Pen DhŪnen
Chapter Fourteen

Erestor nervously ran a hand down his white robe. He opened the door, and was greeted by Elrond's smiling face. "Are you ready, pen dithen?" Elrond asked. (Little One)

Erestor swallowed and opened his mouth to reply, only to have his voice break as he tried to answer. Giving that idea up, he nodded.

"You look beautiful, Erestor," Elrond said, and indeed Erestor was exquisite. The stark, white traditional robe set off Erestor's snowy complexion, giving him an aura of purity that was fitting to the occasion. The night blackness of his hair and eyes was even more marked, the contrast making memorable, mesmerizing picture. Erestor's lovely face was flushed, and he licked his red lips nervously. Elrond held out a hand, and Erestor placed his own shaking one in it.

Elrond led Erestor through the halls of Imladris, not towards Glorfindel's quarters, but to the guest rooms. Most of Imladris' residents lined the halls, and Erestor flushed all the more for the attention. But as he and Elrond traveled the distance separating him from Glorfindel, Erestor could not help but gasp at the loveliness of the journey. Each solemn Elf held in their hands a white candle the light from these provided a path of hope and a sense of reverence.

Elrond stopped before a large door and knocked. Galadriel's voice bade them enter, and Erestor clutched Elrond's hand more tightly as the door swung open. Galadriel smiled at the pair and moved back, allowing them entrance into the candle-lit room. Erestor's breath caught at his first glimpse of Glorfindel. The Elda was a golden vision bathed in soft light. His long, unbound hair fell about his white robe, the fair strands mixing with the purity of the blond's garments. Glorfindel's tall, broad frame filled the robe, making him appear very imposing. Erestor could not help but tremble, the fear of the unknown for their first time frightening him.

That was until Erestor's eyes were caught and held by the Elda's blazing orbs. Those cerulean depths were filled with so much tender regard that Erestor's own dark gaze softened, and he smiled gently at his soon to be mate. Elrond led Erestor forward to stand across from Galadriel and Glorfindel. Galadriel cleared her throat hoping to receive the pair's attention, but their eyes stayed locked together.

"You both have received and signed your names to the other's journal, and they have been witnessed. Elrond?" Galadriel gestured for the Peredhel to continue.

Elrond moved behind Erestor and placed his hands upon the smaller Elf's shoulders. The Lord of Imladris met Glorfindel's gaze seriously, no smiles or gentle teasing in his gray orbs. "Lord Glorfindel, Seneschal of Imladris, I give into your care one who is precious to me. You have agreed to hold his heart and faer carefully and lovingly forever more. Erestor is a caring and tender soul, who shall for all eternity be a steadfast, loving spouse. He is a pure jewel." Elrond tenderly removed the long robe, baring Erestor to Glorfindel's gaze. Elrond brushed a kiss atop Erestor's head before he moved away, the robe draped over his arm.

Glorfindel struggled to keep his eyes focused above Erestor's neck the barest glimpse of pale perfect flesh would send his heart rate increasing and his arousal filling with blood. He did not want to look upon Erestor's enticing form and become aroused for his own disrobing was still to come.

Erestor forced himself not to cower and cover and shield his nudity from Glorfindel's eyes. He straightened his shoulders and stood proud and glorious before the Elda. Erestor's anxiety departed as he saw the Elda struggle to keep his eyes level with Erestor's own. He smirked. He knew Glorfindel wanted to look. Glorfindel saw the laughter in Erestor's night eyes, and his own gleamed back at the little Advisor, promising delightful retribution.

Galadriel moved to the side of Glorfindel instead of behind him as Elrond had done with Erestor, her silvery blue eyes twinkling up at the tall Elda. Elrond rolled his eyes at the other's amusement in what was supposed to be a solemn occasion. He cleared his throat, urging Galadriel to get on with it. But when Galadriel started to speak, Erestor became serious, his steadfast gaze locked with Glorfindelís.

"Lord Erestor, I give into your care our Golden Lord, reborn from noble deeds to serve Arda gallantly once more. He is a valiant and mighty warrior who has a heart that is indeed golden. You have agreed to take that shining heart and guard its light forever more. May he be your shining beacon through any darkness." Galadriel removed the white robe adorning Glorfindelís body and stepped to Elrondís side.

Elrond nodded to the pair and led Galadriel towards the door; pausing over the threshold, he regarded the lovers once more. "May Eru bless this union, and the Valar guard it forever more."

Glorfindel and Erestor were now alone...

Suddenly shy, Erestor dropped his head, studying the tips of his bare, pink toes. Erestor felt the air about him shift and Glorfindelís scent filled his senses. Now it was Glorfindelís toes that became the object of interest. A large, warm hand cupped his face, and his eyes slowly lifted to Glorfindel's. The emotions Erestor saw there love, passion, and want had his breath catching and sent his heart racing. Erestor trembled and stepped forward into Glorfindelís embrace.

Their lips met softly, the barest contact sending tingles along their spines all the way down to their toes. Glorfindelís hands traced along Erestorís high cheekbones, down to the line of his jaw, and across to Erestorís chin. His fingers stroked across each raven brow, up to the high intelligent forehead, before Glorfindelís fingers tangled in Erestorís long hair. His hands ran down and up, caressing each silken strand, separating them with his fingers, and letting the locks slip through his fingers like soft rain. Erestor stood silent, caught in the spell Glorfindelís touch created. The world around them was ever so quiet, peaceful and welcoming. Erestor never wanted to leave it.

Little feather-like kisses were placed on each eyelid before those lips traveled down his nose, the kiss upon its tip bringing a smile to Erestorís face. It was that smiling mouth that Glorfindel next explored. Their lips pressed together and stilled, each memorizing the feel of firm yet pliant flesh against their own. Glorfindelís tongue traced a path from corner to corner, journeying along Erestorís plump lips like an explorer seeking a path home. Slowly Erestorís mouth parted, and they shared a breath, the air mingling, their scents entwining to form one not two. Glorfindelís tongue gently coaxed Erestorís, drawing it forth to explore Glorfindelís lips and mouth. It was as if this were their very first kiss.

Glorfindel pulled tenderly away. He captured one of Erestorís hands, and holding it within both of his, brought it up to his chest. His gaze fell to that elegant hand, drawing Erestorís gaze too. He rubbed the soft skin between both of his rougher palms, and then stroked the top of Erestorís hands, his thumbs rubbing soothing circles around and around. Glorfindel turned Erestorís hand over palm-up, and his fingers caressed that sensitive skin, separating each of Erestorís fingers in turn, stroking from the tip down to the base. Erestorís hand trembled. Not a word did either say to break the spell that gripped them.

Glorfindelís eyes followed the path his hands traced as they traveled up Erestorís arm, stopping briefly to tease the sensitive crease of the elbow, his breath catching as Erestor squirmed. Glorfindel hummed to himself when he reached Erestorís shoulder, his broad hand stroking up and around from neck back down to Erestorís collarbone. His fingers played along that bone, rubbing a path along its soft outer skin, his eyes following the path his hands made all the while. Glorfindelís fingers met and rested where Erestorís rapidly beating pulse could be felt. He used both hands in one long stroke down Erestorís chest, palms rasping across Erestorís nipples and raising them in his wake. Erestor could no longer contain his moan.

He trembled as Glorfindelís lips followed the same path his hand had taken, and by the time Glorfindelís mouth arrived at Erestorís shoulder, Erestor was clutching the blond and crying out softly. Glorfindel used his hands to wrap securely around Erestor as his mouth explored his mateís neck and chest. At the first touch of Glorfindelís tongue upon his flesh, Erestorís knees buckled.

"Glorfindel," he pleaded with a sobbing breath.

Erestorís sob turned to a gasp as he was lifted in strong arms and laid tenderly upon the turned-down bed. Nothing could have prepared either for the feel of their bodies meeting for the first time without barriers, and each closed their eyes to savor the feeling. Erestorís hands hesitated only for a moment before they rested on Glorfindelís shoulders. His fingers tingled at the contact, and he had no control over them as they began exploring the warm, smooth skin of Glorfindelís back and arms. Glorfindel moaned at Erestorís touch, but he had not forgotten what he had been doing, and it was Erestorís turn to moan as his nipple was licked. Erestorís hands gripped hard, holding on as he was swept under by Glorfindelís desire.

Glorfindel lovingly bathed the nub with his tongue, before he pulled the nipple into his mouth and sucked. Erestorís body bowed off the bed, and his hands fisted in the golden locks tickling his chest. Glorfindelís mouth left that nipple only to seek and enjoy its twin. His attentions had Erestor sobbing in need. Erestor lifted his hips, seeking some friction for his arousal, which was now heavy and weeping. He pressed himself again and again against Glorfindel, unable to stop the dance of his hips. Glorfindelís hands moved down to pin Erestorís lower body, stopping his thrusting and bringing pleas to Erestorís lips. Glorfindel stopped those pleas by claiming Erestorís mouth with his own. These kisses were not soft or exploratory, but hungry and possessive. Glorfindel thrust his tongue in Erestorís mouth, capturing Erestorís tongue; he sucked strongly on that slick muscle.

Glorfindel shifted, using a knee to firmly part the smaller Elfís legs, settling himself atop Erestor and grinding their hips together. Erestorís hands left red marks and scratches along the Eldaís back as he thrust up harder, seeking more relief for his burning length. Glorfindel took control of his passionate mate, and breaking their kiss, he rose up and once more firmly pinned Erestorís hips to the mattress. Glorfindelís eyes devoured the feast laid out before him. Never had he seen a more beautiful sight. Erestorís midnight hued hair was tossed about, covering the white pillows. His little loveís face was flushed, cheeks and lips blazingly red, onyx eyes burning fiercely at Glorfindel, demanding to be satisfied.

It was those eyes that shattered Glorfindelís control, and with a growl he bent down and licked a path from the root of Erestorís length to the tip, pausing a moment to enjoy the sweet taste of his loverís seed.

Erestor screamed, and his hands reached desperately for something to grasp, finally knotting themselves in the sheets. He could not prevent a second scream as Glorfindelís hot mouth swallowed him whole. His hips broke the hold Glorfindelís hands had on them and thrust sharply up, burying himself as deep as possible in that inferno that sucked and licked along his flesh. Glorfindel hummed appreciatively as the taste and feel of Erestor filled his mouth. His hands ran soothingly up and down Erestorís tense and straining thighs. His hands moved under Erestorís legs, and he pushed the smaller Elfís knees up and apart, baring Erestor completely to Glorfindelís gaze.

Glorfindel ignored Erestorís whine of disappointment as he released his arousal with a wet pop. Glorfindelís eyes hungrily devoured the sight of Erestorís full, hard length with its weeping tip resting against the smaller Elfís flat stomach. He leaned back in and swept his tongue across the tender globes in their delicate pouches. He carefully drew one globe in his mouth, sucking softly before releasing it and drawing the other into his hot mouth. He eyes traveled lower as he released the second globe. He groaned out loud at the sight of that pink, untouched opening and without thought his tongue reached out to taste.

Erestor shrieked; there was no other word for the sound that left his mouth. Then Glorfindel found himself hauled up by a surprisingly strong grasp. Arms and legs came about him, trapping him against Erestorís body, and his mouth was attacked and consumed. Glorfindelís body was covered in moisture making it slick and hard for Erestor to hold, and Glorfindel was able to free himself and rise between the smaller Elfís legs. Glorfindel reached across Erestorís arching body to the bottle of oil thoughtful provided for them. Erestor could only sob and plead, his body too aroused for him to feel fear. Glorfindel murmured soothing endearments as he fumbled with the bottle, finally opening it and coating his fingers. "Shush love, itís all right," he whispered as he reached between Erestorís legs. Glorfindelís fingers circled the small opening, coating the skin with the thick oil. He leaned down and nibbled along Erestorís lips and neck distracting Erestor from what his fingers were doing.

Erestor cried out as a finger breeched his body. Glorfindel stilled as he waited for Erestorís body to adjust. Once the channel stopped clenching about his finger, Glorfindel wiggled the digit about, thrusting it in and out slowly. He had to tightly clench his own eyes at the incredible snug softness that surrounded his finger. Pulling back carefully, Glorfindel added a second finger, stretching the tight opening by scissoring his fingers. He watched Erestorís face closely for signs of pain, but the lovely face was twisted with pleasure and flushed with need. Glorfindel smiled and curling his fingers, thrust them deep. Erestorís body arched high off the bed with a cry. Glorfindel continued to stroke the nub inside Erestorís channel, wring cry after cry out of Erestor.

Patience at an end, with a burning need to sheath himself inside the tight body, Glorfindel removed his fingers.  With shaking hands, and some spilled oil, he managed to coat his length and set the bottle aside. Glorfindel locked eyes with Erestor as he moved back close between the other Elfís legs. He lined his arousal up at Erestorís entrance, and with one strong thrust of his hips, slid fully inside. He swallowed Erestorís cry with his lips and kept carefully still, waiting for Erestor to adjust. He pulled back and looked down into deep, dark eyes filled with love.

"I love you, Erestor," Glorfindel whispered, and he began to move.

Each gentle thrust brought gasps from their throats. Their hands reached for the otherís, their fingers entwining and locking tightly together. Erestor kept his eyes trained on those of his mateís as each slide into his body brought them closer together. Breath sped up, hearts beat in synch, and bodies moved as one. There was no rush to release now, but a loving journey that swept upon them, surrounded them and bound their faer as one. The pleasure from their joining was more than either had ever imagined. Erestorís body fit Glorfindelís like it had been made especially for him, and Erestor reveled in the experience of Glorfindelís flesh inside him.

Glorfindel cried out he was so close! Freeing one hand, he reached between their bodies and grasped Erestorís length, his thumb brushing across the sensitive tip. At that touch, Erestor arched up with a sob, his body coming undone in Glorfindelís arms. They reached release together, each overcome with this happening that was their first. Erestor tightened around Glorfindelís arousal and cried out as his seed spilled from his length, coating their stomachs and chests. Glorfindel sobbed Erestorís name and flooded the smaller Elfís channel with his seed.

Their faer remained joined as pleasure continued to pulse through their bodies. Each could feel the otherís heart beat, and each breath was shared as they kissed tenderly. "Love you," was uttered once by Glorfindel, and then echoed by Erestor as they floated down from the high of their joining. That their union was blessed, they knew to be true, for they felt it in their hearts, bodies, and faer.

Glorfindel pulled free from his husband slowly, and moving to his side, pulled Erestor firmly into his arms. Erestor rested his dark head upon Glorfindelís broad shoulder, content. "My pen dhŪnen," Glorfindel whispered.

"My Glorfindel," Erestor answered, and shared a kiss with his mate.

The End