The Mask
Chapter Thirteen

A/N: Great Gods! What in the world would I do without my wonderful beta, Sydney!!! I don’t want to ever find out, thanks Sydney:-)






Brian closed the door behind him in relief. It had been a hell of a day, and he had been anticipating getting home and shutting himself and Justin inside for the rest of it. He was exhausted, but Brown Athletics had been signed to a new lucrative, five-year contract. Part of the credit for that advertising feat was curled up on the sofa, and said blond flashed Brian a welcome home smile.


“Hey,” Brian said in greeting, fatigue heavy in his voice, but he smiled never the less.


Justin could read the satisfaction in Brian’s hazel eyes, but he also could see the weariness in the slump of the man’s shoulders.


“Hey, welcome home,” Justin replied, rising and meeting Brian in the middle of the room for a kiss and hug while the older man shed his coat and suit jacket.


Justin followed Brian up the stairs to their bedroom, and threw himself across the bed, prepared to enjoy one of his favorite pastimes, watching Brian undress. He waited until Brian had his pants down around his ankles before he asked.


“So, how’d it go?” Justin could hear the eagerness in his voice, but it had taken a great deal of restraint for him to wait this long and not jump on his lover when he first came in the door.


Helping Brian with a real advertising campaign had been thrilling, even more so if Brian got the contract. School could teach him all the ways of book learning, but turning that learning into practical application had given Justin a hard-on. It had just confirmed for him that he had made the right career choice, and he realized that not everyone got an opportunity like he had. Most graduates got into their chosen field only to find out they hate it. Justin loved what he and Brian had put together for Leo Brown, but the very best part had been working side by side with his lover. Justin could still feel the thrill he got when Brian said how proud and impressed he had been with his work and that he would hire Justin in a heartbeat.


But right now he just wanted to know if they got the damn contract or not!


Brian stepped out of his pants and placed his hands on his nude hips, and smirked at the impatient blond sprawled across the bed.


Justin saw that smirk, and knew what it meant. He decided to turn up the heat a little and do some teasing of his own. Rolling over on the bed and drawing up his knees, Justin spread his legs wide and grinned up at the older man.


“Not going to tell me?” Justin asked, the twinkle in Brian’s eye already letting him know how this was going to play out.


The smirk on Brian’s face grew, but he didn’t say a word.


Justin held Brian’s gaze. He licked his lips, slowly, first the bottom, then the top, making them shinny and wet. One hand slipped under the hem of his t-shirt and began playing with his nipples, making sure that his stomach was bare to Brian’s eyes. The other hand he slipped inside his sweats. Cupping his cock, he began stroking slowly, up and down.


Brian groaned at the wicked sight Justin presented. The boy sure knew how to turn up the heat, and get Brian’s motor running. Brian had been hard as soon as Justin’s tongue had appeared. Sliding a hand down his own flat stomach to curl around his leaking cock, Brian fisted it slowly, eyes roaming over Justin’s body.


“Take the shirt off,” Brian ordered, voice husky and low.


Grin spreading, Justin sat up and quickly pulled his shirt over his head, slinging it to the other side of bed. He lay back down and resumed stroking himself, sweatpants growing tighter the harder Justin got. He did this several more times. Recognizing and reciprocating the need and building desire in Brian’s gaze, Justin began inching the pants lower. The teasing was about to come to an end.


Removing his hands reluctantly from his groin, Justin rose up to remove the rest of his clothes. It was while he was tossing the pants aside that Brian pounced, pinning a laughing Justin to the bed. Catching Justin’s arms and raising them above the blond’s head, Brian covered Justin’s lips.


Justin’s gasped in Brian’s mouth at the fierceness of the kiss. He eagerly returned the kiss, matching Brian’s fierceness. Their tongues battled for dominance.


Brian rotated his hips against Justin’s, rubbing their cocks together and drawing moans from both men. Releasing Justin’s lips, he pressed one more firm, closed mouthed kiss on the boy, and then he set about payback.


He licked a trail down Justin’s neck, pausing briefly to dip his tongue in the hollow of Justin’s throat before moving across to lick and nibble upon the blond’s sensitive collarbone. All the while, his fingers went to work on Justin’s captive hands.


 Justin had a spot on his body that Brian discovered quite by accident one night while holding Justin’s hand. Releasing Justin’s fingers only to rub his fingertips across the boy’s palm, Brian’s thumb stroked the soft skin atop Justin’s hand.


Brian still remembered how turned on Justin had gotten just from Brian caressing his sensitive hands, and he employed that knowledge to drive his boy nuts.


Brian grinned when he heard Justin’s moan and felt the fine tremor that shook the blond’s body under his.


Justin wiggled under Brian weight; he should have known Brian would go straight for the kill. He moaned aloud at the feeling of his palms being stroked it drove him crazy! He turned his head allowing Brian more room to lick along his neck.


“Brian,” he moaned, flexing his hands, wanting Brian to release them so he could touch the older man.


He could feel his cock leaking, making the slide against Brian’s smooth. Forgotten was the desire to know about the campaign, now all Justin wanted was Brian inside him.


Justin felt the sweat break out across his skin as he spread his legs beneath Brian so that he cradled the other man. Justin locked his ankles behind Brian’s back and arched his hips off the bed. Enough playing!


Turning his head, he captured Brian’s mouth in a hungry kiss.


Brian finally released Justin’s hands. He fisted one in fine blond hair, holding Justin’s head still while their tongues battled. The other went to the blond’s hip, curving around the flesh to hold Justin’s lower body still. The fast frantic pace almost undoing him before they even got started, he wanted to take time and savor his lover, but Justin was making that difficult.


Justin pulled his lips free of Brian’s, gasping for air. “Fuck me,” he panted, thrusting upward hard against the hand holding him still.


Brian chuckled low in his throat. His cock was rock-hard, and now the idea of slowing down didn’t seem all that important, not when his hot blond was practically begging for it. Brian leaned back, his hands going to Justin’s legs. He spread them high and wide apart. Reaching over to the nightstand, all the while keeping Justin’s gaze captive, he removed the supplies.


“You want me to fuck you, Sunshine?” Brian asked, handing the blond the condom.


Justin eagerly took the packet from Brian’s fingers. Ripping it open with his teeth, he quickly covered Brian’s cock, letting his actions speak for him. Justin flinched at the chill from the lube, but the discomfort changed when Brian’s finger’s entered him, stretching him. He loved it when they fucked like this, hard and fast, impatient to cum. It thrilled him that he could make his older lover abandon his control, make him shake he wanted Justin so badly, just as badly Justin wanted Brian.


Brian removed his fingers, spreading the remaining lube from his hand to his cock. Placing Justin’s legs higher on his shoulders and holding his cock in one hand, he pushed inside the blond in one long glide.


Justin’s breath caught and he moaned low in his throat as Brian filled him completely. His hands left the older man’s arms, where they had been gripping him to the back of Brian’s head, bringing it down so that their lips could meet. He thrust up his hips and tightened his inner walls around Brian, signaling that he was ready.


Brian kept their lips and tongues locked together as he began the slower pace he wanted earlier as he began to thrust in and out. Justin trembled more under him. Finally, he had to release the blond’s mouth, breathing heavily and hotly against Justin’s neck, the pace of his thrust picked up.


Justin groaned. At each thrust, Brian would change his angle, hitting Justin’s prostrate, until the only thing Justin could do was hold on.


“Want to cum,” he whispered, fingers digging into the flexing muscles of Brian’s back.


Brian bit his lip, so did he. His thrusts got faster, pulling almost all the way out, before slamming back inside. He could feel his balls draw up and tighten and that tingle start low on his spine. His hand moved between their bodies. Grasping Justin’s wet cock, he fisted it roughly, matching the pace set by his hips. The only sounds in the room were their harsh breathing. Brian felt the tale-tell clenching of Justin’s hole around his cock, and his fist stroked faster.


Justin cried out, he felt like his gut was going to explode. One, two, more thrusts and that’s all it took. Justin felt the wetness of his cum as it hit his chest and chin.


Three harsh thrusts and Brian was joining him, slumping on the blond, exhausted.


Justin let their bodies relax in that post-sex afterglow that he loved almost as much as the actual fucking. Justin reluctantly let Brian roll off him, but the older man quickly pulled Justin close. Justin happily snuggled his head on Brian’s shoulder.


“So, did we get it?” he asked, just then recalling the news that led to their lying on the bed, both seriously in need of an shower.


Brian laughed and his hand propped up his tousled head. He placed a kiss on Justin damp forehead. “Yep, we got it, Sunshine. Five year, very lucrative deal. Now I can still afford to keep you in the style you have grown accustom to,” Brian laughed again and quickly rolled away from the swatting hand Justin was trying to hit him with.


With a bounce in his step, he rose from the bed. “I’m hitting the shower.”


Justin groaned but got up himself. Sitting on the side of the bed, he enjoyed the view of his sweaty naked lover. “Dinner?” he asked, now that one appetite was fulfilled another was making itself known.


“Greek?” Brian offered before turning and heading into the bathroom.


Justin’s mouth watered and he hummed his agreement. Pulling on only his underwear, he headed for the kitchen and the takeout menus. Justin heard the ringing and glanced at the cell phone lying atop Brian’s suit jacket. Glancing back at the bathroom where the sounds of the shower could be heard, he bit his lip, wondering if he should answer it. Justin couldn’t recall Brian getting that many calls on his cell it must be business. He could take a message.


Mind made up, he quickly moved to the ringing phone before the caller hung-up. “Hello?” he answered.


There were several seconds of silence, and then a trembling female voice asked, “Brian?”


Justin spoke softly, the women sounded upset. “No, this is Justin. Brian is in the shower can I take a message?”


Justin heard the women breath catch and what sounded like a sob. “Could you go and get him, and tell him it’s Lindsay; it’s an emergency.”


His stomach clenched. Lindsay was Gus’ mother. Forgetting that the person on the other end of the phone had never met him, he asked anxiously. “Is it Gus?”


Silence from the other end of the phone had Justin clutching the small devise hard. “Hello?” he asked, thinking perhaps that the connection had been lost.


Then the women’s voice came back over the line, this time a bit clearer. “I’m sorry; who did you say you were?” Tone now holding a familiar waspness that Justin well recognized. It was for someone who stepped over a line, a polite upturn of the nose to let him know that the women’s patience was running out.


Justin heard the background noise of the shower stop and decided to let Brian handle the snob on the phone. “Hang on, Brian just got out.” Heading to the bathroom, he held the phone out to Brian. At his raised brow. Justin told him. “It’s someone named Lindsay.”


Brian frowned but took the phone. He waited until Justin left the bathroom. Bringing the phone to his ear, “Linds?’ he asked.


Justin returned to the kitchen, but he didn’t get out the menus or pick up a phone to order dinner. Instead, he stood at the counter gripping the sides so hard that his knuckles turned white. He had seen the silent signal that Brian was waiting for him to leave the bathroom before he answered his call, and that hurt. Just one more secret Justin wasn’t permitted to know, one more aspect of Brian’s life he wasn’t apart of. He didn’t know how much more of this he could take; it felt like he got half a partner.


“Justin!” He heard Brian’s shout for him, and despite being pissed at the older man he hurried to the bedroom. There had also been some fear in Brian’s voice. He climbed the steps and entered the room to find Brian hurriedly shoving clothes into a suitcase.


“Brian?” Justin asked, moving to his side he laid a hand upon Brian’s arm. “What happened?” He had never seen Brian like this before. The man’s face was tense, his lips clamped tightly together and what worried him the most was the darkness in Brian’s hazel eyes.


Brian only vaguely registered Justin words. He spared a quick glance at the blond before moving away to finish his packing. He didn’t think he could hold it together if Justin continued to touch him. All his focus at that moment was getting it together and getting to Gus.


“Gus is hurt and in the hospital. I have to go,” was all Brian said, and, more than the actual words, his tone scared Justin. It was blank, no emotion at all in it.


He moved to quickly help the older man. Justin had noticed when Brian moved away from him, and, despite a stab of guilt at the thought of worrying about them instead of Gus, he got angry at the timing of the call. Brian had only returned to Chicago this past weekend and now he was being called back, and, just like every time he got ready to go to Pittsburgh, he pulled away from Justin.


“You finish packing, and I’ll call the airlines.” He said his own voice carefully neutral. Now was not the time to get into that argument and that they would fight about, Justin knew. Besides, he had made up his own mind.


Justin called the airlines and got them two tickets for a flight leaving in three hours. Returning to the bedroom, he took down his own suitcase from the top of the closet.


Brian eyed the suitcase and then Justin. It took several moments before his brain could process what he was seeing. “What are you doing?” he asked.


Justin shot him one quick look before removing some clothes from the chest and placing them on the bed. “I’m going with you.”


He moved to the blond’s side, and, taking the clothes from his hand, he replaced them in the drawer.


“No, you’re not,” he said. “I’ve already called Liberty Air and their jet is standing by to take me to Pittsburgh.”


Brian picked up Justin’s suitcase and replaced it on the shelf. He gathered his own bags and went down the stairs to set them by the door.


“Brian!” Justin called as he followed the man downstairs. Moving close, he forced Brian to meet his eyes. “I want to go with you. If Gus is hurt, I want to be there for you.”


Brian smiled down into Justin’s earnest, caring, blue eyes. He gently kissed the boy once and pulled him into his arms. He had no intention of allowing Justin to step foot in the Pitts, but that Justin loved him so much and wanted to care for him, touched him deeply. He couldn’t remember the last time someone wanted to be there just for him.


“Thank you, Sunshine. But what you can do for me is to stay in our home safe and sound.” Moving away, Brian bent and picked up his bags. He gave Justin no more time to argue.


 “I’ll call you when I know how Gus is doing,” he said. Opening the door, he left without a backward glance.


Justin stared at the closed door in disbelief. Brian had just left! Why wouldn’t he let Justin go with him? He fumed for several minutes, and then, berated himself, he remembered why his lover had to leave; his son was hurt. Despite what Brian had said, Justin was determined to be there for him, and mind made up, he went back upstairs to pack. He had a flight to catch.