Justin's Cliff
Chapter Seven

Brian slowed down as he drove past the diner. It only took one glance in to spot the bright golden head, and with a smile he picked up his cell.


“Hey Mikey,” he drawled as the other end of the call was answered. “Let’s meet at the diner before Babylon. I missed lunch.” Brian ended the call, and headed to the loft. He needed to look fabulous tonight.



Justin counted his tips and sighed gratefully. One good thing about coming back to the diner, the tips were as great as before and helped a lot with his expenses. It had been tough juggling his half of the rent, food, books, and art supplies on what he had made at the campus book store. He separated some of the money and placed it in a different pocket than the rest. Over the last few months he had been depositing money in a savings account with high interest. It was to pay back the loan to Brian for school. The rest of his earnings should be enough for him to squeak by, provided he got his student loans for school.


Justin had been picking up any and all available shifts, and he had kept some hours at the bookstore. With classes over he planned to work every minute of spare time he could muster. He had refused to go running to his mom for help. Returning to Debbie’s had not been an option either. Staying at Daphne’s wasn’t ideal. The apartment was really too small for the two of them, but it was a hell of a lot cheaper than some of his other options.


The thing about what he had said to Brian all those months ago was that Justin carried around a very real and secret shame. Brian had provided for him. He had grown accustomed to the food, clothes, cd’s, books, and going out, all of which Brian had always paid for. It was a very humbling experience for Justin to realize that he had claimed to be looking for a sugar-daddy after Brian lost his job, only to come to the conclusion that he had been treating Brian like one all along. Now, Justin was determined to make it on his own.



Justin looked up at the clock over the counter. Good, he thought, only an hour left of his shift! He was on this way to the back, tub loaded up with dirty dishes when the bell chimed. He mentally groaned as Michael, Emmett, and Ted walked in, dressed for their night at Babylon, and he knew, Brian couldn’t be far behind. He’d thought this shift was safe. The guys never came in before clubbing, always after!


Justin planted a fake smile on and went to get their orders. However, the smile slipped from his face when Brian entered the diner. Justin felt a flash of heat in his gut. Brian looked good! Tight black jeans cupped his package, highlighting it in great detail; a sleeveless black silk shirt was untucked with only one button done-up, allowing the viewer peeks of cinnamon colored nipples and toned shoulders. Justin surpassed a shiver as the other man moved passed him to take a seat next to Michael. He took a deep breath, the scent of Brian’s expensive cologne making him light-headed. Justin was a bit numb as he took their order, making no note of the smirk on Brian’s lips.


That’s what he blamed it on anyway; not hearing their conversation or that he was the topic. It was Brian’s, “Oh, Sunshine is too good to associate with us peons.” His head jerked up and he stared in shock at Brian, “What?” he stammered, frowning at Brian’s mocking face.


Brian leaned back, arms spread across the back of the booth. He smirked up at Justin. “Emmett was asking why he hadn’t seen you at Babylon or Woody’s lately.”


Justin flushed. “I’m sorry Em, I have just been busy with school and work,” he gave a small smile and started to move away from the table, hoping that explanation was enough.


But before he could get more than a few feet away, Brian spoke again. “Well, schools out now, so you can make the Queen happy and join us tonight.”


Brian didn’t look at Justin when he said this, so he missed the surprise on Justin’s face, but Emmett’s squeal made it impossible for Justin to resist, even though, he really couldn’t afford to blow the money. He had missed dancing his cares away, letting the thumpa-thumpa of Babylon take him away from it all, even if it was only for a night. He looked at the hazel eyed man, could he handle seeing Brian trick all night?


Stiffening his shoulders, he smiled at Em. “Sure, I’ll join you guys after my shift,” his smile grew at his friend’s happiness. He had missed them. Brian made no other comments and Justin breathed easier when the guys left, only reminding Justin to meet them later.



Justin glanced down at his attire, wishing he had worn something a little clubbier, the faded jeans and plain blue T had been chosen for comfort not attracting attention. He returned the bouncers smile, bypassing the line and pulling out his wallet.


“Hey, Justin, Brian already took care of your cover, go on in,” the bouncer said, holding the rope up for the blond. Justin’s smile slipped, but he mumbled his thanks and went in.


The music, smoke, and crowds assaulted him right away. Stopping right inside the room, taking it all in, he felt his blood pump a little faster, and his body began to sway and hum to the beat of the music. He could deny it all he wanted, but he had missed this place. He moved through the crowd, ignoring the glancing caresses and headed for the bar. Justin didn’t see Brian, but that wasn’t much of a surprise, first blowjob of the evening was Brian’s usual priority.


“Hey,” he said bumping hips lightly with Emmett.


“Baby!” Em greeted, drawing the blond into a long hug. “I have been waiting for you forever,” he gushed. Ted just smiled and handed Justin a beer.


"Hi, Michael, Ted,” Justin greeted, and nodded his thanks for the drink. The four stood there exchanging gossip and comments on the various degrees of fashion disasters of the crowd. Even Michael was pleasant. Justin wondered if Brian had said something to him about Justin’s absence from the family. It wasn’t long before Emmett pulled them to the dance floor, and Justin almost immediately lost himself in the beat. Justin closed his eyes, hips swaying, and head upturned so the flashing lights could play across his features. He stayed within the circle of his friends, safe and free to let his senses go.


Justin felt the air around him change, and the brush of a warm body close to his own. The smell of cigarettes, alcohol, and sex was strong, and he opened his eyes, locking gazes with a pair of amused hazel ones. They stared at each other, not saying anything, just a silent battle going on between them, eyes inflicting wounds too deep for the others to see. They missed the uneasy glances the guys exchanged, and their eyes only broke away when Ted’s loud, “Let’s get a drink,” was shouted at them. Justin paled and looked nervously away. This was a mistake, was all he could think, and he followed the others mutely from the dance floor.


Justin stood a back and looked away as Brian leaned across the bar giving the bartender his order. He looked up in surprise when a glass was held under his nose. Meeting Brian’s gaze, he flushed and whispered his thanks, but Brian just grinned. “Thought you could use a drink, Sunshine,” he replied before handing out shots to the others.


Justin started getting pissed. First Brian pays his cover charge. Now he is buying him drinks! “Brian,” he yelled, touching the older man for the first time in months.


Brian turned back to him, a small smile on his face. He said nothing, only raised a brow in response to Justin’s obvious anger. Justin tried to thrust the drink back in Brian’s hands, “I don’t need you to buy me drinks or pay my cover,” he shouted to be heard over the noise of the club.


Brian took the drink and with an amused quirk of his lips he threw back the shot. He leaned down, right into Justin’s face. The smell of the shot hit Justin first, and then Brian’s words registered. “What! You found yourself a new sugar daddy already?”


Justin flinched and took a step back from Brian, but the other man wasn’t paying any attention to the blond. He was looking over Justin’s shoulder at something, a smile Justin recognized quite well dancing across his lips. Justin knew what he’d see, but he glanced back anyway at the tall, dark, trick that had been eyeing Brian for some time. Justin turned back around only to find Brian watching him. Something flashed in his eyes, but it was gone before Justin could figure it out.


“Think he wants me for my money, or my dick, Sunshine?” Brian handed Justin the empty glass and with a brush of their arms as he walked passed, Brian went to claim the trick.


Justin blinked his eyes, frantically. He would not cry over Brian, not again. He sat the glass back atop the bar and ignoring the guys curious glances, he turned and left.






To be continued...