The Mask
Chapter Eight

The buzz was immediate and noticeable. The air inside Babylon was now charged with that special something that could only mean one thing, the Stud of Liberty Avenue had returned. Ted was the first to spot him as the throngs of dancing men parted. He nudged Michael and Emmett, and they watched as Brian approached. Tight black jeans, black wifebeater, Brian stirred many a groin as he stalked the floor of his kingdom.


“Well look who decided to grace us with his presence,” Ted shouted over the loud thumpa-thumpa.


Brian accepted Mikey’s kiss and tight hug hello, smirking at the others. “Yes, I thought I’d stop in the glorious Pitts and see how the other half lived,” he drawled, signaling the bartender for his usual.


“When did you get back?” Mikey demanded.


“This afternoon,” Brian replied, shooting back the first but certainly not the last shot of Beam of the night.


He knew it was inevitable, but Brian still found himself smirking at Michael’s whining. “Why didn’t you call me?” Even with his happy stable relationship with Ben, the good professor, Mikey still ‘in Brian’s opinion’ demanded too much of his best friend’s time and attention.  It was something Brian knew Michael would never grow out of.


He leaned back against the bar. “I spent the day at the Munchers with Gus,” and that was enough said. Even Michael knew not to push Brian when it came to his son.


“How long are you staying?” Emmett asked, quickly changing the subject.


“Till Friday,” Brian said, raising a brow at Ted. “Ted has a couple of things that need my attention, isn’t that right, Theodore?” Brian’s eyes didn’t leave the decadent masses whirling on the dance floor. He should have missed this, shouldn’t he? But as Michael’s whine sounded once more, something along the lines of how Brian was never home any more, he thought to himself, no he didn’t miss it, not one damn bit.


“Let’s dance,” he said, already moving to the middle of the room, effectively cutting off any thing else said.



Brian let the lights and the music swallow him. He felt a stab of longing, and closed his eyes, visions dancing next to him. Pale flesh gleaming, blond hair with a halo around it under the flashing lights, lithe hips swaying seductively and that ass, resting snugly against his cock.  Brian could just envision the hungry gazes that Justin would elicit, but somehow the image of his Justin, in Babylon, didn’t fit, too distorted and unnatural. He blinked his eyes, and Justin disappeared. Brian shifted, adjusting his jeans from the growth in his groin, damn he missed Justin already! The blond had sent Brian off just that morning with a hell of a blowjob and a fast, furious fuck, but it wasn’t enough. Brian didn’t think he’d ever get enough of the boy.


The friends danced in a tight circle, an effective deterrent, almost like a large neon sign, screaming, not welcome! Brian’s eyes turned down hopeful after hopeful come-hither glances, content to stay in the bosom of his friends. He knew he wouldn’t get away with it for long, soon it would be noticed, remarked upon, but Brian had no interest in anyone in the room. The backroom would not see his presence that evening. His body still hummed, pleasantly sated with Justin touch of that morning.


They may ask, but Brian had not intention of explaining himself to his friends, Justin was too private and no way in hell would Brian allow his life here to touch, and spoil that beautiful young man. He enjoyed a couple of shots, danced a few dances with the guys. Finally, throwing back his last Beam and slamming the glass on the bar, he drawled. “Well boys, it’s been something.” Kissing Mikey and with one last smirk, he stalked away, ignoring the demands behind him.




“What the fuck was that?’ Michael demanded staring bewildered after Brian’s retreating back.



“No idea,” Ted shrugged feigning disinterest, he knew more than he let on, but he wasn’t about to let Brian’s business out in the open, for anyone and that included Michael.




The family had been shocked and skeptical when Brian had announced his intentions to semi-retire, his reason, the desire to travel. But Ted knew, before anyone else, of his boss’s plans and the fact that Brian was indeed serious. Brian had sat him and Cynthia down, telling them first of their promotions to full partners in the company, and then dropping the bombshell, his retirement and the decision to leave Kinnetic in their capable hands. Oh, he still planned on handling a choice few accounts, accounts that did not trust anyone but Brian; like Liberty Air and Brown Athletics. Ted kept his promotion to partner and Brian’s plans to himself. Telling the family, he decided was Brian’s privilege.  Brian’s faith in the former porn King assured Ted’s loyalty to his boss.


Brian had not changed his mind. He announced his plans to the rest of the staff, signed powers of Attorney for both Ted and Cynthia and had disappeared. Brian would stay gone for a week at a time, returning only for a day or two to visit Gus and be available if Ted or Cynthia needed anything, and he never gave any details of his trips, saying only that he was having a fabulous time. After a few months of this, even Michael had to agree that retirement and traveling were obviously good for Brian. Each trip home brought a more relaxed and happier Brian Kinney. None of the family had ever seen Brian more at ease with himself and the world around him.


But Ted knew more than even Brian realized. Perhaps his boss forgot who handled his finances? Ted knew of the condo in Chicago, the charges for restaurants, theaters, and most curious of all, artwork by a Justin Taylor. Something else curious to Ted, there were no charges from anywhere else, just Chicago. This information, Ted kept to himself, not even sharing with Emmett, but he couldn’t help being very curious.




Brian slid back the loft door, eyeing his home dispassionately. Yes, it was all the same, same expensive furniture, designer accessories, and cold, lacking, interior. The view held no more promise, instead of the vast blue lake; all he had were deserted, lonely, Pittsburg streets. The bed, with its blue light, brought no comfort. It also was too cold and too lonely, there was no blond here to share his space, to hold him, to love him, and at that moment, Brian could not figure out why he kept coming back…



To be continued...