Something Back
Chapter Sixteen

Gil-galad had not been able to erase the image of the twins from his mind the rest of the day. He went about his duties, but always in the back of his thoughts was what to do about Elladan and Elrohir, and what he had witnessed on the training fields. Gil-galad knew his duty was laid upon him by the Valar themselves. He was to convince the Peredhil twins that they belong among the Eldar and not with their sister among Man. But how he was to accomplish that task was the quandary. The Valar had warned Gil-galad to say nothing of their designs, but he knew that Galadriel and Elrond himself knew some of the Valarís plans. He had not broken the rules and told Elrond and Galadriel anything, but they in their wisdom suspected much of the Valarís designs. If Gil-galad could say nothing of the Valarís will, what could he say to the twins to convince them of their acceptance in Valinor?

Gil-galadís thoughts were so occupied with the Peredhil twins that it was only as he approached a door that he realized it was the door to Elrondís chambers and not his own guest room. He stopped, uncertain. They had agreed to meet later, but Gil-galad did not know if his welcome was, in fact, assured in Elrondís rooms. It was too new, this being with Elrond, and Gil-galad still did not trust that Elrond had accepted him back into his life. Being in oneís bed did not a relationship make.  Gil-galad took a deep breath and opened the door.

"Elrond?" he called, but there was no answer.

Gil-galad walked through the study into the bedroom, only to find that it too was empty. He heard the sound of water running and noticed the bathroom door was ajar. Moving soundlessly, he glanced in the room. Gil-galad bit his lip, barely able to contain his groan. The view before him was stunning and oh so enticing. The figure before him was bent over at the waist, adding oils to the running bath. Gil-galadís gaze was caught and held by the pert, tempting backside facing him so brazenly.

Gil-galad stepped back behind the door, grinning as the Elf went about the bathroom, humming while gathering towels and other soaps. In near record time, Gil-galad had himself stripped, clothes flung haphazardly about him. He crept back around the corner and watched, mouth watering as the Elf bent once more to run a hand through the bath water.

Perfect, Gil-galad thought. The Elf had not entered the bath as of yet. Soundlessly, putting the skills learned as warrior to use, Gil-galad crept up behind the unsuspecting form. His arms wrapped firmly around the form and his face buried itself in rich chestnut locks, chuckling at the squeal Elrond let out as Gil-galad wrapped him firmly in his embrace.

"A squeal, Elrond?" Gil-galad shook with laughter and tightened his hold as Elrond began struggling. "What would your subjects say to the Lord of Imladris squealing like an elleth?"

Gil-galad roared with laughter as Elrond turned in his embrace and struck Gil-galadís chest several times with an angry fist. His laughter faded, however as he looked down into those silvery-gray eyes, falling into those tempting traps once more. Gil-galadís hunger came roaring back, and he covered Elrondís mouth with his own. He plundered, tasted, and conquered. Their first time this morn had been Elrondís; this was all Gil-galadís. Little time did he give the Peredhel to adjust before he swept Elrond along lustís path.

Elrond could do nothing but moan into Ereinionís mouth. Hands tangled in his hair, holding his head still for Ereinionís mouth and tongue. Then those strong warriorís hands swept down his back to cup his buttocks, squeezing firmly and bringing their bodies flush together so Elrond felt Ereinionís arousal strongly against his own. Elrond whimpered and thrust his hips sharply against Ereinionís, his arousal grown full and heavy. Elrond groaned aloud as a fist in his hair pulled his head back, and a hungry mouth attacked his throat, leaving red brands in its wake. Their arousals slid heavily together, both moaning at the heat this caused.

Ereinion pulled Elrond down onto the bathroom floor. He knelt between the half-Elfís legs, spreading them wider with his hands. His sapphire gaze blazed down at Elrond, and Elrond could not help but shiver. Ereinionís possession of him he remembered well, and his arousal weep freely at the thought of feeling that heavy length inside him once more. Ereinionís hand reached down into the oil-slick water, wetting his hand, and he reached down, his fingers disappearing between Elrondís legs. Elrondís back arched and he cried out as two fingers entered his body without warning. His length twitched, and he moaned in bliss as Ereinionís fingers curled, hitting his pleasure spot, changing the discomfort to bliss.

Gil-galad looked down at the vision laid before him. Elrondís body glowed from of the moisture of the bathroom. His face was flushed also with desire, eyes pure silver, and his mouth open with moans spilling forth. Those eyes... they had always been Gil-galadís weakness. Now they burned him with their need and desire. Gil-glad could not resist their lure any longer.

With barely contained need he added another finger, stretching Elrondís opening and finding his pleasure spot again and again until the Peredhel was arching up and crying out continuously. He withdrew his fingers, ignoring Elrondís cry of disappointment. Plunging his hand once more into the oil-rich water, he wrapped his hand around his own length, hissing in pleasure as he slicked himself well. Gil-galad moved back between Elrondís raised knees. His hands grasped Elrondís hips and pulled the half-Elfís body flush against his own. One hand grasped his length as he guided it to Elrondís opening.

"Ready?" he rasped, his voice hoarse with need. Elrond could only nod at him, and with that permission, Gil-galad slid fully inside, sheathing himself to the hilt.

Elrond cried out as Ereinionís full length breeched his body. He had forgotten, his body had not remembered the fullness, the stretch, and the heat that came from Ereinionís possession of his body. He heard Ereinion groan from above him, but could do nothing but gasp as Ereinion began thrusting, his full length striking that nerve in Elrond that had stars dancing in his eyes. Elrondís hands hung onto sweat-dampened shoulders. He could do nothing but hang on as his body was repeatedly breeched.

The rush was like a storm... a bolt of lightening. No slow build up of desire, just fast and furious need. Orgasm did not gently arrive, no, it poured through them and out their mouths in moans and screams. Elrond sobbed, body shaking, and unable to speak, to plead for an end, yet never having felt this fire in his veins. His sobs turned to relief-filled moans as his length was grasped and stroked strongly. His seed pulled from him explosively to wet his chest and stomach.

Gil-galad roared as the passage around his arousal tightened and clenched. His cry of "Elrond!" bounced off the tile floors and walls and echoed out into the bedroom and beyond. Gil-galad fell onto Elrondís exhausted body and was welcomed by open arms. Several moments did they spend just catching their breath and lying in each otherís arms. Gil-galad finally rolled off Elrond and lay dazedly, staring up at the ceiling.

Elrond grinned as he rose and stood over Ereinion. "Come, love, the bath is still warm enough. Join me." Elrond held out a hand to assist Ereinion, laughing as the former King moaned as he rose to his feet.

"How can you move?" Gil-galad asked.

Elrond flashed Ereinion a wicked grin as he stepped into the warm water. "You did all the work, maethoren vorn."  (My dark warrior)

Gil-galad could not help but laugh at the light-hearted and devilish look upon Elrondís face. Such ease he had not seen since his own arrival. Gil-galad grinned as he joined Elrond in the tub. He leaned back, letting Elrond draw him back against the Peredhelís chest. "Pen ůrn," he growled and Elrond laughed again, lightening Gil-galadís own heart even more. (Impetuous one)

Gil-galad could only sigh. They were all right...

Elrond had called him Love.

To be continued...