Pen DhŪnen
Chapter Twelve

"Bond, Glorfindel?" Erestor asked, with stunned disbelief in his voice.

Erestor's knees trembled and gave out. He would have fallen, had not Glorfindel clutched him tightly in his strong arms. Glorfindel could do nothing about the huge smile that graced his fair features as he nodded down into Erestor's stunned eyes. Erestor shrieked that was the only word for the sound that left his shocked vocal cords. He flung his arms about Glorfindel's shoulders and buried his face in the Balrog slayerís tunic. Tears of happiness filled his eyes, and all he could do was nod against the Eldaís broad chest.

Glorfindel hugged his little love tighter and leaned down to whisper in one delicate ear. "Is that a yes?" he asked.

Erestor gulped and hiccupped, pulling back to smile blindingly at Glorfindel. "Y-yes," he stammered.

Glorfindel's shout of joy drew all's attention, and many curious faces watched, stunned, as the Elda picked Erestor up and swung him in a wild circle. "Come, we must tell Elrond." That said, Glorfindel grabbed Erestor's hand and began dragging him toward the Peredhel's office.

"Oh, here we go again," Erestor thought as he stumbled to keep pace with the blondís long legs.  The pair burst into the half-Elf's office, coming to a breathless stop before a stunned Elrond. Glorfindel just laughed and pulled Erestor firmly against his side. He looked to his Lord. "Elrond, Erestor and I would like your blessing," Glorfindel announced.

Elrond frowned and leaned back into his chair. "Blessings for what, Glorfindel?" He had a sneaky suspicion about what the pair was asking, but wanted to hear it said aloud.

Erestor spoke up before Glorfindel could answer Elrond's question. "Glorfindel has asked me to bond with him, Elrond, and I have accepted."

Elrond's mouth fell open and he regarded the pair, astonished. Quickly trying to gather his scattered thoughts, he stammered out, "B-but you just met." Elrond stood finally and faced the now silent pair. "Is this not awfully fast?" he asked.

Glorfindel's face was serious when he met Elrond's pewter gaze firmly. "No, my Lord. We love each other and wish to be bond together for eternity. There will be no other for either of us."

Erestor also spoke up. Looking at his guardian, the Elf who had rescued him, given him a home. "Elrond, I love Glorfindel and need not more time to know in my heart that he is my soul mate." Erestor stepped from Glorfindel's side and went to Elrond's. He reached up and placed a gentle kiss on Elrond's cheek. He looked deeply into those unsure, worried eyes. "My heart tells me he is my one, my only one. Please say you are happy for me." Erestor pleaded.

Elrond melted; he could never refuse Erestor, not when he pleaded from the heart so. He hugged his pen dithen close to him; Erestor would always be that little Elfling who followed him about, nightshirt dragging the ground and arms raised in mute appeal. He pulled back and looked down at Erestor. "I do not seek to deny you your heartís desire, Erestor. I am just worried that you and Glorfindel are rushing into this bond. But perhaps with the next year of betrothal you will become better acquainted, and my fears will be eased." (Little One)

Erestor's shout of "A Year!" was followed closely by Glorfindel's loud groan.

Elrond looked over Erestorís head at Glorfindel. "Surely you, Glorfindel, remember the traditional yearís wait on all betrothals? It is customary."

Erestor pulled back from Elrond and returning to Glorfindelís side stubbornly crossed his arms over his chest. "Well, I refuse to wait a year." Elrond would have laughed had the situation been less serious. There his Chief Councilor stood, an Elf feared for his sharp mind and sharper tongue, pouting.

Glorfindel placed placating hands upon Erestorís shoulders and turned the Councilor to face him. "Elrond is correct, pen dithen. It is customary to wait for a year." Glorfindel almost groaned aloud once again. *How was he to keep his hands off Erestor for a year?* (Little One)

But Elrond and Glorfindel underestimated the sheer determination of Erestorís will. Looking from one to the other, he warned, smirking, "I will not wait a year." Only Elrond grew worried about this pronunciation, Glorfindel having not been exposed to the sheer force of nature that was Erestor when he was determined. Glorfindel eyed the pair, perplexed, not sure what Erestor could do to change the tradition.

Elrond frowned and attempted to look severe. "Just what are you saying, Erestor?"

Erestorís smirk grew; he could taste victory. "You know very well what I am saying, Elrond. I will not wait a year. I will seduce Glorfindel within the first month!" Erestor proudly proclaimed. Erestor might be shy and more often than not silent, but he was determined to have Glorfindel, and he did not want to wait!

Now it was Glorfindelís mouth that fell open as he stuttered out. "S-seduce...ME?" he loudly exclaimed, but was ignored by the battle of wills being fought by Elrond and his ward, Erestor.

"Seduce me?" he asked again, moving to Erestorís side, his tone no longer shocked, but with an almost hopeful lift to it.

Erestor ignored his Balrog slayer for now. He knew when he had Elrond on the ropes; now it was time to move in for the kill. Erestor was not Chief Councilor for nothing! "You know I will, Elrond. I will slip into his room, undress, and climb into his bed. I will start by kissing every inch as I slowly undress him; down I will lick and suck until-."

Elrond shouted out, "All right!" interrupting Erestorís descriptive words. He knew when he was beaten.

Glorfindel swallowed almost painfully. His gaze was internal as images of Erestor licking every inch of his body danced in his head. Glorfindel shifted about, trying to find some additional room in leggings that had grown impossibly tight. *Oh! Elrond, please give in!* Glorfindel silently pleaded.

And so the haggling began. The battle of wills was fought around him while Glorfindel stood silently, not daring to interrupt despite the negotiations determining the rest of his existence and that of his heartís desire. Numbers were tossed out, only to be rejected by a firm shake of Erestorís dark head. Finally Elrond, at witís end, shouted out, "Six months," and Erestor cried, "Agreed!"

Only then did the Advisor seem to remember his promised oneís presence, and he turned to Glorfindel, a big victory smile gracing his fair features. Pulling Erestor into his arms, Glorfindel was heard to say, "Had better be a quick six months."


The announcement came as no shock to the residents of Imladris, nor did the unusually short betrothal period. Many were wont to smirk as they beheld the betrothed Balrog slayer with a gleeful Erestor always at his side. Who would wear the pants in their relationship was the topic of many a conversation and wager. Despite his victory over Elrond, Erestor was very attentive and thankful of his love, Glorfindel. He still followed the Eldaís courting guidelines, thus no more gifts. But many a night the pair could be found seated close together reading aloud their favorite books. Erestor and Glorfindel took full advantage of their time to discover everything about the other. They shared their hopes, dreams, and even their fears, each realization only bring them closer together.

But as the fourth month approached, the wait began to wear upon them. Glorfindel should have seen trouble coming.

It started out innocently enough. Glorfindel delighted in teaching Erestor all he knew about kissing. Their explorations grew from sweet and tender to hot and passionate, often spending hours kissing, tongues tangled in heated combat. At first their embraces had been safe, arms wrapped about the other, bodies a discreet distance apart. Gradually, however, their forms moved closer until finally, they would be flush against each other, every inch of their bodies as close as possible. After that, it was only a matter of time until kisses became not enough and hands became involved. Touching, exploring, stroking, all designed to inflame their desires, and inflame them they did!

Glorfindel discovered that Erestor indeed had the softest skin he had ever felt, and Erestor discovered the joys of a heavy muscled form lying atop his body. Glorfindel loved the little mews and moans Erestor would make, and Erestor became very excited when Glorfindel growled at him. But after going to their separate beds, alone, night after night, the frustration began to show. Not to mention, Glorfindelís hand ached! Which led them to their current situation. Deep into one of the plush sofas in the deserted library, Glorfindel lying between Erestorís widespread thighs, about to explode.

Erestor whimpered and thrust his hips up sharply, rubbing his aching groin against the hard bulge currently pressing against his own. He nibbled sharply on the warm, smooth, golden skin of Glorfindelís neck and wrapped his legs tighter about the blondís waist. *Oh, he so wished for less of these blasted clothes!* Glorfindel was groaning and trying desperately to control the need to rip off the robes covering Erestorís delectable body. He thrust his own length roughly against Erestorís, wringing more cries from the squirming Advisor.

Control finally shattered, Glorfindel flung himself away from Erestor. "No more, Erestor! I cannot take any more of this," Glorfindel swore, breath heavy and labored. He stood next to the sofa and looked down at the enticement that was Erestor, caught in the thrall of desire.

Erestor cried out as Glorfindel rose off him. He lay flushed, body spread out, unable to believe that Glorfindel had stopped. He raised his arms, full red lips shiny with moisture, cheeks tinted pink with arousal, and black eyes beseechingly tempting in their desperation. "Glorfindel," he pleaded, body so close to release.

Glorfindel could not tear his eyes away. He dropped to his knees, grasping Erestor's hips and pulling him forward on the sofa, spreading Erestor's legs so he could kneel between them. "Shhh, pen velui. I will take care of you." (Lovely One)

Erestor whimpered as Glorfindel's hands slid under his robe and began sliding up his body. His eyes stayed locked on Glorfindel's blazing gaze. Glorfindel made quick work of the ties to Erestor's leggings, and when the Elda wrapped a strong hand around his length, he closed his eyes in ecstasy.  "No, open your eyes, Erestor. Look at me, love." Glorfindel stroked from root to tip and paused, waiting for Erestor to meet his gaze before he swept a thumb across the tip, gathering the moisture before stroking back down. He set a slow pace, each upward and downward caress bringing enticing sounds from Erestor's throat.

Erestor arched, pushing himself deeper into Glorfindel's hand. "Please," he whispered. Then he cried out as Glorfindel answered his pleading with a faster pace. Up and down, a pause to gather Erestor's seed, making the slide down so much easier. Glorfindel twisted his wrist sharply, once, twice, and Erestor came undone, shooting his seed into Glorfindel's welcoming fist.

Erestor panted and lay spread out with Glorfindel's head resting against his thigh. Gradually, his breathing slowed. "Glorfindel?" he asked, voice concerned. Glorfindel had not moved, his head still buried against Erestor's lower body.

Glorfindel rose reluctantly, his own leggings stretched to their limits and his control as well. Glorfindel needed a cold bath and his hand on his own length, and not in that order. He silently helped Erestor rise and adjust his own clothing, and then very carefully, he drew the smaller Elf into his embrace.

"Erestor, my love, I adore you, but I cannot do this any longer or we will be bond long before the six month date. I am going on a long patrol." Glorfindel released Erestor and looked down into the suddenly miserable dark eyes.

Erestor felt horribly guilty. Here he had enjoyed his release at Glorfindel's hands, but the blond was refusing to allow him to return the pleasure instead he was running from him. "What did I do wrong?" he asked, voice thick with tears.

Glorfindel felt his heart clench at the look of shame mixed with hurt on his little love's face. He hugged the Advisor tight again. "No, Erestor. You have done nothing wrong." Glorfindel pulled away and cupped Erestor's face. He waited for Erestor to met his gaze before continuing. "I love you, Erestor. I want you so very much that if I stay we will end up joined. I loved giving you pleasure and watching you come undone in my arms is something I hope to see for eternity. But I am only an Elf, Erestor, and my control can only be stretched so far. So it is best, my little bird, if I distance myself from your enticing self for a while."

Erestor nodded miserably. He did not wish for Glorfindel to suffer, and he had to admit, the wait was becoming more and more difficult. "You will send me messages?" Erestor asked.

"Of course. Now wish me a good night and I will see you in a couple of weeks." Glorfindel gave Erestor no time to reply before he covered the Advisor's mouth with his own, hungrily trying to capture two weeks worth of Erestor's special taste to content himself with. Glorfindel released Erestor's lips only when the need for breathing became critical. He gave the sad Elf one more squeeze and smile before turning and leaving the room.

To be continued...