Justin's Cliff
Chapter Ten

He couldnít believe how much he had missed this. The feel of Brianís lips, the taste of his mouth and tongue, the sharp nip of his teeth on Justinís bottom lip all felt so good. But there was desperation to their kiss that spoke of too much time apart and too much hurt to make it anything but rough and urgent.


Justin could only grab handfuls of Brianís hair and hang on. He tried to return the kiss, tried to roll his tongue around Brianís, tried to keep up with the kiss, but Brian wouldnít let him. He dominated Justinís mouth, swiping in with his tongue to taste every inch of his mouth, arms wrapped tight around Justinís smaller frame.


Justin grunted as his back hit one of the support beams near the door. His body was on fire, but still he felt a shiver shake his frame as Brianís lips and teeth left his mouth and traveled down his neck, leaving behind red bites and marks on Justinís fair skin. He couldnít get enough breath in his lungs, nor could he do anything but lift his arms as Brian swept his shirt up and over his head. His cock was rock-hard and pressed painfully against the zipper of his pants.


Justin moaned and his head fell back to rest against the beam. Brian was licking and sucking on first one nipple then switching to its mate, back and forth, and Justin was afraid he was going to cum just from Brian sucking on his nipples. Justinís hands came to rest on Brianís cloth covered shoulders; his fingers kneaded the covered flesh urgently. He plucked at the material, wanting to touch bare flesh, and as if he heard the need, Brian broke away to quickly pull his own shirt off.


Not a sound did Brian make and the loft was silent with only Justinís erratic breathing breaking the quiet. When Brian did return, he didnít touch Justin again but he opened his eyes. Brianís hazel eyes were black, and Justin couldnít look away. He licked his lips, his eyes finally dropping to watch as Brianís graceful fingers, unzipped and lowered his jeans. Justinís mouth watered as Brianís cock came into view, hard and almost flat against the older manís stomach. He had missed Brianís body.


His eyes returned to Brianís hands, watching them, mesmerized as they came closer. He sucked in a breath at the touch of Brianís bare fingers against his stomach, and he obediently stepped out of his pants as Brian pulled them along with his underwear off. It didnít matter that Brian had seen his body, often and intimately, and in every imaginable position; Justin still couldnít control the nervous flutter in his stomach or the sudden dampness of his palms. They had fucked countless times, but this felt different, more than a reunification, more like the first time they had been together after the bashing, but Brian didnít have any of that hesitancy or gentleness in his eyes now.


They were both hard, both dripping, no more foreplay was needed.


ďTurn around, Justin,Ē Brianís voice was hoarse and his tone thick.


Wordlessly, Justin turned, laying his flushed face against the cool metal of the beam. His knees trembled as Brian ran a finger down his spine, and he moaned as a knee was thrust between his legs, widening his stance.


ďBrace yourself, this is going to be rough,Ē Brianís whisper raised the hair along the back of Justinís neck.


One hand went to Justinís hip, holding him in place. Justin felt the fingers return, but this time they were wet. Justin gasped as Brian breeched his body, the lubed fingers sliding in and out, coating his hole, another quickly joined the first and Justin thrust his hips back into them, wanting more. That seemed to be the signal Brian was waiting for, because he removed his fingers, and placing his condom covered cock at the entrance, he paused.


Justin looked back to see what Brian was waiting for. He tried moving back to force the cock inside him, but Brian held his hip, preventing any movement.


ďBrian,Ē Justin pleaded. ďCome one, fuck me,Ē he then demanded.


Justinís head fell forward and he clinched his eyes shut as Brian slowly slid into him, not stopping until his balls were flush against Justinís cheeks. But once again, he stopped, not moving.


Justin tried to move forward so he could thrust back, Brian wouldnít allow this either. This silent struggle went on for a few seconds until finally, frustrated, Justin yelled out. ďWhat


Brian leaned forward, arms wrapping tight around Justin, pulling him away from the beam. His lips rested right against Justinís ear, and he whispered, ďNo more cliffs, Justin, for either of us.Ē


Justin let the half laugh, half sob choke out of him. He wrapped his arms around the ones that held him so tightly. He nodded, but said nothing.


Brian eased his arms from around Justin, taking the blondís hands; he placed them against the beam so that Justin was bracing himself against the metal pillar. He pulled out slowly and just as carefully, thrust back inside. He paused again and this time, Justin said nothing, only waited for Brianís low words.


ďTheyíre getting too hard for us to climb back out of,Ē were the last words Brian said before he began fucking Justin furiously, slow and tortuously rough. Then the pace grew faster and rougher. Brian had to slam each hurt word out of him into Justin. With each thrust forward, they shed the pain they were holding in.


ďBrian!Ē Justin cried out, hands scrambling along the beam for purchase.


Justin wasnít able to catch his breath. He could feel the sweat sliding down his back and his legs trembled, knees weak. Each thrust from Brian was followed by a harsh grunt as they tried to get closer, deeper. Justin knew he wouldnít last, not like this. It had been too long and he wanted Brian too much. But Brian suddenly slowed his thrust, backing out until just the head penetrated Justinís body. He let Justin draw a deep breath before he firmly pushed back in. This new angle causing the head of his cock to nudge Justinís prostrate.


Justin shouted and shook as Brian pressed and held his position then leaning over Justinís wet back, he demanded, ďPromise!Ē and Justin fought to answer him.


ďN-no more cliffs, Bri- I promisÖĒ  Justinís voice broke and cried out as his prostrate was nudged, once, twice, and then he came, shooting all over the beam, his cock not needing to be touched.


He was vaguely aware of Brianís shout behind him and he could feel the cock inside him expand as the other man came, but Justin could only slump, grateful for the support, against the beam.


Brian carefully pulled out, fingers griping the condom, holding it in place. He knotted it and tossed it on the floor. Slumping briefly over Justinís frame, Brian placed a kiss on the back of his damp neck.


ďCome on Sunshine, lets go to bed,Ē Brian said, lifting up and turning Justin around to face him. He briefly hugged Justin before taking his hand and leading up to the bed lit by the blue glow.



Long after Brian had fallen asleep, Justin laid, eyes trained on the older manís face. He studied the smooth forehead, no longer furrowed with deep groves of worry. The hazel eyes were closed, but Justin had glimpsed a hint of peace in them when Brian kissed him goodnight. The mouth, those decadent red lips had just a hint of smile about them, not a sneer like the last memory Justin had. Lying there watching his peaceful face, Justin asked himself had it been worth it, and the answer was a definite yes!


He had promised no more cliffs, and Justin intended to keep that promise, but realistically he knew there would be other falls and stumbles. They were Brian and Justin after all, and when had it ever been a smooth and easy path for them? Would he want it any other way? He thought about the highs and lows, the pitfalls and the peaks, but Justin wouldnít trade being with him for anything, cliffs and allÖIt was what held them together.


The End


To be continued...