The Mask
Chapter Nine

Each time Brian came back to the Pitts, his loft became a little colder, his bed more lonely. This trip lasted only a couple of days, thatís all he could stand before he headed back to Chicago and Justin. 


As he walked through the door of his Chicago loft and sat his bags down by the door, he felt the tension leave his body. He was home, and he could breathe freely. The silence wrapped around him and Brian allowed his fatigue to show. Here, there were no expectations and no obligations to anyone except to himself and Justin; and the blond wanted nothing more than to be with Brian. 


Brian figured he had about 45 minutes before Justin arrived; he had called the blond on the way home from the airport. Brianís lips curled in a small smile as he imagined their reunion, being apart sucked but coming home only got better and better.


Ten minutes later, Brian had his bags unpacked; his clothes exchanged for a pair of jeans and a tank, and was relaxing into the soft leather of his sofa, his bare feet happily curling in relief. Brian gave a moan at the sheer comfort of his position. He was so glad he had picked this couch, not only was it long enough for his six plus foot frame, but the buttery-soft leather molded to the body.

His eyes traveled around his home. None of the family would believe this place; the duality of Brianís life was clearly evident when comparing his two homes. It was so different from the loft. It hadnít been purposeful. Brian had no preconceived ideas for decorating the place when he had bought the condo; he just told the decorator, to make it warm. He had been very pleased with the results.


The condo was open, like the loft, but that was the only similarity. Two heavy oak doors replaced the sliding door of the loft. The fixtures were black, cast iron, with the inside of the doors having two corkscrew bars that allowed the doors to be pulled inward, much like medieval doors of old. The entryway flooring was uncut black granite, the overhead lighting reflected off the clear bits of stone in the granite, bouncing bits of light off the doors and walls. Unlike the loft, the condo was divided into four rooms, with the bedroom and master bath on the second floor.


The floors off the entryway were a golden-hued hard wood. To the right was the living room. All the furnishings were earth colors with bits of dusky reds, blues, and greens in the pillows, lamps, and artwork. The leather sofa and lounge were a rich darker brown than the floors, with a deep, vibrant, red rug under them. The tables and entertainment center were oak, but instead of a traditional look the wood had sharp, clean lines giving it that modern look Brian preferred. Off to the left was the staircase leading to the second floor, but it wasnít truly a full upper level. Instead, it bore more of a loft design, only a half floor space covering the kitchen and dining area. The stairs were rail less and rose seamlessly with the steps designed in the hardwood of the condoís flooring.


The dining room was open and just behind the stairs. Three steps lead up to a raised platform that held Brianís formal table and chairs. He hadnít chosen a large dining set, the table only big enough for a party of four, but the area had its own private feel despite being open.


The entire back walls of the condo were windows, large bay-shaped windows in groups of three that overlooked Lake Michigan.


Brian had to admit, he had surprised himself in his choices for his home here, but the place seemed to relax him and welcome him home. When Justin was here, it felt even more like a real home - one that he was always so eager to return to.


Brianís head lifted eagerly.  He heard the key and started to smile as the condoís heavy wooden door opened.


ďWell?Ē he demanded. ďDid you get them?Ē


Justin had told Brian that he was bringing his semester grades with him when he came over, and he knew the blond had been stressing over them.


Instead of a verbal answer, he got a lap full of joyful blond and an even more eager kiss. Pulling back, Justin waved the paper in front of Brianís face. ďAll Aís,Ē he crowed.


Brian laughed as he wrestled the paper from Justin for a look. His eyes ran across the paper quickly, but carefully, studying the marks and comments unsurprised by the high grades or the excellent comments. Smirking, he laid the grades aside and gathered the blond tighter in his arms.


ďI guess the only thing left to do is to celebrate then,Ē he said right before covering Justinís lips with his own.


When Brianís insistent tongue swept in to reclaim its territory, Justin moaned and shifted until he was straddling the other manís lap. Their tongues twirled together till Brianís shyly retreated, forcing Justin to chase it back into Brianís mouth. Justin groaned at the taste and pressed forward even harder to grind his crotch against Brianís. He felt a shiver crawl up his spine and sweat broke out on his upper lip. Justin knew if he looked into the mirror that his face and neck would be flushed red with the heat building in his body. Justin could feel Brianís heart beating and it thrilled him to hear it pick up the longer they kissed. He didnít thing anything could delight him more than the knowledge that this man wanted him.


Brian let Justin dominate the kiss for a moment, enjoying the friskiness of the younger man before taking back control. He caught Justinís plump lower lip between his teeth; giving it a gently bite he reminded Justin that he wasnít a passive participant. He felt the shiver that ran through Justinís body and welcomed the additional flash of heat it sent to his groin; knowing that he caused the younger manís reaction. His hands slid down to Justinís jean covered ass, cupping both cheeks, he gave them a hard squeeze. His fingers were tingling and his hands shook, and he had to feel skin. Brian moved his hands up under the back of Justinís shirt; the smooth silken skin there drew a groan from him. Brian could feel the damp flesh become wetter as his warm hands stroked it. He whisked the shirt up and off Justinís head, throwing it aside.


Justin leaned his head back as Brianís lips and tongue traced a path down his neck, across his collarbone, to his already pebbled nipples. He threaded his fingers through soft auburn hair, body trembling with need. He gave the cries Brian wanted as first one then the other nipple was teased and taunted with slow licks and sharp tugs from teeth. Justin gave a surprised shout when Brian lifted him around the waist, spinning him around, the room suddenly shifting, but he laughed when he landed on his back, Brian pressed heavily atop him. The laugh stopped abruptly as his lips were taken once more and nimble fingers attacked the button and zipper of his jeans.


Brian couldnít get enough of Justinís mouth; the boy had to have the sweetest, naughtiest tongue. Reluctantly, he released the blondís mouth, leaning back to pull Justinís pants off, taking the underwear as well; he still hadnít been able to teach the boy the value of going commando.


Justinís mouth wasnít the only great thing on the blond, Brian thought. The boy had a beautiful cock, not as long as Brianís, but thicker and smooth with a pink-tint, and it tasted oh so good. Brian wasted no more time on thought of that cock, but instead proceeded to swallow it whole, much to Justinís delight.


Justinís arms shot up and over his head. He gripped the armrest of the sofa, hanging on for the ride was all he could do. Each swirl and lick of Brianís tongue had him swearing and panting. Brian hollowed his cheeks on the way down, only to suck strongly going back up. And when Brian swallowed carefully, easing Justinís dick to the back of his throat, he lost it. Yelling out, Justin poured himself down the other manís throat. He fell back flat onto the couch, breathing heavily, and stared with wonder at the older man.


Brian smirked as he made his way back up Justinís form, capturing the youthís lips, and let the blond taste himself. Justin moaned and wrapped his arms tight around Brianís body. Thatís when he realized that the older man was still completely clothed.


ďYouíre still dressed,Ē he mumbled as their lips parted.


Brian laughed low and amused and he ran a hand through Justinís hair. ďSomeone was in a hurry,Ē he whispered against the boyís mouth.


Justin grinned and slid his hands beneath Brianís shirt. ďWell Iím still in a hurry. Now fuck me,Ē he demanded and what else was Brian to do but compile with the blondís demands?


Sometime later as they both lay panting on the floor - Justin still wasnít sure how they got there from the sofa - he decided to bring out what he had wanted to ask the older man.


Justin knew they hadnít talked much about their relationship. Although theyíd only been dating for a few months, he thought Brian was happy. Justin was ready for them to be more to each other. He just didnít know how, and had not worked up the courage to approach Brian about it.


Justinís fingers played nervously along Brianís chest. ďI miss you when you are not here.Ē


Brian had been watching the emotions cross Justinís expressive face. He could see the boyís unease and apprehension and could very well guess at the cause. They had been seeing a lot of each other, and he knew he was the only one in Justinís bed. But this was such uncharted territory for Brian. He had wanted this, had left his home to find it, but now that it was happening, he was scared to death. He, Brian Kinney, Stud of Liberty Avenue, was in a relationship! The scariest part was that he was enjoying it.


Brian ran a hand through Justinís hair, drawing the blond attention back to him. He looked into those sky-colored eyes. ďI miss you, too.Ē


Encouraged by Brianís omission, Justin forged ahead.


He rolled over and threw one leg and arm across Brianís chest. ďBrian, I was wondering, could I come with you next time you head to Pittsburgh?Ē


He felt Brian tense, and the silence built between them. Justin felt a momentary flash of panic. Had he pushed too hard too soon? He rolled away, removing his hold of the other man. Brian had never really told him much of his time in Pittsburgh. He would be vague and only say, ďIts business,Ē but Justin felt that there was something more to those frequent visits, something that Brian felt uncomfortable about. It had taken Justin a week to work up the courage to ask. It wasnít like he was afraid of Brian, but there were certain things he had learned that Brian wouldnít be pushed on, and their relationship was still to new for Justin to risk by pushing to far. He couldnít help the unease that gripped his stomach at Brianís reaction to his question. What was the older man hiding?


ďItís okay,Ē he whispered. ďSorry I asked.Ē Justin couldnít entirely keep the hurt from his voice.


Brian had frozen at Justinís request, but now hearing the hurt in the blondís voice, he acted. Rolling to face the boy, he leaned up over the blond. Cupping the boyís face and turning his sad blue eyes back to him, he mentally winced and dread spread through him.


Exposing Justin to the other Brian had never been in the plan. 


He should have realized that this situation could arise. What Brian was about to do went against everything he believed in, but taking Justin back to the Pitts was not an option. Justin wouldnít understand and Brian could not stand nor stomach the idea that his past or even his life in Pittsburgh encroach in any way here, not in this haven he had created.  He had come to need this - need Justin - more than he had ever thought and Brian would do anything to protect this to protect Justin, even from himself.


So he lied.


ďJustin,Ē he said looking down into those trusting eyes. ďItís not that I donít want you with me, because I do, its business, and I promise you, youíd be bored shitless.Ē He leaned down and gently kissed the blond. ďBesides itís not like I am gone for very long,Ē he explained.


ďI know, but even a couple days are too much,Ē Justin answered honestly.


As much as Brian loved hearing Justin say that, he couldnít help but feel a pang of regret that he couldnít say yes. Brian struggled for something to say to break the silence, and with a squeeze to Justinís shoulder he took the plunge.


ďThere is something I want to ask you.Ē He smiled at the thinly veiled excite that leapt into Justinís eyes. ďNot that!Ē he teased, unable to resist those lips when Justin laughed and blushed. Suddenly serious, ďI want you to move in here with me,Ē he said, releasing a breath at the flash of satisfaction that statement gave him.


Justin laughed and, with a strong grip, pulled Brian atop him. Smiling up with his sunshine smile into happy hazel eyes, Justin said one word, ďYes,Ē before his lips were taken once more.


To be continued...