The Mask
Chapter Seven

Justin attempted to unlock his apartment door with fumbling fingers, all too aware of the warmth at his back. Brian’s scent filled his lungs making concentration that much more difficult. Justin cursed at his inability to get the simple lock open.

“Here,” Brian said, covering Justin’s hands with his own and inserting the key, smoothly unlocking the door. The blond smiled his thanks softly with a glance over his shoulder.

Justin led the way inside. The apartment was dim, with only the light from over the kitchen stove lighting it. Brian stopped Justin in the middle of the room, turning the blond to face him. He pressed a light kiss to plump lips, “You okay?” he whispered, the whisper seemingly fitting in the darkness of the room.

Justin nodded and stepped into Brian’s arms, wrapping his own tight about the taller man’s waist. He stood up on tip-toes to meet Brian’s next kiss. It started with just a brush of their lips, each enjoying the softness of the other’s mouth. Brian’s hands had been loosely wrapped around Justin waist, but as the pressure of their lips grew, he groaned and fisted a hand in the blond’s hair, holding his head tightly.

Justin opened his mouth to Brian’s eager tongue, moaning himself at the older man’s rich taste. His lips grew swollen and red as his mouth was taken again and again. “Want you,” he murmured as Brian’s mouth sought out his neck, Justin all too eagerly throwing his head back to allow full access.

Their hands could no longer stay still. Justin slipped his under the Brian’s shirt, running them over the sleek muscles of his back, kneading and drawing groans from Brian. Brian cupped both hands under Justin’s plump cheeks, squeezing the firm flesh. His mouth denied by Justin’s shirt, Brian growled, “Off,” before quickly sliding his hands under the shirt and lifting off the blond’s head. Now his mouth had no obstruction, and he hungrily latched onto a pink nipple, biting it gently before rolling it in his mouth and sucking. Justin could only moan and hold on tightly to the other man.

This impassivity lasted only until his nipple was released, then Justin did some demanding of his own. “Want to feel you,” he explained as he swept Brian’s shirt off as well. Now Justin could press himself against Brian’s body, the heat coming off the other man drawing a groan from him.

Brian embraced Justin close, sucking in a deep breath to calm himself, he couldn’t remember ever wanting a man this much. He looked around the small apartment. “Bed?” he asked, chin rubbing softly over Justin’s blond hair.

Justin stepped back reluctantly, wiggling a little at the tightness of his paints. He moved without a word to the futon and quickly laid the back down. Turning back, he gasped as he was immediately pulled back against Brian. “That’ll do,” he heard before his lips were taken once more.

Brian sucked on Justin’s lower lip; giving it a demanding bite before he released it. Stepping back he put as little space as possible between them, he looked into Justin’s bright blue eyes. Seeing the matching hunger there, his hands went to the waistband of Justin’s slacks, opening the button slowly and pulling down the zipper, giving the younger man plenty of opportunity to stop him, Brian stripped Justin of the rest of his clothes. The sight took his breath away. Justin’s skin gleamed in the meager light, the pale-pearl tone of his flesh beckoning Brian’s touch. The younger man was slight in form, muscles almost delicate, but Brian knew that frailty was deceptive, that the younger man had a core of strength that Brian was just beginning to discover. He was beautiful!

Justin fidgeted, uncomfortable under the hazel-eyed regard. Did Brian not like what he saw? But at the other man’s whispered, “You’re beautiful,” he smiled a blinding smile and eagerly reached to remove the rest of Brian’s clothes, anxious to reveal the older man to his eyes, to touch him, and to taste him. Once he had Brian as nude as himself, Justin stepped back into Brian’s arms, sighing with pleasure as their bodies touched. “So are you,” he whispered, raising his face and meeting Brian’s lips fervently. Justin felt himself being laid back on the futon, and Brian’s delicious weight covering him, he couldn’t stop the moan as their cock’s rubbed together, or the excited thrust of his hips as his body demanded more. He willingly spread his legs, making a place for the older man between them, joyously giving a low laugh at Brian’s groan.

Brian couldn’t get enough of Justin’s lips. Their kisses grew wet and sloppy, but neither minded and it was only reluctantly that Justin released Brian’s lips when the other man began nibbling and sucking on his neck and shoulders. Brian paid homage to each pink nipple, spreading kisses and bites to one then the other until Justin was a whirling mess under him. He knew this was different, could feel it in each taste, every touch and hear it in their moans. Never could he recall wanting to know a man’s body like he wanted to know Justin’s. The boy’s gleaming skin begged for Brian’s mark and he dotted the flesh with love bites, each one drawing exquisite sounds from Justin.

Brian licked his way down, teasing Justin’s flat stomach, circling his bellybutton while holding tight to Justin’s squirming hips. Brian reached up and caught the small hands that had been tugging at his hair, fisting it tighter and tighter the more Brian teased. He brought them down on either side of Justin’s body, holding them there as he buried his nose in the soft curls around Justin cock. He inhaled deeply, drawing the sent of the blond into his lungs, fresh and sweet, and Brian couldn’t wait any longer to taste. He released Justin’s hands, squeezing once to let the boy know to leave them there. One hand rubbed softly in circles over Justin’s stomach while Brian used the other to stroke Justin’s cock. He fisted the length once gentle and murmured, “shush,” when Justin cried out. Brian blew lightly across the tip of Justin’s cock, before taking a slow lick, savoring the blond’s taste.

Justin was fighting hard not to beg. His hands dug into the futon and his hips strained against the need to rise and thrust. Brian was taking his sweet time torturing him and Justin could feel himself losing more and more of his control. “Please,” he whimpered as one more playful lick was placed on the head of his cock, hips rising despite his efforts at control. But Brian ignored him, enjoying himself as he learned through each lick and nibble every ridge and vein of Justin’s flesh. Finally, taking pity of the blond, he wet his lips and slowly let Justin’s length fill his mouth.

“Ah!” Justin’s soft cry filled the small apartment. “B-Brian,” he moaned as his cock slid in and out of tight, wet heat. He knew he wouldn’t last, not if Brian kept doing what he was doing. His hands went to the other man’s head, fingers sliding through the silken-auburn locks. He tugged gently, waiting for the hazel eyes to rise and meet his own. At Brian’s enquiring gaze, Justin whispered. “Won’t last, want to cum with you inside me.”

Brian smiled and gave Justin’s cock one final lick. He sat back on his heels, hands soothingly rubbing along Justin’s thighs. Keeping one hand on Justin’s knee, Brian reached down to his pants and pulled out a condom and a small tube of lube. Brian wet his fingers, warming the lube; all the while keeping his gaze looked with Justin’s. His fingers gently circled Justin’s hole before he slid one digit inside, halting at the knuckle, letting Justin’s adjust to the penetration.

Once the muscles of Justin’s entrance stopped gripping his finger, Brian moved it in and out, going further each time until he could move his finger in and out of the passage smoothly. Only then did he add another, thrusting in and out, enjoying the younger man’s groans.

“Enough!” Justin moaned, fucking himself with Brian’s fingers, hips rising and falling eagerly.

Brian could feel his own hands shaking with the need to be inside the blond, withdrawing his fingers Brian impatiently ripped open the condom, unable to prevent his own moan as he stroked it on his hard dick. Coating himself with the rest of the lube on his hand, Brian placed Justin’s legs on his shoulders and his cock at Justin’s hole. “Ready?” he hoarsely asked.

“Yes,” Justin answered his voice breathless. He halted Brian briefly with a hesitant hand on the other man’s arm. “Just go slow, please. It’s been a while,” he asked, soft blue eyes pleading for understanding.

Unable to resist the mute appeal in that azure gaze, Brian leaned down for a slow kiss, before his breeched Justin’s body, halting with just the head inside, allowing the younger man a moment to adjust. When Justin’s breathing grew a bit calmer and his body a little less tense, Brian thrust forward, filling him to the hilt, biting his lips to still his cry. Justin was tight and hot around his cock, gripping him with virgin like intensity, and Brian had to stop and take a deep breath, afraid of cumming to quickly.

“Brian,” Justin moaned and his hips lifted from the bed, hole clenching around the thick length filling it. All he could do was hold on as Brian began moving, thrusting in and out of him, wringing cry after cry from Justin’s lips. When the next thrust was angled to hit his prostrate, Justin saw stars and his stomach and balls tightened, signaling he was close. Sweat dripped off Brian as he thrust faster feeling his orgasm approaching. He reached between their bodies, taking Justin’s cock in his hand and fisting it rapidly, knowing neither one of them was lasting much longer.

“Harder!” Justin grunted, and Brian’s next two thrust sent Justin over the edge. He came with a loud cry, shooting all over his chest and throat.

“Justin!” Brian cried as the tunnel around his dick grew tighter, squeezing and forcing his own release from him. He thrust fast and hard twice more before collapsing on the smaller frame below, trying to keep most of weight on his arms so not to crush Justin.

They stayed like that for several minutes, each trying to regain their breath and slow their heartbeats. Justin rubbed up and down Brian’s damp back, enjoying the other man’s weight on him and the cock still inside him. He hummed with disapproval when Brian rolled off, and he immediately snuggled close as Brian removed the condom, tying the end and tossing it on the floor. Brian accepted the warm wiggling blond gladly back into his embrace, placing an affectionate kiss atop the mussed blond head. “Okay?” he asked.

“Wonderful,” Justin mumbled drowsily, the earlier nervousness and then later sexual release making him sleepy and content.

But Brian’s mind was not so peaceful, his thoughts filled with Justin’s plea for slowness and the blond’s apparent abstinence from sex. “Justin,” he said softly. At the younger man’s low “yes,” he asked. “How long had it been?”

Justin raised his head meeting hazel eyes, confused by the question. He frowned for a moment, not getting it, but then with a soft “Oh,” he laid his head back upon the other man’s chest. “Almost three years,” he answered not seeing the shocked disbelief in Brian’s eyes.

Brian fought not to tense at that news. He couldn’t believe that the blond hadn’t been with anyone in three years! “How come?” he asked, unconsciously tightening his hold on the boy.

Justin stroked a hand up and down Brian’s chest, enjoying the warm smooth flesh as he thought of how to best answer Brian’s question. “I met Ethan my first day of college. He was smart, funny, and talented. We hit it off right away. He took me for long walks, held my hand. We had picnics on the floor of his apartment and he serenaded me with his violin. I had never been treated like that before,” Justin shot a quick glance up at Brian and seeing the interest and encouragement in the other man’s hazel eyes, he continued.

“He filled my head with romantic promises and hopes. Said he only wanted to be with me. I feel hard, only to discover after I moved in with him that it was all a bunch of bullshit. We were apart one night and he cheated on me.” Justin grew quite as he recalled the pain of that betrayal. He still remembered his disbelief and anger that he had fallen for all Ethan’s lies. Justin rose up on his elbow and looked at Brian. “But you want to know the worst part?” he asked, voice still holding a hint of the hurt he went through. At Brian’s cautious nod he told him. “That he lied to me, and that I was stupid enough to fall for those lies. Nothing is worse than being lied to,” Justin said laying his head back on Brian’s shoulder curling into the comfort the auburn haired man unconsciously provided.

And Brian could only tighten his hold on Justin, dread curling in his gut…

To be continued...