís office and personal quarters, Erestor then began showering the Balrog slayer with flowers, candy, and finally, books. But it did not stop there. Glorfindel now possessed the finest wardrobe of any Elf on Arda, with matching hair accessories!

Glorfindel looked at Erestorís latest gift. The little hair clips in the shape of seashells were very pretty, and it was not that he did not appreciate them, but enough was enough. Erestor gave freely and had a loving and generous soul, but the little Elf was driving Glorfindel crazy. Glorfindel did not consider himself an arrogant Elf, but he wanted to be the one doing the courting.

Erestor spent time with him. They ate their meals together, seated next to each other. They attended entertainment together in the Halls of Fire. There had been strolls around the grounds even, nighttime walks in the romantic garden of Imladris, but Glorfindel still knew next to nothing about the smaller Elf who was Elrondís Chief Councilor. He did not know what Erestor liked or disliked. He tried, Glorfindel did, to open Erestor up with questions about his life, but more often than not, Glorfindel did most of the talking. Glorfindel understood that Erestor was shy and not a social Elf, unlike himself. But Glorfindel was at witís end. Glorfindel knew Erestor liked his touch and was happy with his company. The advisor would smile shyly at him and ducked his little dark head, flushing with pleasure. He leaned into the hand that Glorfindel placed upon his back and enjoyed it when Glorfindel took his hand during their strolls, this Glorfindel knew to be true.

Glorfindel stood holding onto Erestorís latest gift and knew this could not continue. He needed to take back some control over their courtship. Determined, he went in search of the advisor. Glorfindel found Erestor in Imladrisí vast libraries searching the shelves for some obscure volume. The advisor was perched upon a chair as he struggled to reach a volume on a higher shelf. Glorfindelís gaze traveled over the dark clad form, stopping abruptly where the dark fabric stretched across what had to be the cutest, tightest little posterior Glorfindel had ever had the pleasure of seeing. Glorfindel bit his lip to stop his groan and shifted slightly as his leggings grew a little tighter. He looked away suddenly, guilty for ogling Erestorís rear. Glorfindel had been very careful to keep his hands and any other body parts away from Erestor. He had promised to court the Elf honorably, but after seeing Erestorís behind displayed in such a tempting manner, it was becoming difficult to keep his thoughts pure.

Glorfindel cleared his throat, his voice rougher than he intended. "Erestor, may I speak with you for a moment?"

Erestor turned and Glorfindel blanched at the Elfís precarious position on the chair. "Glorfindel," Erestor sent the blond a smile and made Glorfindel very happy when he climbed down and came towards the blond.

Glorfindel took Erestorís hand and drew him to a sofa; seating himself next to the Councilor he took a deep breath. "I wish to speak with you, Erestor."

Erestor smiled encouragingly at Glorfindel. It was now or never, Glorfindel thought. "Erestor I received your latest gift, the hair clips. Thank you, they are lovely." Glorfindel could not help but smile as Erestor flushed with joy and ducked his head, mumbling that he was glad Glorfindel liked them. "But," he said. "I want you to stop giving me gifts, Erestor." Glorfindel braced himself, expecting tears or some upset, but he was shocked when all his words were received with was a calm, "All right." 

Glorfindel knew his mouth was hanging open, but he had not expected Erestor to answer so simply, so accepting. "All right?" he asked.

Erestor frowned. "Glorfindel, I do not think this courting is working," he said.

Glorfindel paled. He had not wanted Erestor to stop courting him. Wait a minute, Glorfindel shook his head, he had not wanted to stop courting Erestor. He cleared his throat, almost afraid to ask. "What is not working, Erestor?"

Erestor looked confused and a cute pucker appeared in the middle of his forehead. "Well, I have courted you like I have read, but you have not done your part."

"My part?" Glorfindel asked, dumbfounded.

"Yes, you have not done as the books said that you would." Erestor moved slightly away from Glorfindel, and Glorfindel could tell that the little advisor was angry with him all of a sudden.

"Erestor, what did the books say that I should do?" Glorfindel was fast losing his patience and had absolutely no clue what Erestor was talking about.

"When I gave you a gift I was supposed to receive a kiss or a hug, something in return. That is what the book said courtship was all about." Erestor sounded very sure of himself, and for one moment, Glorfindel found himself nodding along with the Councilor. Then he stopped, realizing what Erestor had said.

"Kisses!" Glorfindel practically shouted. "You have been waiting for me to kiss you?"

Erestor looked at the Balrog slayer as if he were the densest Elf on Arda. "Well, yes," he answered, as if it were obvious.

Glorfindel shook his head. He would never figure this Elf out. This had to be the oddest courtship Arda had ever seen. "Fine," he said. And with that, Glorfindel picked up the smaller Elf and deposited him squarely on Glorfindelís lap. Then he proceeded to kiss the stunned Advisor breathless.

To be continued...