The Mask
Chapter Six

Justin laughed and his hands eagerly held tight to the slim waist in front of him. He slipped his fingers under the cashmere sweater and teased the warm flesh found there; drawing chuckles from the man he was tickling.

“Admit it,” he demanded, “you enjoyed the show.”

Justin gasped as his hands were caught and his arms pulled forward till he was flush against the older man’s back. Brian wrapped Justin’s arms tightly about him, enjoying the blonde’s embrace. He looked over his shoulder into laughing blue eyes, and gave a fake shudder.

“Hell no,” he said. “Those guys were creepy with their blue faces and only the whites of their eyes showing, it was freaking me out!” Brian pulled Justin to his side, wrapping one arm securely about the younger man’s waist.

Justin laughed and was still chuckling as they waited for the attendant to bring around the car. “Well, what did you expect, they are called the Blue Men, and you got us the tickets,” he replied and Brian grinned back at the boy, unable, and unwilling to resist the blonde’s infectious smile or joyous nature.

Justin sighed with pleasure, just enjoying being in the hazel-eyed man’s presence. The pair had seen much of each other in the past couple of weeks. Oh, Brian still went back and forth between Pittsburg and Chicago, but he had worked his absences around the younger man’s schedule. Justin had shown Brian about the city. They had dined at the best restaurants, explored the fabulous shopping Chicago had to offer, and enjoyed many a walk through the beautiful parks and along the lake.

Every evening, Brian drove Justin back to his apartment and the pair engaged in some passionate necking either in the Jag or at Justin’s door, but never anything further. Justin had to admit he was starting to go a little crazy! Being left at his door night after night with a raging hard-on, he wanted Brian so badly! But Brian seemed determined to take it slow. The too frequent jerking-off sessions, fantasizing about hazel eyes and strawberry-colored lips, only wetted Justin’s appetite for the real thing.

He would have worried, except that in their nightly embraces he had felt Brian’s heavy erection pressing against his own, so he knew Brian wanted him as well. Having boasted up his courage all evening, Justin decided tonight was the night, he would invite Brian in. Justin could safely say that Brian had swept him off his feet, utterly and completely, he had fallen for the older man. No one had ever treated Justin this special before. Brian listened to him go on for hours about his art, encouraged him regarding school, and generally treated him like a princess. If he had misgivings, they were quickly banished by the spell of sparkling hazel eyes and heated kisses.

Justin had gotten use to the evasive answers Brian gave when ask about his past, or his life in Pittsburg, and Justin determined that Brian’s family must have hurt the other man terribly. Brian never spoke of friends or what he did on those trips back to the Pitts; the only thing he did share with Justin was Gus, his son. Justin had just as quickly fallen for the smaller version of Brian. Hearing the stories of each new word, each new discovery by the littlest Brian made Justin long to meet the boy. But when he asked Brian about that all he got was some vague answer about lesbian mothers and fierceness rivaling that of mother lions.

Justin’s raging youthful hormones settled for that.

Justin jerked when Brian reached out and gently touched him on the shoulder, he blinked, looking around realizing the attendant had brought the car around and that Brian was holding the door open for him. He flushed and smiled his thanks, sinking gratefully into the cars plush interior. The ride was silent, and the closer they came to Justin’s place, the more anxious the blond became.

“You okay?” Brian asked, shooting him a concerned glance.

Justin gulped as they pulled up to his apartment. He realized that he hadn’t said two words the entire ride. Taking a deep breath, Justin reached over a rested a hand on Brian’s thigh. “I’m great. Sorry my mind was wandering,” he explained. One more deep breath and a firm decision not to think about his decision, and Justin blurted out. “You want to come in?” he asked, not looking at Brian as he issued the invite.

Brian reached over and cupped Justin’s chin, gently turning the younger man’s face back to him. Justin hesitantly met the warm hazel eyes, reassured by the affection he saw there.

“You sure?” Brian asked.

Justin gulped, but nodded eagerly, his groin tightening as Brian laughed softly…

To be continued...