Something Back
Chapter Nineteen

The ringing of metal upon metal could be heard before one ever reached the forge. Elrond paused as the trees parted and the first glimpse of the figure furiously working at the forge could be seen. The strikes of the hammer upon the sword Ereinion was fashioning, to Elrondís ears, sounded angry. Ereinionís body was drenched with the toils of his labor, his raven colored hair was pulled sharply back from his face and knotted once at the nape of his neck. His face was flushed and glistened, and a fierce frown was upon his face. Elrondís eyes traveled down Ereinionís wet chest, admiring the way each muscle was made sharply pronounced by the swing of the hammer. Ereinionís broad shoulders bunched with the effort he put into his swings, and the muscles along his stomach clenched and unclenched, drawing notice of their firmness. He was adorned only in leggings; the waistband was damp and fit low on the hips, allowing roaming eyes a view of the dark trail of hair that disappeared teasingly under the cloth. Elrond could have stayed in that exact spot the rest of the day, just feasting his eyes, had it not been for the intrusion of his sons.

It was the clearing of Elladanís throat that had Elrondís head swinging about. He flushed to be caught ogling Ereinion so, but the twins only smirked and made no comments. That should have been an indication to Elrond in that their minds were heavy with some serious matter, if the brethren resisted the opportunity to tease. Now Elrond frowned.

"Walk with us, Ada?" Elrohir asked, and the pair moved to either side of their Adar, linking arms much as they had done in olden days when they would walk and share their thoughts.

Elrond did not ask, just strolled along with his sons, enjoying the moments of peace before they began to speak. Finally, the trio stopped next to a large Oak that had at one time a mate that stood close to it, until a fierce storm had damaged the tree, forcing it to be cut down. Now all that remained was a large stump that Elrond seated himself on. The gwanŻn sat in front of Elrond on the forest floor. The pair sat close together, thighs touching as if they needed that psychical reassurance for what was to come.

It was Elladan who blurted out what was on the brethrenís mind, in his typical brisk manner. "Ada, what are you going to say to Nana when you arrive in Valinor with Gil-galad by your side?"

Elrond was not shocked by their questions, it was not as if he had not been asking himself the very same thing. All he could do was be honest with his sons. "I do not know. I wish I did." Elrond paused and looked at their worried faces, deciding they needed to know all. "Your Nana and I were never under any illusions about our joining. We did not court each other; indeed, we barely knew each other. It was revealed to us only that we would wed and sire children, children who would be vital to Ardaís future. I think, left to our own devises without the Valarís interference, we would have never wed."

Elrohir looked thoughtful and asked the next question. "Was it, then, their design that Nana suffer such hurt and depart these shores?"  Elladanís face darkened angrily at his twinís words, and he awaited Elrondís response, body tense and about to explode.

Elrond took great care with his words, seeing his eldest poised on the edge of violence. "I believe firmly that all that happens is part of Eruís great music, and as such, no one, including the Valar, can say what that music entails. This I know also, our fates are written in that song long before our birth, and that fate cannot be changed."

Elladanís face crumbled, he had so wanted someone to blame. It did not work any longer to blame himself or his Ada. He now understood Ďsome things were just meant to be. "But Ada, what do we say to her when we face her once more?"

Elrond kneeled down in front of his eldest, drawing him firmly into his arms, and hugged his son tightly. "Ah, iŰn, tell her how much you have missed her, how much you love her, and how you rejoice to be reunited with her." Elrond pulled gently away and looked both his sons in the eyes. "Whatever your Nana and I decide about our marriage has no bearing on the fact that she is your Nana. Nothing will change that, and it should have no influence your reunion with her. I know deep in my heart how much she will celebrate and welcome your return in her arms, and I want the both of you to rejoice and to eagerly look to that reunion."

Elrond sat aback upon his heels and gathered his sonsí hands in his own. "CelebrŪan and I grew to care for each other, and we were bound in our great love of our children. We were able to become friends, but I will not lie and say there was great love. Respect, affection, love for a close and kind friend, but not the great passion of a heartís love. We both recognized this." Elrond looked earnestly at the twins. "You know when you are with someone if their heart calls to your own, makes your blood sing, and owns your faer. Neither your Nana nor I ever felt that for one another. I believe that she has found her happiness across the distant shores, and it is not happiness that I could ever have given her."

Elrond rose to his feet and looked down into their sad eyes. "Please," he whispered. "Do not regret your choice. Focus on the love you have for her and the joy of your future reunion. I will do anything in my power to minimize her pain. That is all I can do." Elrond turned and left the pair with those words to think upon, hoping it would be enough to settle their troubled hearts.


Gil-galad pounded his frustrations out by swinging a hammer and making a sword that could never be used. Gil-galad considered himself a fairly intelligent Elf, but it had not been till this morn, lying abed, and thinking on the twins, that the Valarís manipulation of him had hit. It was useless to rail against them, he knew, but that did not stop him from calling them several choice names, all the while praying that lightening would not strike him. Oh, they had been quite clever. "Must not tell anyone of their reason," he muttered angrily. The subtle hints of future heartache for his beloved Elrond, heartache they knew he would do anything in his power to prevent. "The twinsí were leaning towards the path of Men." But do not tell! They had known all along that Gil-galad never followed the rules, had indeed used that very character trait against him, and for their own means. That the outcome had prevented Elrond from suffering further was immaterial, for the moment. Gil-galad wanted to curse the Valar for just a bit longer.

The sword was paper-thin by the time Gil-galad laid aside the hammer, and breathing heavily, he looked up. There in the clearing stood Elrond, Elladan, and Elrohir. He watched as the trio headed deeper into the woods, but he did not call out to them. Perhaps the brethren were telling their Ada of their decision, unaware that their Adar already knew. But deep down Gil-galad suspected that the gwanŻn had concerns that were none of his business  ĎCelebrŠin...

Gil-galad glumly went about cleaning up his tools and shutting down the forge for the night.  Bracing himself, he plunged his head into the barrel of cold rainwater, flinging his head back with a gasp. He shook the droplets out of his face and hair, shivering as cold water dripped down his hot chest. He was about to dunk himself once more when hands came about him and a firm body pressed itself against his back. His shudder was of a different sort as the full hard groin of his guest pressed teasingly against his buttocks. Gil-galad laid his wet head back against the strong shoulder and moaned as a hot mouth attached to his neck.

"Elrond," he whispered, as his nipples were ruthlessly pinched and pulled, the chilled nubs already hard.

"Were you expecting someone else?" Elrond murmured, mouth full of sweaty Ereinion. He rubbed his hard length against Ereinionís rear more firmly. Elrondís hands traveled down Ereinionís body, playing with that treasure trail he had admired just a short time ago. Quick work was made of the laces to Ereinionís leggings, and Elrond eagerly plunged his hand inside to wrap a firm fist around Ereinionís hard flesh. Giving the gasping Elf a few strong, rough squeezes, Elrond shoved the garment down to Ereinionís ankles impatiently.

Gil-galad tried to turn to take Elrond in his arms, but the Peredhel growled and placed Gil-galadís hands back on the barrel. Gil-galad did not know what had gotten into the half-Elf, but he decided he liked it too much to complain. He spread his legs wider as he was gruffly instructed, and moaned aloud at the sounds of rustling fabric as Elrond freed himself.

The soothing salve Gil-galad used on his hands after a day working in the heat of the forge was put to good use, and Gil-galad shamelessly pushed back against the two fingers that thrust into his body. "More," he groaned.

Gil-galadís hips pumped back against the fingers impaling him, and when Elrond curled them and thrust sharply, Gil-galadís cry sounded through the woods. The fingers were removed, despite Gil-galadís moan of disappointment.

Elrond slicked his length heavily and moved back close behind Ereinion. Grasping Ereinionís buttocks, Elrond squeezed and watched, mesmerized, as his arousal was welcomed into Ereinionís body. The long, slow slide of Elrondís heavy hot flesh wrung moans and sighs from his lover.  Elrondís strong hands preventing Ereinion from thrusting back. All the High King could do was clutch at the barrel and take what Elrond gave. The burning started in his groin and spread to his stomach as his knuckles turned white against the wood of the barrel.

"Ereinion," Elrond moaned as he drove up into his loverís tight channel, the grip alone almost undoing him. Elrond slid his hands around Ereinionís hips, down to his length, which Elrond wrapped tight in his hands, stroking slow and full like his thrusting into Ereinionís body.

Now that his hips were free, Gil-galad was able to force his hips sharply back to meet Elrondís. His body rocked back and forth as he moved into Elrondís fist, then impaling himself further with Elrondís length. Water started to slosh over the sides of the barrel as it was rocked by the power of their thrusting. Gil-galad cry out louder as his pleasure spot was stroked over and over by the tip of Elrondís length. The fist sped up, Gil-galadís hips following, until finally Gil-galad was undone, and with a loud groan spilled himself against the side of the barrel. The clenching of his internal muscles pulling a cry from Elrondís lips as the half-Elf erupted into his loverís body.

The pair leaned heavily against the barrel, struggling to stay upright.  Elrond now as drenched as Gil-galad. It was several moments before Elrond could pull gently out of Ereinion, and he stepped back, shakily tucking himself back into his leggings and buttoning up his outer robe. Gil-galad turned, and Elrond helped his shaky lover lace up his leggings, and then drew Ereinion into his arms. The pair shared a tender kiss and gentle words before heading towards the main house.

To be continued...