Pen DhŪnen
Chapter Thirteen

Glorfindel managed to keep himself out of Erestorís bed by absenting himself from Imladris. He accepted any and all patrol assignments and delivered several messages for Elrond. How he managed to stay away he had no idea, but he survived, and was finally returning to Imladris to claim his little love. Now if he could only stay out of Erestorís seductive clutches for the next couple of days. Glorfindel had to keep reminding himself that he was the elder in this relationship; surely he could control his libido? But it only took the memory of those bewitching black eyes tempting him to send him scurrying for privacy to take matters in hand.

Glorfindel rode up to Imladris and could not prevent the radiant smile that broke across his features as a figure in black raced towards him, crying his name joyously. Glorfindel dismounted and laughed as his arms were immediately filled with an excited Erestor. He cut off Erestorís cry of "You are back!" with his hungry lips, devouring the first touch and taste of his Erestor after so long parted. Glorfindel groaned as the taste of his love exploded across his tongue. No one tasted as Erestor did a combination of sweetest fruits and most decadent desserts no matter how impossible the combination, only Erestor could pull it off.

When Glorfindel finally released Erestorís lips, the Advisor could only lean weakly against the Elda, legs gone too weak to support his weight. "I am glad you are home, Glorfindel. I missed you," Erestor whispered, his face buried in the blondís chest.

Glorfindel kissed the dark crown and rested his chin atop Erestorís silky hair. "I missed you as well, love, but you know why I could not stay."

Erestor raised his head and titled up his face, smirking at Glorfindel. "Yes, I know. You could not resist me," he declared quite self-satisfied.

Glorfindel threw back his head, roaring with laughter.  It was several moments before he could answer his smug future mate; all he could do was squeeze Erestor until he squealed. "You are right, little one, as always," Glorfindel finally declared earning himself a pleased smile in return.

Erestor released Glorfindel, only to take his hand and pull him towards the front steps where Elrond awaited them.

"Glorfindel, welcome home," Elrond said, smiling at the Seneschal.

Glorfindel nodded and returned his Lordís smile, all the while thinking to himself how far they had come. It was not long ago that Elrond would have had his head for his familiarity with Erestor, and now the Lord stood smiling at them.  Elrond turned to walk with them indoors. He questioned Glorfindel about the lack of Orc activity during the patrols, happy with the lack of threat about Imladris lands. He left them once in front of his office, but asked Erestor to join him soon after getting Glorfindel settled back in.

Erestor paused once they were alone; he seemed to grow shy around Glorfindel now, his earlier excitement giving way to demureness. Glorfindel frowned down at Erestorís lowered head. He placed a finger under his loveís chin and raised Erestorís flushed face up. "What is this?" he asked gently.

Erestor managed to smile, but it was a nervous effort at best. "We have started planning the bonding and discussing the details. Elrond has explained to me what to expect, but he wished to know who you would have presenting you, Glorfindel."

Glorfindel frowned; he had forgotten about that tradition. Typically family members presented the bonding couple, but his family was all in Valinor. "I had forgotten about the need for someone to present me. Elrond will be performing this honor for you?" he asked Erestor.

Erestor nodded. "Yes, and he suggested Lady Galadriel as your attendant. He said that you have known her since the crossing and that you have a distant kinship with her?"

"That is a good idea... yes, Galadriel would do. I will send her a message immediately, asking her to attend me. I just hope she can arrive in time." Glorfindel drew Erestor back into his arms, regarding the Councilor worriedly. "If she cannot arrive in time, we may have to postpone the bonding, love. Would that be all right, Erestor?"

"No," Erestor replied, but at Glorfindelís crestfallen look, he added with a gentle smile, "I guess it is a good thing, then, that I already sent her a message. She and Lord Celeborn will arrive in the morning." Erestor laughed as Glorfindel squeezed him tightly in relief. Erestor drew back only to reach up and cup the Eldaís face in his elegant hands. He captured Glorfindelís sparkling azure gaze with his own dark one. "We will belong to each other for all eternity. I will not accept anything that keeps us from bonding our bodies and souls together as one." he promised in all seriousness.

"I can barely wait," Glorfindel whispered, before lowering his lips to meet Erestorís waiting ones.


That was to be their last contact as tradition kicked in. Erestor and Glorfindel spent the rest of the day and night apart. The bonding couple was to use this time to say goodbye to their lives as single Elves, Elrond instructed, in order to prepare themselves to become one instead of two. Each was instructed to use this time to think on what they were about to undertake. The faer of an unbound Elf must be prepared for the joining to another, Elrond explained. The mind, body, and heart must be cleansed; two could not be truly bound until all doubts and fears were addressed.

Elrond went on to tell Erestor and Glorfindel that their desires must be shared so that neither went into a bond unknowing of his heartís wants. When their bodies joined, their faer would become one, and each must have the same wants and needs. So each was given a thick journal and a quill, and instructed to write down their innermost thoughts. Then a simple meal would be brought to each, for they were not to leave their quarters that night. A bath filled with rich sage should be taken, and each was to sleep unclothed. Their journals would be exchanged the next morning, and the afternoon was time for reflection and the last opportunity to speak any fears. If they agreed and accepted the otherís deepest hopes laid out in the journals, they would sign their names, and the family member presenting them would accept and bear witness by their own signature, Elrond for Glorfindel and Galadriel for Erestor thus ensuring that their loved ones were given only to an Elf who would make all their dreams come true.

Erestor sat curled upon his bed. He eyed the journal for some time, thinking of what he wanted from, and with, Glorfindel. Finally as Anor began to set, he started to write. What did he want? Erestorís first thought was of his family. Yes, he wanted a family. He wanted Glorfindel to be his family, his place of belonging, his refuge, never to leave him. Elrond had tried, the half-Elf had loved and welcomed him into his fold, but Elrond belong to the whole of Imladris, not just to Erestor, and Erestor was possessive enough to want someone of his very own.

Erestor wanted the love he felt as he gazed into Glorfindelís eyes. The warmth, security, and excitement that just being in the Eldaís presence brought him. Never had he felt more special, more wanted, more alive than when Glorfindel looked at him, held him, or kissed him, and Erestor wanted that for eternity.

He wanted to share everything that he was with Glorfindel. Erestor did not have grand dreams, but those he did have all involved a sense of safety, of comfort, and acceptance. Glorfindel accepted him, his shyness, and book loving, his need for quiet and love of solitary moments. Glorfindel loved all of him. He finally found his one who did not tell him to socialize more, to talk more, or to change in any way.

Erestor wanted to be there for Glorfindel. He wanted to offer the shelter of his own embrace to the re-born warrior. To be there after the long patrols or days of strenuous training. To rub away the pain of stressed muscles and provide a shoulder for a weary head. He wanted to be the one, Valar forbid, who tended to any injuries received from defending their beloved home. Erestor wanted to be the one to laugh at Glorfindelís terrible jokes. He wanted their rooms to be the sanctuary they both needed. Erestor wanted to make all Glorfindelís dreams and hopes come true, and drive away any sadness or heartache. In his arms, he wanted the Elda to always have peace.

And finally, Erestor longed to share his body with Glorfindel. To find that aching, gut-wrenching pleasure and release that Glorfindelís touch promised. He wanted his awakening desires satisfied by the one who had stirred him, drawn him out of his shell, and brought him to life. Oh, how Erestor longed for Glorfindelís possession! To lie upon their bed, to touch freely without guilt or fear of regret, to join his body to his golden warriorís and know bliss for eternity. There Erestor had to stop, his face flushed he closed the journal and sat it aside. Tis enough, he thought.


Glorfindel sat upon his balcony, watching as Ithil grew large and round in the night sky. He moved his single candle closer and began to write.

Glorfindelís heart and faer had recognized Erestor from the first moment he had seen the small, dark shadow standing behind Elrond. What he wanted from Erestor was a sense of Ďhomeí his heart felt when in the Councilorís care. Even before his rebirth, Glorfindel has wandered Arda, in spirit at least, alone, never having found his heartís mate. He had not believed in love at first sight until that day in the madness of Imladrisí courtyard while preparing for war. There and then, his faer had settled, wandering no more, settled on a small dark-haired and eyed Advisor, a lonely, shy orphan who captured hearts without his even knowing it.

Glorfindelís heart, for all its outer warriorís skin, was as fragile and innocent as Erestorís own. But in Erestorís care it had been set free and eagerly embraced. That is what Glorfindel wanted - the freedom to love fully and completely with every fiber of his being. His heartís home was in Erestorís care, and Glorfindel wanted that for all eternity. To have that sensitive, loving soul nurture him, comfort him, and want only him... truly this was a great Valarís gift bestowed onto him.

Glorfindel wanted to be Erestorís shelter, his refuge, a place where the tender, shy Elf could find sanctuary. He wanted to be Erestorís champion for all time, his guardian who stood between Erestor and the world that did not understand or appreciate the very wonder that was Erestor. Glorfindel wanted that sharp, relentless mind challenging him, probing his every thought, and making him see Arda in new and different ways. Glorfindel wanted to show Erestor that he would never be alone, that Glorfindel would never leave him, always be by his side. He wanted to be Erestorís rock.

Glorfindel longed for the time when each day would be greeted by Erestorís side, when they would share their toils, joys, and disappointments. He longed to hold Erestor in his arms, knowing that none could challenge his right to do so. Glorfindel wanted to spoil Erestor, to see his delight in each new thing they shared or experienced together. He wanted to watch each day begin and end, always discovering the joys of rebirth with Erestor securely in his arms. And oh how he longed to make Erestor his own, to share the first blessings of joining with his love, to discover the joys of release through their touches and kisses. He wanted to see that lovely form flushed with passionís first kiss, and to know that it was his touch that brought such joy and rapture.

But most of all, Glorfindel wanted Erestor to be his family, his responsibility, his home, and his love for all eternity. His face flushed with his needs so clearly written, Glorfindel closed the journal.  It was enough...


Lůrien smiled down upon the sleeping Elves, filling their resting hearts and faer with gentle dreams of the life they would share together. The Valar blessed this union.


The next morning Erestor answered the knock upon his door and was greeted by a smiling Galadriel. The Lady hugged him and stood back holding out a hand, smiling at Erestorís nervous scurrying for the journal. He handed it over with trembling hands, watching almost fearfully as it disappeared into the Ladyís arms. It was not easy turning over all your deepest thoughts into anotherís care, and Erestor realized this was the true test. It was not the writing that was of such importance, but the trust required in the giving up to another, placing your heart and faer into anotherís care. Galadriel placed a gentle kiss on Erestorís forehead, and all his fears vanished. "Thank you, my Lady," he whispered.

Just a few moments later, another knock came. This time it was Elrond, and he just as solemnly handed over a journal, placing it carefully into Erestorís waiting arms. "I will return in a few hours," Elrond said before leaving Erestor alone with Glorfindelís heart, written upon the pages.

Each read the otherís words with tears of love running down their faces. There was no hesitation or doubt as they signed their names to the otherís future. Each joyously watched as their witnesses added their own signatures, and it was with breaths of anticipation that they saw the journals returned to their owners. How they made it through the day neither could say, only that they both watched the skies darken with contentment in their hearts. When the knocks upon their doors came, signifying it was time, Erestor and Glorfindel were ready to be bound for all eternity.

To be continued...