Something Back
Chapter Eighteen

Elrohir lay upon the bed, arms wrapped tightly about his elder brother. Elladan had reacted the most emotionally about Gil-galad's revelations, and the oldest Peredhil twin was overwrought. Elrohir rubbed a soothing hand through Elladan's dark chestnut locks and rocked his beloved in his arms. Elrohir himself was not sure what he was feeling. Gil-galad had shared his knowledge of the Valar's will, and Elrohir found he believed the former High King. His assurances meant they could go home with the rest of their kind. Elrohir had not wrapped his mind about that notion as of yet, but now his biggest concern was Elladan.

"Elladan, meleth, speak to me." Elrohir pleaded. His twin had said nothing since they left Gil-galad in the gardens. They had come straight to their quarters, where Elladan proceeded to curl up in a tight ball upon their bed.

Elladan said nothing, but only rolled over, a fierce need in his silvery-gray eyes. Elladan roughly covered his twinís mouth with his own, kissing Elrohir desperately, as if he were trying to lose himself inside his brother. He gave Elrohir no time to adjust. Elladan's hands frantically tugged and ripped at his brotherís clothes, hungry to touch flesh. He finally released Elrohir's lips only to attack the smooth, enticing skin of his twinís neck, sucking and biting at the skin there until it was red with dark marks standing out brightly. His hands raced up and down Elrohir's body, each stroke rough and ravenous in its need, pinching nipples and fisting his brotherís length harshly.

Elrohir made no complaints or tried to stop his brother in any way. He could read Elladanís need and could do would do nothing but offer whatever his beloved brother needed. All Elrohir could do was moan and arch up into his twinís rough mouth. One particularly harsh bite around his nipple sent Elrohirís hands fisting through the silky hair that draped over his body. Elrohir allowed himself to be rolled over, and he cried out as his back received the same rough kisses and caresses. "Elladan," he moaned, as his twin licked a path down his spine, ending at the swell of his buttocks.

"On your knees, seron vell," Elladan ordered his brother.

Elrohir groaned and pulled his body up till he was spread wide, his backside offered to Elladan's hungry eyes. Elrohir cried out and flung his head back as Elladan swept a wet tongue across his entrance. Strong hands spread Elrohir wide open, and his body shook, his hips moving back to meet Elladan's demanding tongue as it breeched his body. Pleas and cries spilled from his throat as that slick muscle thrust into him again and again, making Elrohir prepared and wet for his twin's possession. Elrohir almost screamed as Elladan wrapped a tight fist about his length, stroking from root to tip and gathering Elrohir's seed in the palm of his hand. Elladan grasped his own arousal, his tongue not leaving his brotherís body. Stroking himself roughly and gathering the excess moisture, he coated his length with their combined seed.

Elladan rose up and moved close behind his twin. "Ready, meleth?" he rasped.

"Ah, Elladan, now please!" Elrohir moaned, then he cried out as Elladan slid inside in one long thrust. The burn and stretch made Elrohir breathless, and he fought to unclench his muscles.

Elladan's hands grasped Elrohir's hips hard enough to leave bruises. He breathed heavily, trying to stave off his release, but the clenching and unclenching of Elrohir's channel around his length made that difficult. Elladan ran his hands up his twinís tense back, smoothing the tight muscles, wrapping his arms about Elrohir's chest. Elladan rose up, sitting back upon his heels and pulling Elrohir with him until they both were upright. He wrapped secure arms about his twin, and kissed the moist shoulders. "Ride me, Elrohir nŪn," he ordered.

Elrohir trembled as his body adjusted to his brother's girth, groaning as Elladan pulled him upright, causing the tip of Elladan's arousal to rub against his pleasure nub. His hands went to rest on Elladan's thighs, fingers curling into fist. He answered Elladan's command and began moving up and then back down on his brother's length, each downward thrust striking deep inside him and sending his restraint spiraling more and more out of control. Elladan's hands played with his nipples and sucked and bit along his neck, making Elrohir cry out his twin's name.

Elladan thrust up hard, marking his brotherís neck with bite after bite. They moved together faster as release approached, Elladan driving forcibly upwards, and Elrohir slamming himself down hard harshly onto Elladan's length. Elladan stilled his cry of orgasm in the flesh of Elrohir's neck as his brother's channel tightened impossibly about his arousal, pulling his release forcibly from him, and milking his length with squeeze after squeeze. Elladan felt his brother's seed hit his hand as Elrohir came as well. Elladan collapsed atop his twin, still buried deep inside as tiny trembles shook his frame.

They lay still joined, Elrohir with arms flung out, pinned by his twin's heavy weight, boneless, and spent. "Talk to me now, Elladan," he whispered voice still heavy.

Elladan did not remove his face from its hiding place in Elrohir's hair, but his whisper could be heard. "I am confused and know not how to speak of what I wish," he murmured.

Elrohir urged his twin off him and rolled over quickly to pull his elder brother in his arms. He met those slightly ashamed gray eyes with his own calm gaze. "Tell me," he urged, squeezing his brother tighter in his embrace.

Elladan sighed and placed a small kiss upon his twin's lips. "I want to believe Gil-galad. I," he paused and lowered his gaze as if unsure about what he said next. "I would like to be reunited with Nana, but I am afraid that she will not be the Naneth we remember.

Elrohir nodded. He too wished to see their nana again, but he sensed that was not all that troubled his elder brother. "What else, Elladan? There is something else troubling you. Spill it," he ordered.

Elladan pulled out of his twin's embrace and sitting up, folded his hands in his lap. "I have thought ahead several times to what our futures would be like if we chose one path or the other. Fear of our welcome in Valinor dominated my thoughts. The very thought of our love being judged wrong, and being parted, makes that choice seem impossible. But the alternative, the doom of Men to grow old and die that also causes me great fear." Tenderly he brushed strands of his beloved twin's dark locks back from Elrohir's face. "The very idea of watching as time changes your features, as it makes your graceful limbs feeble with age, and as it finally kills you... I do not think I would be able to stand that, Elrohir."

Elrohir pulled his brother back into his arms even before the first tear could fall. They held each other tightly. "I feel the same, Elladan nŪn, I feel the same," Elrohir whispered.

Elrond stood upon the balcony of his room, his gaze trained upward, focused upon his sire's bright light. He sighed as Ereinion's arms came about him, wrapping him tightly in their loving warmth.

"They have chosen," he whispered, his voice low and reverent.

Gil-galad's arms tightened further. He turned his head to look upon Elrond's profile. "The twins?" he asked.

Elrond nodded but did not look away from his Ada, as the star twinkled happily in the night sky, but a smile graced his lips. "Thank you, Ereinion," Elrond said.

To be continued...