The Mask
Chapter Five

Justin had to laugh at himself as he left his last class of the day. This entire day, school-wise, had been an utter waste He felt like a silly school girl. Thoughts of Brian and their date kept him absent-minded, and with a silly smile on his face. Even the knowledge that he would have to hit someone up in each of his classes for notes wasn’t enough to wipe the joy from his face.

Justin caught the bus to work and walked the block or so to the gallery from his stop. Upon entering, his eyes immediately were drawn to a large arrangement of deep-red roses that sat on the reception desk. The amber-colored crystal vase that held the flowers drew his eye, the rich reflective color complimented the dark scarlet of the roses. He drew closer to the flowers and couldn’t stop his fingers from stroking one soft petal.

“Who’s the lucky recipient?” he asked Sara, the gallery’s receptionist.

Sara smiled at Justin, and reaching over, plucked the card from its holder. Handing it to him, she joked. “We have all been waiting hours for you to get here! Everyone is dying to know who the admirer is.”

Justin grinned back. In his heart he knew who he hoped they were from, and opening the card, his smile turned to a full-fledged mega-watt smile. It was from Brian!

Justin, Thank you for a wonderful evening, and I look forward to seeing when I return to Chicago.


“Well? Share!” Sara demanded, but Justin just laughed and his smile grew, if possible, even brighter.

“Nope,” he laughingly said, placing the card back in its holder and picking up the arrangement. Ignoring the demands behind him, Justin carried his gift to his work area. If the date itself wasn’t enough to scatter his thoughts for the day, then the roses assured his concentration was shot. Justin couldn’t help it, his gaze returned to them time again. The bus ride home was interesting, the many glances and smiles the roses received, their scent making the usual stuffy bus much more pleasant. And the old lady’s comment as he passed her to exit, “Lucky boy,” had him flushing.

Arriving home, the flowers got a place of honor on the counter where they could be seen anywhere in the small apartment. Justin pushed the play button on the blinking answering machine and smiled when Brian’s voice came over the speaker.

“Hi Justin, its Brian. Listen I am on my way to Pittsburg and I’ll be back on Tuesday and would like to see you again. Hope you enjoyed the flowers. I’ll call you. Later.”

Justin went over his schedule mentally for Tuesday. He had to work until six, but maybe a late dinner? He wished he could see the hazel-eyed man this weekend, but he could understand Brian’s desire to see his son. He still couldn’t believe Brian had a child, and he found himself hoping that someday he could meet Gus. Justin took a shower and made himself a simple meal, sautéed chicken in angel hair pasta with a basil olive oil dressing. It was quick and filling. After cleaning up his mess, Justin sat down to tackle some homework, but just like at school and work, he found his mind wondering.

God, Brian was beautiful, and that kiss! Justin found himself getting hard just remembering it. He couldn’t ever remember responding to someone so quickly and from just a kiss! Justin fell back upon his futon, groaning. He could feel the heat settle in his groin at thoughts of the older man. Those hazel eyes that could pierce to the core and at the same time warm one with their gleam. Brian’s auburn hair had caught every available light, the gold and red strands revealed cast a halo about the other man’s head. But it was his red-cherry colored lips that had Justin moaning. He had seen them smiling, serious, smirking, and had tasted them; had them pressed tightly against his own lips.

Justin trailed a hand down his chest, past his hard nipples. He slipped under the waist band of his pants and eagerly grasped his thickening length. Brian’s tongue had been hot, silken, and oh-so-tasty. Justin could only imagine it wrapped around his length, teasing the tip and swallowing him whole. Justin’s hips rose as the pace of his stroking hand increased. Using his free hand, Justin pushed his shirt up, fingers finding his eager nipples stroking them. Justin could feel his balls tightening up, drawing close to his body, his thumb flicked once, twice across the head of his cock, and he came, calling out Brian’s name loudly in the silence of his apartment.

Justin settled back down on the futon, a smile curling his lips. He laughed out loud, it had been a while since he jacked off thinking of a man he had just met, but then again, he had never met a man like Brian Kinney. And it was with thoughts of hazel eyes, auburn hair, and red, red lips, that he slipped into sleep...


The weekend seemed to drag on. Justin finished all his homework, worked at the gallery, even started a new painting, but it was the subject of said painting that occupied his thoughts, and for the first time, he looked forward to the end of a weekend. On Monday, he hurried from his last class, flying down the stares and heading for his bus stop.

“Justin!” he heard his name called, and stopping turned to one of his class mates, Matt.

“Hey, Matt, what’s up?” Justin asked as the other boy came to stop before him, breathing heavily from running to catch up.

“Where are you off to in such a hurry?” Matt asked, his eyes appraising the blond with approval. Matt had been trying to work up the nerve to ask his class mate out since the start of the semester.

Justin smiled back at the other boy. Matt was an okay guy. He and Justin had worked together on a couple of projects for class, and they had flirted casually back and forth. “Work,” he said simply. “Hoping to get an early start, maybe get off tonight a bit earlier.” Justin turned and started walking to his stop, the other boy walking along with him.

“Got plans?” Matt asked, secretly hoping not.

“Hum,” Justin answered absently, mind already on a certain burnet.

Matt reached out a placed a hand on Justin’s shoulder, halting the blond, who turned to him with a questioning look. “I was wondering if maybe you would like to get together?” Matt asked.

Justin’s attention retuned quickly to his companion. He saw Matt’s eager expression and mentally groaned. A week ago he might have accepted, but he wanted to see where it was headed with Brian, who sparked something in Justin that he had never felt before. He was looking forward, no eager would be a better term, to seeing it through, to whatever end. But now he had to let Matt down, and gently. He sat next to the other boy daily, relied on him for notes when he was absent, stressing that relationship was something Justin didn’t want.

“Matt,” he started, but at Justin’s apologetic expression the other boy spoke quickly, a flush spreading across his face.

“Hey man, no problem,” he said and quickly backed away. “I’ll see you Wednesday in class,” he called, already turning and practically running away.

“Mat-, “Justin started to call after the other boy, but he stopped what could he really say. That he had met someone and suddenly no one else would do? Matt would think him crazy. And Justin had to admit that the way Brian had memorized him so fast was a little crazy, but that’s what his heart wanted.

Justin quickly put the other boy from his mind once he arrived at work. The gallery was unpacking a new exhibit and MG was running around driving them all crazy as she decided what would go where. The night flew by, and with a grateful groan, Justin signed out and headed home. Throwing his things down on the counter, Justin hit the button on his machine. He winched when his mom’s voice came over the speaker. Shit! He thought she could really lay on the guilt! His mom’s smooth tone had held a hint of reproach as she reminded her wayward son that he had not called home in a week, and it would be nice if his loving and concerned mother knew if her only son was alive and well. Talk and laying it on think! And she called him a drama princess!

Justin started to strip, a hot shower sounding like heaven. But before he could get more that a step away from the phone, it rang. Thinking it was his mom, Justin answered it groaning with laughter in his voice. “Mom, I’m sure if I was dead you would have heard,” he said into the phone, laughing.

“Ignoring mommy, Sunshine?” The smooth voice asked on the other end, amusement heavy in Brian’s tone.

“Brian!” Justin said, unable to hide the excitement in his voice. “Sorry about that,” he said, laughter spilling forth fully now. “Mom’s weekly guilt trip phone message, I thought you were her calling to lay a little more on me. How are you?’ Justin asked, getting comfortable on the bed with the phone pressed eagerly against his ear.

Brian’s voice was still rich with amusement, but the seductive tones came through even over the phone lines. “Doing fine, Sunshine. I’ll be back in Chicago tomorrow. How was your weekend?”

“Busy,” Justin answered, not telling the older man that it had also been filled with thoughts of him. “You spend time with your son?” he asked.

Brian laughed. “Yes, scored major points with a trip to the zoo. So what’s your schedule like this week?”

Justin felt a thrill shot through him at Brian’s question. “I have class all week, but I am off at the gallery tomorrow and Wednesday.” Justin didn’t tell the older man that he had purposely arranged his schedule with Brian’s return in mind.

“Great.” Brian said, and Justin could hear the genuine pleasure in the other man’s voice. “How about you show me some of the city from a resident’s perspective?” he said, a hint of teasing in his voice that had heat pooling in Justin’s groin.

Justin had to take a second to catch his breath and control the urge to shout out his agreement. “I’d love to,” he replied, hoping he didn’t sound as eager as he was.

But Brian must have heard the huskiness of Justin’s tone, because he gave a low laugh that had the hair on Justin’s body tingling. “How about I call you tomorrow when I land?”

Even though the other man was hundreds of miles away, Justin still flushed at that laugh. “Sounds good, I’ll look forward to hearing from you. Night Brian,” he whispered.

Justin heard Brian’s “Later Sunshine,” before the older man hung up, and with a laugh and a rueful glance at his crotch, Justin once more reached for his cock...

To be continued...