Something Back
Chapter Fourteen

"Ereinion," Elrond whispered, before covering the Elfís lips with his own.

Gil-galad fought to escape the sheets that trapped him in Elrondís arms. No force, not even a horde of Orcs, could have sent his heart pumping faster than the fear that rose in him from the feel of Elrondís lips against his. Finally the need for breath pulled Elrond away from him. Gil-galad eyed Elrond, not seeing passion-glazed eyes, but remembering a similar occasion when that gray gaze has turned cold and rejecting. Elrond had taught him to well to now accept this gift without some trepidation. Elrondís mouth moved closer to his own once more, and Gil-galad could not help the flinch that pulled him away.

"Why do you move away from me, Ereinion?" Elrond whispered, his morning voice low and sensuous.

"I am waiting for you to wake up," Gil-galad replied.

Elrond shook his head, fighting to clear the morning fog. He could see the fear and uncertainty in Ereinionís orbs, but it took several moments for the reason for that apprehension to come to him. "He fears I will pull away, like before!" Elrond knew not what to say to alleviate Ereinionís fears, so he did not try. Elrond reached down and captured Ereinionís lips once more. He placed a brief hard kiss upon Ereinionís lips then pulled away. Elrond placed a finger against Ereinionís lips when Ereinion tried to speak. "Do not say anything, I beg of you, Ereinion. I love you. I want you; please let me show you just how much," Elrond pleaded, unashamed, knowing he did not deserve a second chance, but praying to the Valar that he be granted one.

Gil-galad could only nod. In his eyes were all his hopes, dreams, and love, laid bare once again for Elrond to accept or reject. He could not hide from the half-Elf, never could. Come what may, he was Elrondís.

This time the kiss was tender and equally participated in by both. There was no reclaiming, only an almost tentative rediscovery, as if they had never shared intimacy before now. Their lips brushed, silk-like, skin against skin. Sweet moist breath mingled as each parted their mouths, tongues meeting gently, then retreating, and then meeting once more. Both Elves rested their hands lightly against the shoulders of the other, with their bodies still separate. They wanted not to rush this, now there was no need for haste or fear. Kisses grew from slightly tentative exploration to a hungrier pressure. Elrondís earlier excitement rekindled by the taste of his lover, he eagerly explored Ereinionís mouth, discovering all over again that addicting flavor.

Gil-galad remained passive, not out of fear now, but fully under the Peredhelís spell. Willingly he surrendered to Elrondís desire, and in return had his own ignited and sent blazing. He moaned as Elrondís lips and tongue sought other ground. His ears received gentle bites and a much hungrier pull from Elrondís mouth. His hands were drawn away from Elrondís shoulders and pressed down onto the mattress. "Let me," Elrond whispered. And Gil-galad did. Elrondís lips and tongue next explored Ereinionís neck. There Elrond paused to nibble, lick, and suck. Hungry lips left passion marks, and Gil-galad could do nothing but take it...and moan.

Elrond slid a knee between the legs flush against his own, so that he was kneeling between Ereinionís wide spread thighs. Elrond purred as his lips traveled down Ereinionís wide chest, his tongue flicking lazily across one nipple, then the other. Gil-galad groaned, and his hands reached up to grasp the ornate headboard of Elrondís bed. Satisfied that his attention had caused the nipples to harden, Elrond proceeded to suck strongly, teeth nibbling, each rosy nub in turn. This feasting continued until Elrond was happy with the cries he wrung from Ereinionís lips.

With his tongue licking like a cat with a bowl of cream, Elrond moved lower. Each hipbone received a sharp nip of teeth before Elrond attacked Ereinionís belly button. His tongue performed an intimate dance, in, out, in, out, each thrust brought Ereinionís hips off the bed. Elrond did not give in to the thrusting hips or the pleas that fell from Ereinionís lips. His lips and tongue followed the line from hip to where it met thigh, lingering in the crease there with broad swipes of his eager tongue. Elrond knelt further back so that he was on his knees. He pushed Ereinionís legs further apart and licked a path down to the inside of Ereinionís knee. There he paused and lifted his eyes to meet Ereinionís. His tongue started a slow journey, down to right before Ereinionís groin. He stopped and gave Ereinion a devilish smile.

Gil-galad cried out and arched sharply off the mattress as Elrond teeth bit down on the inside of his thigh. He whimpered when the wound was then licked, and looked into suddenly blazing gray eyes that had lightened to piercing silver. He could do nothing but lie there and take Elrondís torments. His stomach quivered and his thighs ached from being spread so far apart. Gil-galadís body shone with a sheen of moisture, every muscle standing out in sharp relief. His length lay hard and hot against his stomach, and under the head, a pool of his seed gathered, released by Elrondís talented lips, tongue, and teeth. Gil-galad panted as the gentle tongue licked along his thighs. He knew not how much more of this precious torture he could take before he exploded!

Elrond ran his hands up Ereinionís shaking thighs, gentling the strained muscles with his healerís touch. He laid a hand upon Ereinionís stomach, feeling the rise and fall as Ereinion struggled for control. Only moments for recovery did he give, before leaning down and running his tongue from root to tip of Ereinionís length. Using both hands to hold down the thrusting hips, Elrond hummed in enjoyment as his tongue circled the tip, gathering the drops there to roll around his mouth, savoring the flavor. The room, the late hour, the other occupants of Imladris awaiting him, all disappeared as Elrond feasted on the proud flesh in his mouth. He sucked strongly, again and again, drawing more of that salty, bitter flavor into his mouth.

Gil-galad reached down, fisting his hands in Elrondís hair. Control was gone, reason deserted him, and only a need to end the torment drove him. Gil-galad pulled sharply, drawing Elrondís mouth from his arousal. Elrond released Gil-galadís length with a wet pop, and he looked up at Ereinion, the Peredhelís hoary eyes fierce in their need. "N-no more, E-Elrond," Gil-galad pleaded. "Take me!"

Any other time, Gil-galad would have found amusement in Elrondís frantic glances about the room. It was obvious the half-Elf had not thought that far ahead, to plan for a need for oil to be close at hand. His frenzied gaze flew to Ereinionís. "I have no oil," Elrond whispered, horror and need in his voice. Gil-galad shook his head, sending more of his black tresses about the pillow. "No time for that," he said and picked up the hand that lay upon his stomach. Bringing two of Elrondís fingers to his lips, he pulled the digits into his mouth, coating them with his saliva. Elrond could only groan and watch as his fingers were sucked strongly and finally released.

Wasting no time, Elrond brought the lubricated hand down between Ereinionís legs. Using one finger, he circled the tight opening, feeling the clench and release of Ereinionís muscles. Slowly he eased the finger into Ereinionís body, shutting his eyes at the exquisite tightness and heat he encountered. Unable to wait, he eased out the one finger, adding its mate before pushing both back into Ereinion. Gil-galad could not help the groan that escaped him as the two fingers breeched his body. Elrondís eyes flew open, and he looked down at Ereinion in concern. Gil-galad bit his lip and nodded for Elrond to continue.

Elrond scissored his fingers, loosening Ereinionís tightness before pulling his hand back and adding a third finger. He held his hand still, giving Ereinion time to adjust to being filled. When Ereinion had once again opened his eyes to look at Elrond, Elrond thrust his fingers deep and arched them, hitting Ereinionís sweet spot. Gil-galad thrust down on Elrondís fingers. The pleasure overtaking any pain, Gil-galad began riding that thrusting hand, each rise and fall of his hips bringing a cry from his lips. Gil-galad cried out again, this time in loss as the fingers were removed. He looked down to see Elrond quickly coating his own length with the pool of seed on Gil-galadís stomach.

Elrond almost whimpered as his hand stroked along his length, preparing himself for Ereinion. Gil-galad pulled his knees to his chest, exposing himself for Elrondís penetration. Elrond groaned and grasp his length, guiding himself to Ereinionís entrance. They both cried out as Elrond breeched Ereinionís outer muscle, sinking a little forward. Shaking, Elrond paused, struggling against the need to plunge forward, to thrust to the hilt. He wrapped Ereinionís legs about his waist and looked down into blazing azure depths.

"Claim me, love. Make me yours," Ereinion whispered.

Elrond sobbed as he thrust his hips forward, sinking into that velvety hot channel. He leaned down to also claim Ereinionís lips just as he claimed his body. Elrond could not stop or slow down his thrust into Ereinion. Gasping, he released Ereinionís lips and leaned back, angling his thrust to wring cries from Ereinionís mouth. Gil-galadís hips rose to meet each downward plunge. His arms tightened about Elrondís shoulders as he moaned at each breech of Elrondís arousal. "Elrond!" he cried out as his length was grasped in a tight fist and stroked. Elrondís hips pistoned faster, and he stroked Ereinion more roughly, wanting to make his love come crying his name.

Gil-galad felt his stomach tighten, and his hips rose once more before he came screaming Elrondís name, his seed coating Elrondís hand and his own chest. Elrondís groan was part sob as the channel gripping him tightened. He thrust once, twice more before crying out his release. He held deep, pressed tight against Ereinion as his own seed filled Ereinion. "Love," Gil-galad murmured drawing the exhausted Peredhel down into his arms. Each was silent, the only sounds in the room their heavy breathing. Finally, Elrond rose to his knees and pulled slowly free of Ereinionís body. He moved to his side and drew Ereinion into his arms.

"Melin chen, Ereinion nin," Elrond proclaimed.

To be continued...