Something Back
Chapter Seven

Elrondís mouth hungrily devoured Gil-galadís; using the otherís surprise, he thrust his tongue inside, reclaiming familiar territory. It took mere seconds for Gil-galadís shock to abate and for him to seize control of Elrondís lips. Hunger roared through him as his senses were flooded by the sweet taste of Elrondís mouth. His arms came up to crush the half-Elf to him, and his hands greedily roamed the robe-clad form. Sounds, their precarious position in the open corridor, all disappeared as he was thrust back into feelings not felt in Ages. His body responded as it had not for any other. Elrondís whimpers and desperate hold on him undid the last of Gil-galadís control and he picked the half-Elf up, kicking the door to his room open and slamming it shut behind him. He stumbled to the bed, his mouth still devouring Elrondís. They fell upon the bed and Gil-galad rose up, legs on either side of Elrond's hips. His hands were frantic, clumsy, as he tried to get past the formal robes with their elaborate buttons and hooks. Every time he attempted to break his mouth free from Elrondís kiss, the half-Elf moaned and arched back up, reclaiming Gil-galadís lips again.

"E-Elrond, wait-let me-," Gil-galad tried to get out in between frantic kisses.

Gil-galad growled, his patience ended. He captured the half-Elfís hands and brought them over Elrondís head, holding them tight against the bed. His mouth slid across high cheekbones and found a delicate ear. His tongue traced a path up the outer shell before slowly circling the tip. Elrond moaned, his body gradually calming under the gentle caresses of Gil-galadís mouth and tongue. Gil-galad slowly slid his hands down Elrondís raised arms. His fingers, more steady now, undid the clasps of Elrondís formal robes. He parted the rich fabric and his lips descended to the freed skin of Elrondís neck and collarbone. He sucked and gently nipped along the half-Elfís throat, swiping his tongue over the sting his bite left.

Elrond plunged his hands into Gil-galadís rich tresses before moving them down to tug at the larger Elfís tunic. "Off," he murmured.

Gil-galad pulled back only long enough to comply with Elrondís request before his own hands set about removing the half-Elfís undershirt. He groaned as the slightly golden-toned flesh was revealed. Gil-galadís mouth watered at the sight of Elrondís pink nipples and he leaned down, immediately drawing one into his mouth. Elrondís body arched and he gave a gasp as Gil-galad began to suck. Elrondís hands shook as they roamed Gil-galadís powerful shoulders and back; every draw, nibble, and tug upon his nipple sent heat straight to his groin.

"Too fast," Elrond whispered. He started to panic. Desire rushed through him and he began to shake. Too long, it had been too long since he had felt anything like this. This loss of control, the fire in his very veins, the ache to surrender, was all too much for him to handle. "Stop, please, Ereinion," Elrond pleaded, pushing against the body atop his.

The struggles of the Elrondís body under his did not register; it was only as he trailed his tongue down Elrondís chest to circle the waistband of his leggings that the whimper reached his ears. Gil-galad froze, his eyes rose to meet the frightened gray gaze of Elrond.

"Too much, too fast, Ereinion," Elrond whispered, his voice trembling.

Gil-galad groaned and rolled off Elrondís body and onto his back.

"I am sorry," Elrond whispered as he moved off the bed. He stood uncertainly, looking down at Gil-galad. Nervously he straightened his robes and hair. "I did not mean for things to go so far, Ereinion. I panicked when I saw this empty room."

Gil-galad said nothing. He was too busy trying to calm his raging arousal. He lay with one arm thrown across his eyes and listened, amazed, as Elrond babbled. Something about a feast and how everyone had worked hard on it all day. The Peredhel had not stopped talking since rising from the bed. This nervous chatter was not like Elrond, and Gil-galad finally had enough control of himself to sit up and look at the Peredhel. He had not moved from beside the bed and was closely watching Gil-galad as if he knew not what to expect. Gil-galad frowned up at the half-Elf; he was truly puzzled by Elrondís behavior. First he almost attacked him in the hall, devouring Gil-galadís mouth ravenously as if it he was starved. Then the passion between them had swept both away. It had felt so good to hold and caress Elrond, but the half-Elf had pulled away with panic in his eyes. And now, this insane storm of words, meaningless chatter, and all the while Elrond stayed, appearing to not want to leave Gil-galadís side.

"Elrond," Gil-galad interrupted the half-Elf. "What are you doing, pen vuil?"

Elrond stopped speaking. His shoulders slumped and he sat back upon the bed beside Gil-galad. His head was bowed and his chestnut locks hide his face. They both were silent, until Elrond raised his head and Gil-galad saw the tears in the half-Elfís eyes. Gil-galadís own throat grew tight and he pulled the unresisting Elf into his arms. Elrond tightly clutched him and his body shook as Gil-galad held him and rubbed soothing hands on his back. Gil-galad kept quiet, letting Elrond gain control over his emotions, waiting for him to speak and tell him what was in his heart.

"I feel lost, Ereinion. I cannot gain any balance and my world feels tilted and unstable. For the first time in so very long, I do not know what to do," Elrond whispered his head still buried in Gil-galadís chest.

"Geheno nin, melethen." Gil-galad spoke softly, a hint of resignation in his voice.

Elrond pulled back and looked up at Gil-galad. "For what, Ereinion?"

Gil-galad released Elrond from his hold and rose, pacing the confines of the room. "I have been so caught up in how I felt to back. How I felt to see you again. It took time for me to work up the courage to come to you, Elrond. That is why I stayed so long hidden in LothLůrien. Being back on Arda, the very thought of once again holding you in my arms...this overwhelmed me. Time has no meaning for one in Mandosí Halls. Time passes, but it has no effect, no impact." Gil-galad stopped and turned to look at Elrond. The half-Elf was watching him, a serious look upon his fair features.

"Go on, Ereinion," he urged.

Gil-galad took a deep breath, needing to explain to his love how it was for a faer in the Timeless Halls. How all the faer had was its memories.

"It is halted, Elrond. Everything you are. Everything that you felt, experienced, loved, is stopped that exact moment when life leaves your body. You enter the Halls and you do not change. Who you were, what you believed in, who you loved, it stays timeless and unchanged. There is no moving on in Mandosí Halls, Elrond.  So when I was returned, the Ages that had passed were nothing more than flashes of remembered pain. I arrived as if I never left," Gil-galad paused, struggling to put into words what his heart bled for Elrond to understand. "For you have moved forward, Elrond, you had your chance to grieve, to learn to live without me. But, to me it is yesterday that I made love to you. It was but a day ago that we rose and donned our armor and faced the Dark Lord. For me, melethen, my death was but a moment ago." Gil-galad whispered the last words, watching as Elrondís eyes filled with heartbreak.

To be continued...