Pen Dhínen
Chapter Seven

Elrond rose and snatched Erestor’s hand from Glorfindel’s grasp. "No!" he said loudly, and all noise in the Hall stopped.

Erestor flushed in anger and hissed, "Elrond!" All eyes were upon the trio and conversation had halted. Erestor snatched his hand from Elrond’s grasp.

Elrond glanced around remorsefully. He knew Erestor hated to be the center of attention and he had just drawn everyone’s notice to them. "I am sorry, Erestor," he whispered.

Glorfindel spoke up, sensing the shy Elf’s embarrassment. "Erestor was just going to show me about my new home, my Lord."

Erestor glanced quickly up at the blond and received a gently smile. He smiled hesitantly in return before turning to Elrond. Erestor folded his nervous hands and tucked them into his sleeves. "Did you have some need of me, Elrond?" He had a feeling that Elrond just did not want him alone with Glorfindel.

Elrond seized upon the excuse Erestor unwittingly provided him with. "Yes, Erestor, I wanted to go over a couple things before we retired for the night. If it is all right with Lord Glorfindel," here Elrond stopped and looked to the Elda. His expression said clearly that the blond would have no complaints, and if he did, none that he would voice aloud to his Lord. "The tour can wait until morning?" he asked, one brow rose slightly, daring Glorfindel to object.

Yes, Elrond thought. He liked the idea of a daytime tour. The stars would not be so captivating, nor would Ithil shine brightly down upon a strolling pair. The night-blooming flowers would not perfume the evening air carrying their seductive scent to them. No, Elrond most assuredly did not like the idea of Glorfindel and Erestor alone under a night sky.

Glorfindel could do nothing but give in graciously. He smiled at Erestor. "Until morning then, Erestor?"

Erestor nodded and smiled shyly back at the handsome Elf. "I will see you in the morning. Good night, Lord Glorfindel." Erestor followed Elrond towards the half-Elf’s study, barely holding back his anger until they reached the privacy of Elrond’s quarters.

Once the door closed behind them, Erestor whirled to face Elrond. "Elrond! What is the matter with you? Do you not like or trust Lord Glorfindel?" He gave the Peredhel no time to respond, but pushed past the Elf to settle himself angrily in a chair. "But, that makes no sense, Elrond. You appointed the Elf your Seneschal, so you must trust him."

Elrond folded his arms across his chest and eyed his angry Advisor unapologetically. "Ah, I trust him to lead Imladris’ defenses, but I am not so sure I trust him alone with you!" he declared, voice rising at the end.

Erestor blankly stared at the irate half-Elf. "Why ever not?" he asked.

Elrond sighed, frustrated, and he moved to a chair close to Erestor. "Erestor, Glorfindel is much older than you, pen vell. He is a warrior and has seen much. While I trust in his character, I know nothing of his heart. I am just afraid that you will look for something from him that he has no intention of giving."

"What would he not give, Elrond?" Erestor asked, genuinely perplexed.

Elrond looked into those confused night-hued eyes, wishing that he had this conversation long ago before a certain blond re-born Elf arrived. "Love," Elrond answered simply.

Erestor flushed and look away from Elrond’s gaze. "You think he seeks just to trifle with my affections? That he only sees in me a bed partner?" Erestor’s voice was careful, but he could not hide the hurt from the one who raised him.

Elrond moved from his chair to kneel at Erestor’s feet. He took hold of the nervous fingers and squeezed them tight. "Pen dithen, I am not saying that is Glorfindel’s intention. All I am telling you is that I do not know, and I do not want to take the risk with your heart." (Little One)

Erestor looked down into those caring loving gray eyes. "Should that not be my decision, Elrond?"

Elrond rose quickly and pulled Erestor to his feet. He tightly hugged the smaller Elf and whispered. "Do you think, aewithen, that I could stand by and watch any hurt come to you?" (Little Bird)

Erestor pushed down the flash of guilt that endearment caused, Elrond’s way of reminding him of the care he had always shown Erestor. This was one battle though, that Elrond had to let him fight on his own. "Beriadiren, you cannot shield me from Arda forever. There are some lessons I must learn on my own. Trust in me, Elrond," Erestor pleaded. "Trust me to know what is best. You have taught me, Híren to look for the good in others hearts. So now let me learn for myself if Glorfindel and I are to be anything to each other," Erestor returned Elrond’s strong embrace, hearing the half-Elf sigh loudly in his ear; he smiled, knowing Elrond would now give him the chance to get to know the blond. (my Guardian, my Lord)

Elrond pulled back, smiling himself at the look of happiness in Erestor’s eyes. "But if he should hurt you, Mandos will welcome him a second time!" he mock-growled. "Go now, you have an early tour to conduct, and I wish to check once more on the injured before I go to bed," Elrond walked with Erestor to the door.

Erestor waited as Elrond closed the door behind him, and joined him as they walked in the direction of the Healing wing. "Do you wish me to accompany you, Elrond?" Erestor asked.

"No, Erestor. You need your rest. Do you not want to look your best for Glorfindel in the morning?" he teased, and laughed at the flush his words brought. "Besides, after that look about Imladris, I expect we will have a full day of you catching me up on what I have missed."  Elrond paused outside the door to Erestor’s quarters. He placed a kiss on the crown of Erestor’s head. "Good night, pen dithen, sweet dreams."

"Good night, Elrond. Do not stay too long. You also have a full day tomorrow," Erestor warned as he entered his room. He laughed softly at Elrond’s departing groan.

Erestor went about preparing for bed. He could not prevent a rather dreamy smile as he thought of the Balrog slayer. He did not believe the blond to be fickle or one to play on the emotions of others. Surely such a one would not have won the Valar’s grace and been granted a second life if the first resulted in so many hurts to others? He did wonder, though, what he and the Elda could have in common. Erestor was no warrior, despite Glassmiauth’s efforts.

What attracted the famed golden warrior to such a scribe as himself? Erestor studied his reflection in the mirror. Elrond had called him lovely often and his appearance was pleasant. His hair was kept shiny and clean, his robes neat and pressed. Erestor supposed brighter colors would attract more attention, but until now he had never really thought on others opinions of him. Erestor eyed his face, happy with its appearance. True, none in Imladris had such blackness of hair and eye, but his skin was pleasantly pale and unblemished. Erestor supposed he had a rather fetching image. But, Glorfindel!

The Elda was truly a golden vision! The famed locks for which he was named, Erestor had never seen the like. His eyes were what brought to mind Laer skies, so light and joyous. (Summer) Glorfindel was much larger than Erestor, his shoulders and arms heavily muscled as befitting a swordsman. Erestor shivered at the remembered feeling of being caught in those powerful arms. Erestor sensed no ill in Glorfindel. Indeed, the blond’s very essence bespoke goodness and bravery. No, Erestor did not believe that Glorfindel sought only to toy with him!

Erestor climbed into his bed, thoughts of the golden one still occupying his mind. So it was, with visions of strong arms holding him close that he drifted to sleep, eager to greet the morning..., and Glorfindel.

To be continued...